Vincenzo Episode 11 Review & Release Date

Vincenzo Episode 11 Release Date & Full Review

 Vincenzo Cassano K-Drama Episode 11  Review

Here we present Vincenzo – K-Drama Episode 11 Review.

Vincenzo Episode 11 Review & Release Date
Vincenzo Episode 11 Release Date & Full Review

In the previous episode, Vincenzo begins with forensics arriving at the crime scene featuring Director Gil. Babel groups gather and confirm what’s happened; they manage to obtain phone records of the victims’ families. And confirmed their involvement in the chemical factory burning.
They assured that victims’ families are behind the chemical burning incidents. Unfortunately, the police close this case as suicide and refuse to look into more detail.
Cha-Young is not sure about the suicide and asks the police officers that they need to do an autopsy. But They refuse to do an autopsy. Vincenzo leaves with cha Hyung. He said to the police officer that he will take care of the situation himself.
they go to the mortuary together, Cha-Young said she will never cry again. After this, This goes against his principle to kill innocent people.
Vincenzo tells Cha-Young to be a cold princess. now they are going to take revenge. In fact, Vincenzo wants to kill the boss as soon as finds him.
News of these deaths reaches the Geumga Plaza residents too.
Vincenzo has a plan for cathing Detective Seo. It turns out he’s been bribed and Vincenzo catches him being paid off by Wusang. He even records this too.
Vincenzo fights with both of them and ties them on computer chairs, he kicks them closer to the edge of the building. He forces both of them to hand over the proof to them. Cha-Young arrives for the final kick but both of them convinced.
Trouble continues to brew at Babel group. Seung-Hyeok said Han-Seo could take Bible all by himself. he started crying that Babel is in need of the proper boss and leadership. He said that Han-Seo is his Heart-King.
Vincenzo receives a call from Italy that evening.

He tells Vincenzo that there is someone Korean who is asking about him. After that, he goes to his apartment and Cha Hyoung was already there. Together, they wind up drinking before sleeping yet again in the living room.
In the morning, the group managed to get hold of CCTV footage from the victims’ car. From the footage, they see there was a call following them. there was a red mark on their neck which shows that they were kidnapped. Now it’s sure that it’s a murder case.
when they were checking He walks away in slow motion but overhears what they’re saying. He told the other residents and they started to make the plan to help Vincenzo. He agreed to take their help and agreed to make the Babel Group crime public. In fact, they all sit with masks on. Hilariously, Vincenzo is a pigeon called Inzaghi. They bring up all the issues surrounding the law firms and promise to expose everything – starting with Law Firm Wusang.

First of all, they draw their attention to Myung-Hee representing her ridiculous dance. Next, they hit at Seung-Hyeok for being a loyal subject. Finally, they call Han-Seo a fool and idiot. This riles them all up except Joon-Woo who really isn’t bothered. He tells the others not to react and they delay their meeting. However, this doesn’t stop Myung-Hee. She calls Cha-Young and warns her. Cha-Young does not admit and cuts call on the count of three.

That night they started to warn them. With a sign of “C” planted around, Myung-Hee is shocked at her shop launderette by acting zombie. It’s so convincing in fact that she falls on the floor. Seung-Hyeok also found C planted up on his wall courtesy of planted cleaners.

Lastly, Han-Seo is followed by a remote-controlled car and there is a countdown on the car. When the countdown finishes, it simply has the letter “C” on a small flag. It’s meaning? Well, Cha-Young tells Mr. Nam it stands for THAT C-word which I am not writing out in this recap! However, it’s actually a C for the Cassano family.

When Joon-Woo learns about this, his smile disappears. He dials a call to someone who promises to be at the airport very soon. Well, this man arrives and approves that Vincenzo is a consigliere for the Mafia.

Joon-Woo is annoyed, especially when he sees the various different photos of what he’s done in the past. Han-Seo is shattered though, saying this is not the right person to use as a sparring partner. Joon-Woo however, most certainly does.

Meanwhile, Prosecutor Jung arrives at the law firm to meet Ms. Hong. Vincenzo suddenly cast the board over to hide their recent operation.

Anyway, he’s angry over Director Gil’s case, especially the way it’s been declared as a suicide. He promises to help them and cooperate, but Vincenzo rejects his offer. It’s nothing personal of course, and with the help of a rotten apple, they tell him they can’t trust his law firm.

Vincenzo Episode 11 Review:

In the evening, Joon-Woo callsCha-Young and asks her to come and meet. He has news about the law firm Wusang. Some masked men come to Geumga Plaza searching for Vincenzo. He instantly takes out Chef Toto with a single punch while Vincenzo records another video.

While Vincenzo is out of the building. Park Seok-Do came and tried to help. Only, it turns out they’re actually the Twin Swords Gang. They warn people to leave the plaza in two days.

Tak Hong-Sik, at last, shows up with a pair of scissors and uses his skills to fight with them. He stabs them frequently. It turns out Joon-Woo sent them because he wanted to see Vincenzo fighting

Just then, Cha-Young comes and speaks to Joon-Woo. It reveals he just wanted an excuse to meet him but doesn’t have any news. However, when they learn about the Geumga Plaza attack. Joon-Woo gives them all a lift.

Vincenzo stands ready with his gun, hiding behind one of the pillars and thanking his enemies for gathering together in one place.

Vincenzo fights them all, but this also means he’s too disturbed to answer the phone to Cha-Young.

Instead, Vincenzo takes the phone off one of the thugs and tries to learn who the Chairman is.

Before he could find out, Cha-Young came with Joon-Woo and the others. She runs towards him and hugs him. He knows who the chairman is and looks over her shoulder, straight at Joon-Woo. Cha-Young follows his gaze.

 Vincenzo Episode 11 Review:

It hopes that episode 11 is going to be exciting and thrilling. Vincenzo knows who the real Chairman is. The next trailer is not released yet. So, Fans are impatiently looking forward to the next episode.

Vincenzo Release Date:

Vincenzo episode 11 is going to release on Saturday 27, 2021.

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