Wonderland (2021) Movie Cast, Release & Full Story Review

Wonderland K-Movie Release Date, Cast Name (2021)

Wonderland K-Movie Release Date, Cast Name (2021)

Wonderland K-Movie Release Date, Cast Name (2021).

Wonderland (2021) Movie Cast, Release & Full Story Review
Wonderland K-Movie Release Date, Cast Name (2021)

Genre: Movie

Writer: Kim Tae-Young

Director: Kim Tae-Young

Release Date: 2021

Language: Korean

Wonderland K-Movie Release Date & Cast Name

Suzy bae as wife in 20

Park Bo Gum as a husband in 20

Choi Woo Suk as Mediator 1

Jung Yu Mi as Mediator 2

Special Appearance:

Gong Yoo in 40

Choi Moo Sung

Wonderland K-Movie Release Date & Summary Plot

Worland is a South Korean upcoming movie. Wonderland word describes a virtue word. this is a stimulating place for people who cannot unite to unite them together with an artificial means. Choi woo suk and Jung yu mi is the mediator of the simulated universe wonderland.

The production of the film took place in China and South Korea. In this movie, the people request union with their lovers. Worland movie is about a universe where you can again unite with your beloved one. If you get separated in a real universe you pray for a reunion in wonderland.

The storyline of these movies is very interesting. The movie starred Korean famous actress and model Suzy Bae and actor Park Bo Gum. Both actors and actresses are famous for their acting and Korean highly paid actor and actress. Jang yu mi and Choi woo sik are the agents that control all the stimuli that occur between the real and wonderland universe.

Suzy bae and park bo gum are the young newlywed couples. Because of an unfortunate accident park, bo gum got into an accident. When he was hospitalized his condition was serious and get into a coma. After that Suzy bae got disheartened and then she prayed for the reunion of her and her husband in wonderland.

On the other hand, gong yoo is a husband and father. His age is 40. He has a little tongue daughter.  But her wife is dead, her daughter always wishes for her late mother. He also loves his wife very much. but after her death, he misses his wife so much.

After that Gong Yoo also wishes for a reunion with his wife. That’s why he requested a reunion with his wife in wonderland. Kim Tae Young directed this movie after 9 years.

Suzy Bae :

Bae Suzy was born in South Korea. She has two younger siblings, a brother, and a sister. Before she started her career she was an online shopping model.

Suzy bae is a south Korean famous actress and model and singer. She is a member of the girl group Miss A under JYP Entertainment. Because of her beauty and successful career in acting she is called as Nation’s First Love.

She won the best Korean actress award and couple award with actor Kim Soo Hyun and gained popularity worldwide. Suzy bae is the most demanded female model for commercials in South Korea.

Her fans give her the nickname Human Dior because she always wears and promotes the brands. Suzy Bae Wonderland K-Movie Release Date is confirmed.

Park Bo Gum in Wonderland (2021) Movie:

Park bo gum is a South Korean actor and model. he has three younger siblings. He is widely known because of his so many roles in different dramas and movies. Park Bo Gum can also sing and play the piano very well.

He wants to become a songwriter and singer. But later he became an actor. He also released his solo album named Blue Bird. Park Bo Gum Wonderland K-Movie Release Date is Confirmed.

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