Law School K-Drama cast & release date

Law School (2021) Kdrama Release Date & Cast Name

Law School (2021) Kdrama Release Date & Cast Name

Here we present Law School (2021) Kdrama.

Law School K-Drama cast & release date
Law School K-Drama cast & release date




Seo In


Kim Suk Yun

Release Date:

April 14, 2021





Main Role:

  • Kim Myung-Min as Yang Jong-Hoon
  • Kim Beom as Han Joon-Hwi
  • Ryoo Hye-Young as Kang Sol 


Support Role:

  • Lee Jung-Eun – Kim Eun-Sook
  • Lee Soo-Kyung – Kang Sol B
  • David Lee – Seo Ji-Ho
  • Ko Yoon-Jung – Jeon Ye-Seul
  • Hyun Woo – Yoo Seung-Jae
  • Gil Hae-Yeon – Oh Jung-Hee
  • Oh Man-Seok – Kang Joo-Man

Law School (2021) Kdrama Summary Plot

A law school professor and his student get involved in a serious case.

Yang Jong-Hoon (Kim Myung-Min) is a professor now in Law School (2021) Kdrama. But before it, he was a former prosecutor. He is a very strict professor. He is always straightforward and cuts the students’ marks strictly. That’s why students don’t like him. But he doesn’t care about the students or what they think about him. He is busy selecting the person and members who are devoted to their field and will meaningfully contribute to law. He has only one friend. His friend is also his colleague at the same law school.  Professor Kim Eun-Sook (Lee Jung-Eun) is his only friend with whom he can talk openly about all matters.

 Main Actress:

On the other hand, our main lead actor and actress Kang Sol (Ryoo Hye-Young) and Han Joon-Hwi (Kim Beom) are the young students. They are fresh and in the first semester in law school. Kang Sol is a poor student. She barely got admission to the school. Her family background is not very good. And also she is not much competition in the study. Other students are pretty intelligent and belong to rich family background. Because of these issues, she is not much confident in school.

 Main Actor:

Our main lead actor Joon-Hwi (Kim Beom) role is just opposite to the main actress. Unlike her, he is much intelligent in his study. He is a topper among the fresh-year students at the school. He also has a good and an attractive personality and because of this is very popular among the students. Kim Beom also has the qualities of leadership. Besides all of these qualities, he has a secret.

Show Time:

This drama will be released on April 14, 2021. Law School Drama will take over Thursday, Friday.

This drama will take over the place of another JTBC drama Sisyphus: The Myth.

Kim- Beom in Law School:

Kim Beom is a South Korean actor, dance, singer, and model. His birth name is Kim Sang Bum. Kim majored in film and theater. His agency also announced that he is suffering from degenerative arthritis because of his dieting. Kim’s close friend is the famous Korean actor Lee min ho. He first started dating the actress Moon Gue-Young but after a seven-month long-term relationship they breakup. Their agencies stated that they will remain a good friend and colleague even after their breakup. Now he is working for Law School (2021) Kdrama.

After that in March 2018, it was confirmed that he has a relationship with the actress oh yeon soo but this relationship also could not last too long.

Ryu Hye-Young in Law School:

Her family name is Ryu. Ryu Hye-Young is a South Korean actress and model. She is well known for her drama Reply 1988. she is now working for Law School (2021) Kdrama.

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