Dear.M K-Drama Full Episode 1 English Subtitle Release Date

Dear.M Kdrama (2021) Release Date,Cast Name & Episodes

Dear.M Kdrama (2021) Release Date, Cast Name & Episodes

Dear.M Kdrama (2021) Release Date, Cast Name & Episodes.

Dear.M Kdrama (2021) Cast Name

Park Hye-Soo
No jeong-ee
Kwon Eun-bin
Main Lead Actor:
Bae Hyun-sung
Lee Jin-hyuk
Support Cast:
Lee Jung-Sic
Hwang Boreumbyeol
Kwon Eun-Bin
Jo Joon-Young

Dear.M release date

Dear.M Kdrama (2021) Release Date

Dear.M Kdrama (2021) is romantic television series based on school life. This drama serial is based on the web series Love playlist. Dear.M follows the life of four students who study at Seoyeon University.

The premier of the KBS2 drama is delayed because of the scandal surrounding the main lead actress. According to the rumors, the main lead actress is a school-bullying girl. She tortures the students in her school life.

But park hye soo the agency already denied the rumors and said these rumors are based on false statements. And they will fill a case against these rumors and sue them.

On February 24 the KBS’2 drama production announced the premiere of the drama will be released on February 26. But this premier is delayed because of the main actress and quality of the drama.

KBS’s production team released the statement that in order to examine the issue against the main lead actress and enhance the quality of drama we are delaying the premier.

When the date is final we will hold a press conference and announce the Dear.M release date.

Park Hye-Su in Dear.M Kdrama (2021) 

Ma Joo ha in Dear.M Kdrama (2021)  is 21 years old and she is a second-year student of the Business Department. She wants to search for her first love. She is an energetic girl and brought up by her mother only. Her name is Akma-Joo-ah (Devil-Joo-ah) which is given by her friend Minho. Because she always makes fun of his old relationship.

Due to her analytical mood, she is always interrupting her friends’ matters, but she is also kind and ready to go help anyone that needs it. Joo-ah entered Seoyeon University with a support program that helps single-parent families and feels uncomfortable when asked about her admission case.

She is yet uncertain about what she wants to do in the future. When others say they study hard so they fulfill their dreams. She studied hard because she didn’t have dreams. She has been single her entire life. But things get to turn on the first day of the second semester of her second year. When her heart drifts because of a boy. Her roommates are Seo Ji-min and Hwang Bo-young in apartment 103.

Jeong Jae-Hyun in Dear.M Kdrama (2021) 

Cha Min-ho in Dear.M Kdrama (2021) is 21 years old and in the Department of Computer Science (Class of ’19). His dream is to become an App developer and buy a house for his sister. He is brave and has good grit, with his specialty being teasing Ma Joo-ah. Whilst he has a careless presence. When he’s absorbed in something he turns serious.

He is hot when coding in front of a computer. And he also knows that as well. Min-ho has art for developing apps with his inventive ideas. After developing an anti-bullying app in high school. He entered Seoyeon University through special admission.

He has been achieved a reputation after generating an app called “밥팅 (BOBting)”. That matches up with people who eat alone at school, popular to hidden relationships. By creating such an app, he seems to be in touch with human psychology.

But Ma Joo-ah gave him the nickname “Min-hogu” because he has not been in a relationship longer than a month. His roommates are Park Ha-neul and Gil Mok-jin in apartment 203.
After their parents died12 years ago, his sister Cha Min-Ju left college to raise him. So he feels indebted to her.

She never insisted on him but he wanted to take duty for her sacrifice. And enter a famed university, thus never missing a scholarship. He works a part-time job. And is also bold to gather funds for her upcoming wedding.

Roh Jeong-eui Dear.M Kdrama (2021) 

Seo Ji-min in Dear.M Kdrama (2021)  is 22 years old in the Department of Economics (Class of ’18). She wants to become the leader of the cheer squad. She blusters bright decorative beauty as the Centre of Seoyeon University cheer squad. And she is dating Park Ha-neul.

Behind her honest appearance, there is a reversal that causes a girl crush. Ji-min is very capable in social situations and knows how to stand up bravely to seniors in the face of injustice. She is older than many of her fellows as she repeats a year.

Since many students in her grade either took a leave of absence or had to fulfill their enrollment duties. However, she meets Choi Ro-sa whom she went to high school with and they rapidly become friends.

Bae Hyun-sung in Dear.M Kdrama (2021) 

Park Ha-neul in Dear.M Kdrama (2021) is 22 years old and a 2nd-year student in the Department of Computer Science (Class of ’18). His dream is to become a game developer.
He is an honorary public relations envoy. He is dull and straight-forward. Since beginning their relationship, so many things have happened. With the new death of his father last winter.

So, in the second semester of his third year, he bravely entered the Department of Computer Science. To fulfill his dream of becoming a game developer. Many people around him were against it.

Lee Jin-hyuk in Dear.M Kdrama (2021) 

Gil Mok-jin (23), is a 2nd-year student in the Department of Psychology (Class of ’17). He wants to no longer be single. He is considered a mood-maker with a warm and loud personality. In opposite to this, he is also strict when it comes to cleanliness. Mok-jin is an older student who has come back from finishing his military service.

But his requests are regularly avoided by the younger occupants of Dorm 203. He cannot bear the smell of food. So he and his roommates often eat outside. Whilst his major is Psychology, he tends to not explain the psychology of those around him. And especially fails at understanding women. Mok-jin is desperate for a partner.

And is the most attend user of Min-ho’s “밥팅 (BOBting)” app. In his free time, he posts on the student forum, taking all kinds of psychological tests. Studying tarot cards and forecasts so that he can use them on his blind dates.





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