The Golden Hairpin Drama Cast, Plot, Trailer & More 2023

The Golden Hairpin Drama Cast, Plot, Trailer & More 2023

The Golden Hairpin Drama Cast, Plot, Trailer & More 2023

  • Drama: The Golden Hairpin
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 60
  • Airs:
  • Original Network: BTV, Dragon TV, Hunan TV, Tencent Video
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
  • Native Title: 青簪行
  • Also Known As: Memoirs of the Golden Hairpin , A Story of Hairpin , Qing Zan Xing , Zan Zhong Lu , 簪中录
  • Director: Lin Yu Fen, Guo Hu
  • Screenwriter: Wong Lei Chi, Jin Hai Shu
  • Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Supernatural

The Golden Hairpin Drama Cast

Yang Zi as Huang Zi Xia

Xuan Yan as Wang Yun

Chen Zhe Yuan as Yu Xuan

Calvin Yu as [Emperor]

Sui Jun Bo as Empress Wang

Zhao Ying Bo as Li Ren [7th prince]

Li Yi Nan as Li Rui [9th prince]

Qiu Xin Zhi as Wang Zong Shi

Ding Xiao Ying as Wang Ruo

Qiang Yu as Zhang Xing Ying

Zhang Yan Yan as Gong Sun Yuan

Larina Zhang as Jin Nu

Du Yuan as Lu Zhi Yuan

Wang Yi Yao as Lu Di Cui

Dong Li Wu You as Li Wen

Wang Ze Xuan in Support Role

Mi Xue Dong in Support Role

Guo Jun in Support Role

Lu Yong Jun in Support Role

Huang Yun Yun in Support Role

Zhang Bo Wen in Support Role

Kiko Ye in Support Role

Lu Yuan Yuan in Support Role

Ruan Ju as Princess Qi Le

Liu Yi Hang as Zhou Zi Qin

Ben Wang as Qi Teng

Qian Jin as Xiao Xue Se

Wu Hao as Pang Kuo

Wang Xing Chen as Xu Cong Yun

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The Golden Hairpin Drama Release Date

The release date of this drama is still not decided.

The Golden Hairpin Drama Production

The shooting of this drama will start soon.

The Golden Hairpin Drama Trailer

The trailer for this drama has not been out yet.

The Golden Hairpin Drama Plot

Huang Zi Xia, an investigative genius, had already demonstrated her worth at the age of thirteen by assisting her father in resolving difficult cases. She is on the run at seventeen when she is suspected of murdering her family to get out of an arranged marriage.

She is now on a mission to identify the murderer and clear her own identity.

He goes to the Prince of Kui, Li Shu Bai, for assistance and begs her to pose as his eunuch in order to foil a plot by a serial murderer and disobey a curse that is wreaking havoc on his life.

When Li Shu Bai’s fiancee goes missing, Zi Xia is put to the test to find her. Zi Xia begins her investigation using a singular golden hairpin as her primary lead, only to find out that she is not the only person in the protected realm to be harboring a potentially devastating secret.

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