Lost You Forever Drama Cast, Plot, Trailer & More 2023

Lost You Forever Drama Cast, Plot, Trailer & More 2023

Lost You Forever Drama Cast, Plot, Trailer & More 2023

  • Drama: Lost You Forever
  • Country: China
  • Episodes: 40
  • Airs: 2023 -?
  • Original Network: Tencent Video
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
  • Native Title: 长相思
  • Also Known As: Eternally Yearning For You , Sauvignon Blanc , Chang Xiang Si , Cheung Seung Si , 長相思
  • Director: Zoe Qin
  • Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy

Lost You Forever Drama Cast

Yang Zi as Xiao Yao / Wen Xiao Liu / Gao Xin Jiu Yao / Xi Ling Jiu Yao

Zhang Wan Yi as Qiang Xuan / Zhuan Xu

Deng Wei as Tu Shan Jing / Ye Shi Qi

Tan Jian Ci as Xiang Liu / Fang Feng Bei

Dai Lu Wa as A Nian / Gao Xin Yi

Wang Hong Yi as Chi Shui Feng Long

Huang Can Can as Fang Feng Yi Ying

Wang Zhen as Shen Nong Xin Yue

Zheng Guo Lin as Gaoxin Emperor

Hou Chang Rong as Xuanyuan Emperor

Ye Xiao Wei as Tu Shan Hou

Gao Ji Cai as Lao Sang

Gao Xuan Ming as Chuan Zi

Chen Chuang as Lao Mu

Pu Tao as Sang Tian Er

Wang Lue Tao as Yue Liang

Sun Kai as Ma Zi

Shao Wei Tong as Li Rong Chang

Gao Rong as Jing Ye

Peng Yi Bo as “Left Ear”

Chen Xin Yu as White Robed Lady

Xu Meng as Dan Shan

Shang Xuan as Hai Tang

Deng Shi Yun as Xuan Zhou

Li Shu Man as Xiao Xiao

Fu Rou Mei Qi as Miao Pu

Ding Jia Wen as Ru Shou

Li Jia Tong as Shan Hu

Zeng Xi Tang as Hu Zhen

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Lost You Forever Drama Release Date

The release date of this drama is not decided still.

Lost You Forever Drama Production

The shooting of this drama will start soon.

Lost You Forever Drama Trailer

The trailer for this drama has not been out yet.

Lost You Forever Drama Plot

In the distant past, when gods, goddesses, demons, and other fantastical beings coexisted with humans, there were three mythological kingdoms: Sheng Nong, Xuan Yuan, and Gao Xing. Each of these kingdoms was responsible for the administration of a different part of the universe.

During her journey through the wilderness, the Gao Xin princess Jiu Yao encountered a variety of challenges. She ended up losing both her identity and her true appearance, and when she finally arrived in Qing Shui Town, she pretended to be a man by the name of Wen Xiao Liu and worked as a physician under that guise. In Qingshui Town, Xiao Yao/Wen Xiao Liu unintentionally saves Tu Shan Jing, the heir apparent to the Tu Shan Clan, runs into Xiang Liu, a demon with nine heads, and finally locates her cousin, the Xuan Yuan prince Qiang Xian, who had been looking for her in the wilderness. All of these events take place at the same time.

Life is the meeting and the parting; it is the beginning and the end; nonetheless, there will always be things that, once experienced, will leave traces, and there will always be people who, once seen, will be remembered forever.

The meeting that was destined to take place in Qing Shui Town altered the course of everyone’s lives…

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