Top 10 Most Hated K-Pop Idols In 2022

Top 10 Most Hated K-Pop Idols In 2024

Top 10 Most Hated K-Pop Idols In 2024

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10. IU(Soloist)

Fans of Kpop agree that IU is both the kindest and one of the most charismatic stars they have ever seen. The artist has been putting in consistent effort and labor, which has resulted in her having a voice that is sweet and high, as well as a stage appearance that is astonishingly lovely and exquisite. IU has the finest reputation among artists for being incredibly nice to her crew, fans, and even her bodyguards, who have frequently made their presence at her stage performances. This is because her bodyguards have often made their appearances at her stage performances. IU is usually reviled, and she is also the kind of person that does not merit being included on our list, despite the fact that she is a kind and generous person.

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Most Hated K-Pop Idols
Most Hated K-Pop Idols

She was once implicated in a controversy involving Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, which led to a significant increase in the amount of hatred directed at her online. Jungkook of BTS has disclosed that she is his ideal type and has stated that he is a great fan of the singer-actress. Jungkook has also stated that she is his perfect type. Because it was an album by IU, it was also the first record he had purchased, which led to a significant outcry from IU’s fans. Even though IU has to cope with the hateful remarks that are posted by Jungkook’s supporters, the two stars are getting along great. It’s something as simple as one idol recognizing the skills of another idol, but many people feel as though they don’t deserve to be hated for something that’s so inconsequential.

9. IZ*ONE Sakura

In spite of the fact that Sakura possesses a great deal of skill, she has been receiving a lot of criticism since she is featured in a greater number of scenes and parts than the other members. Because the idol was on Produce 48, a reality program for up-and-coming performers, and got a lot of admirers and experience as a result of her involvement in the show, it is easy to understand why this is the case. She finished in second place and received praise from a number of the other participants, viewers, and judges. Fans of IZ*ONE’s other members should have an understanding that the company did what was best for the group, and that the decisions were made after careful consideration, with all of the group’s members in mind. It is not possible for a single idol to be at fault for this situation because she gained the parts due to her natural abilities.

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8. Red Velvet Yeri

Since she became a member of Red Velvet, Yeri has consistently been the target of hatred. She is known to have a large number of famous individuals as friends due to the fact that she is very outgoing and popular. As a result of this, she is known to have a large number of celebrity pals. She is frequently reviled for this, and some people even accuse her of being an attention seeking for sobbing at the burial of her close friend SHINEE Jonghyun. It is perfectly normal to feel utterly helpless and overcome with emotion when attending the funerals of close friends or acquaintances, and the person in question is not deserving of the hatred that is directed against her because of this issue. Anti believes that Yeri is unqualified to be a part of a popular and well-formed group like Red Velvet since she is uncoordinated and lethargic, and they believe that she should not be a member of Red Velvet because of this.

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7. TWICE Tzuyu

Everyone in the group and all of her followers think Tzuyu is stunningly gorgeous, and they praise her for both her looks and her beauty. She is criticized for her voice, which many people believe is not up to the standard, as well as her expressions and the fact that she is unable to convey emotions to the audience, which is one of the most important aspects of being an artist. She receives hate mail as a result. Despite the fact that Tzuyu has been given few roles and lines in Twice’s songs, a significant number of her fans are dissatisfied with the situation.

Because of this, many fans end up fighting with one other, and her colleague’s artists, who are cast for the roles after due thought, are subjected to needless conflict. If your preferred artist is being treated unfairly, shifting the blame to another member of the group who is also an artist is the same thing as being a critic of the entire group as a whole. When done in a constructive manner, voicing your opinion and offering solutions are both very beneficial activities. The artists will only carry out the directives given to them by their respective firms.

6. EXO Kai

The fact that you are a member of EXO guarantees that you will receive hatred, even if you shouldn’t. One of the members who is reviled for numerous silly reasons is Kai, who is also one of the members. Due to the fact that the band is extremely well-known and that its members are capable of a wide range of things, the number of the band’s supporters and detractors is enormous. EXO has always been criticized throughout its career for all of the controversies that its members have been involved in, and they are also criticized when other members of the group don’t disclose the scandals that their fellow members have been involved in. Despite the fact that Kai has an incredible stage presence, he is frequently the target of hatred due to the relationship scandals he was involved in with f(X) Krystal and Blackpink Jennie.

It is unfortunate that many fans pair their favorite musicians with other idols in the hopes that their ship would come true. However, as soon as the fans realize that their ship is coming true, they switch their feelings from love to hatred, which disrupts the lives of both artists. Idols like Kai, who are famous for their talent as well as their popularity, are not allowed to date since they would be betraying their followers. If their supporters discover that they are dating other artists or regular people, they are subjected to an incredible amount of hatred from both their fans and their companies. Kai is known for having a large number of famous people in his social circle. It is important for fans not to be overly possessive of their favorite artists since the artist, like the fans, has his own tastes and preferences that he wants to live by.

5. Momoland Nancy

During her teenage years, the character Nancy from Momoland cracked a joke about bulimia, which is an eating condition. On the other hand, given that the idol is now an adult who has matured and improved her behavior, she ought to be granted the forgiveness that she justly merits. When people are young, they frequently make errors because they are unaware of the gravity of the consequences of their actions. It is obvious that Nancy is thinking about things, and it is not fair to continue burying her under a deluge of hateful remarks just because of a mistake that she made when she was younger.

4. ASTRO Eunwoo

Eunwoo is reviled since his solo career has become more successful than his group’s. Even though the idol actor has wonderful visuals and is incredibly popular, he has been the target of a lot of hate comments on the internet from people who believe that he is not a skilled actor and that he plays the same parts in all of his works. This is despite the fact that he is extremely popular. It is also stated that he has achieved what he has in the acting world due simply to the fact that people are drawn to the way he looks.

Although it is true that the actor has played roles that are similar to those he has played in the past, this does not detract from the fact that he gives his all in each of his endeavors and that his skill continues to grow with each new endeavor. It is also said that he has participated in parts in which he plays a more laid-back and comical character. It is extremely obvious how much improvement he has made in his acting abilities, as well as how diligently he is working to meet the standards that everyone has set for him and receive the praise that he deserves. Many fans, who are captivated by the actor’s appearance, have been left satiated by his latest work in the film “True Beauty.”

3. BTS Members

The group BTS does not require any sort of introduction. Their widespread appeal says much about them. People despise the band because they believe that they do not deserve to be where they are and that they are preventing other great musicians from occupying the slots that should go to them. The poisonous Armies, who are the group’s fans and comprised of possessive teens, are viewed by many as giving the band an unfairly high rating. The members have, on multiple occasions, been singled out for individual attacks, and those attacks have invariably been motivated by absurd grounds.

2. (G)I-DLE Soyeon

Sooyeon is not just a gifted performer but also an accomplished leader and skilled producer. She has received a lot of criticism for writing songs that wrongly characterize Korean culture and for including contentious issues in her song lyrics. This has led to a lot of animosities directed against her. It is fair for her admirers in Korea to criticize her for not accurately portraying Korean culture, but the level of hatred that they have shown her is unwarranted.

1. Blackpink Jennie

The musician has seen a substantial boost in both notoriety and attention as a direct result of their membership in Blackpink. Jennie has been the target of people’s hatred because of her fame, and many believe that she does not deserve to get so much attention. She is also accused of spreading several untrue rumors and stirring up controversy with regard to her role in the operations of the group. She has been receiving a lot of flak for overshadowing the presence of the other members, which has led to her being heavily chastised by YG for having better outfits and promotions than the other members. She is accused of having a horrible attitude and being sluggish by a lot of people. It is only natural that there are a lot of people who dislike Blackpink given the group’s widespread popularity and the fact that their songs quickly rise to the top of the charts after being released. However, Jennie has been the target of people’s hatred for a very long time despite the fact that she has done nothing to deserve it. She is extraordinarily gifted, but due to the hatred directed toward her, she has been seen to have multiple breakdowns in public.

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