BTS Jungkook Ideal Type of Girl 2021

BTS Jungkook Ideal Type of Girl 2023 New

BTS Jungkook Ideal Type of Girl 2023

BTS Jungkook Ideal Type of Girl 2023.

BTS Jungkook Ideal Type of Girl 2021
BTS Jungkook Ideal Type of Girl 2021


BTS Jungkook Ideal Type of Girl 2023

Korean BTS boys are famous not only in South Korea but all over the world. Bangtan boys are some kind of the most attractive celebrities. Girls all over the world are curious about the BTS boys. BTS jungkook is the maknae member of the group . He attracts more fans because of her cute and at the same hot look.

BTS boys are also people too so they also have feelings and they can also like someone. Every ARMY has a dream to become significant to their idols. Jungkook is also known as a bunny because of his cute look. If you are interested in jungkook then you must read this article fully.

This article is about the Ideal Type of BTS Jungkook.

BTS Jungkook Ideal Type of Girl In Beauty

Bts Jungkook is an internationally recognizable K-Pop star but he is also some kind of shy rookie. He comes out after years. Bts Jungkook for an ideal type of girl has not much higher standard.

Jungkook is a very cute maknae. He said that he would be attracted to the smoking of a girl who is also cute just like him.

The main question is if Jungkook likes older girls or young girls? Jungkook said that he would like to have a young girl girlfriend. He would like it if she called him  Oppa (older brother). At the same time he also would like to have an older girlfriend so he could call her Noona

( Older Sister).

He did not give a solid statement about an older or younger girlfriend. Maybe when Jungkook grows more he would give us a solid statement about this.

In another interview, Jungkook said that he likes a cute girl. By cute girls means a girl with a minimal amount of makeup than a girl with layers of makeup sculpted into a mannequin perfection. He said this does not mean that he doesn’t like a girl with a sculpted perfect body.

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BTS Jungkook Ideal Type of Girl In Persanality

BTS Jungkook says his ideal type of girl should look healthy and muscular. He said a tone of a body that shows activeness is better than a frail thin one.

Jungkook said that not outside beauty matters which matters is the beauty on the inside. A perfect girl should have good health and also exercise to remain active. Jungkook likes personality so much he said his ideal type of girl should be intelligent and competitive. His girlfriend should be a gamer so he could play games with her.

Jungkook wants a girl who impresses her with her talent and shows him her strong point. He wants his ideal type to be smart and active.

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BTS Jungkook Ideal Type of Girl in Celebrities

Jungkook does not describe many strong points toward his ideal type. He said he likes a mature, caring, and protective person. Jungkook also said he likes a girl who can sing and cook well. According to the rumors, he also said many times that IU and Emma Watson are much his ideal type. Jungkook also likes a girl who is shorter than him.

Jungkook has shown a keen interest in singer IU. This is no secret he also announced his feelings toward IU. He spent his money to buy IU Albums. This is evidence that the BTS jungkook Ideal Type of girl is IU.

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If you want to become a BTS Jungkook Ideal type of Girl you should read these descriptions.

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BTS Jungkook Personality

Now there are some tips for Jungkook’s girlfriend on how she could take care of him?

Jungkook was 16 when he joined the agency and entered the K-pop industry. BTS Jungkook is the maknae of BTS group. So he only has music and ARMY in his whole life. Jungkook gives his everything to music. Jungkook’s real name Is Jeon Jung-Kook. His stage name is Jungkook so you could call him Jungkook.

Jungkook likes to read comic books and Iron Man. Jungkook also has a Driver’s license and knows how to drive. Jungkook would also like to go on a long trip with her girlfriend. Jungkook is also the massiest member according to BTS. so if you want to date Jungkook your room may also become messy.

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