Korean Celebrities Who Married Into The Top 1% Wealthiest Families In Korea

Korean Celebrities Who Married Into The Top 1% Wealthiest Families In Korea

Five Korean female celebrities who married into families in the top one percent of the wealthiest in the country

Let’s take a look at a few of South Korea’s most famous female celebrities who have married into some of the most prosperous families the country has ever known.

1. Park Ji Yoon

The singer Park Ji Yoon comes in last, although she is by no means the least important. Even though the singer has been absent from the entertainment world for a considerable amount of time, she recently stunned the country by announcing that she is getting married. However, the fact that Park Ji Yoon and Cho So Young got married in a low-key affair in 2019 is not what led to the unexpected turn of events.

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Her husband had worked at KakaoTalk in the past as the Vice President of design, but just a few short years later, he was promptly moved to the position of CEO. According to reports in the media, Park Ji Yoon’s husband is rumored to make approximately 750 billion Korean Won (approximately $638 million US Dollars) in salary for a single year’s work. And that does not include his rumored bonus of 2.72 billion Korean Won, which is equivalent to around $2.32 million US Dollars.

2. Lee Hye Young

Lee Hye Young, who is both an actress and a singer, comes in at number two. As a result of her lengthy career in the entertainment business as an actress, a singer, a stylist, and the owner of a fashion company, Lee Hye Young possesses an extraordinary fortune of her own, which can be attributed to the fact that she has a fashion brand. However, following her marriage to Boo Jae Hoon, she saw a meteoric rise in the amount of income she possessed.

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Her spouse is one of the co-founders of the private equity firm MBK Partners, in addition to holding the position of partner there. It has been stated that his firm manages capital that is worth roughly 27.0 trillion Korean Won, which is equivalent to approximately $23.0 billion US Dollars. However, his actual net worth has not been disclosed. It was also stated that in 2017, he sold a popular theme park in Japan and got a commission of over 1 trillion Korean won, which is equivalent to nearly $850 million US.

3. Jun Ji Hyun

Also included on this list is the actress Jun Ji Hyun, who takes the podium at position number three. It has been said that the wealth of the actress’s husband is legendary, despite the fact that the actress herself has amassed an incredible fortune as a result of her lengthy acting career and her many lucrative ventures in the real estate industry.

He had been the director of a well-known American bank in the past, but eventually, he decided to take over his father’s business in asset management. His father had previously served as the Vice President of that company. After becoming the CEO of the company, Jun Ji Hyun’s husband went on to acquire more than 70 percent of the company’s shares, which are currently valued at approximately 586 billion Korean Won, or approximately $500 million US Dollars.

4. Han Chae Young

The following performer is the actress Han Chae Young. When she made the announcement that she was getting married in 2007, she shocked the Korean entertainment industry by choosing an ordinary person as her spouse. After conducting additional research, internet users discovered that the actress was engaged to be married to a very wealthy financial family.

Her husband’s family is so well-known that they have been given the nickname “the royal family of the financial world,” despite the fact that it is difficult to determine exactly how much they are worth. It has also been reported that Han Chae Young’s husband spent a whopping 7.00 billion Korean Won (approximately $5.98 million US Dollars) on her proposal, which included a lavish diamond ring, an expensive sports car, and a luxurious newlywed villa. In addition to that, it has also been reported that Han Chae Young’s husband proposed to her with a lavish diamond ring.

5. Lee Si Young

Actress Lee Si Young is going to get things started for us here on this list. Back in 2017, the actress tied the knot with the restaurant entrepreneur Cho Seung Hyun. It is said that her spouse began his restaurant company while he was in his 20s and has seen tremendous franchise success throughout the course of his professional life.

He is now the Chief Executive Officer of his firm and has a net worth of around 2.50 billion Korean Won, which is equivalent to approximately $2.13 million US Dollars. This figure does not take into account the value of his real estate, which is said to be an extra 4.75 billion Korean Won (about $4.06 million US Dollars).

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