Korean Celebrities Who Started Their Careers As K-Pop Idols

Korean Celebrities Who Started Their Careers As K-Pop Idols

Korean Celebrities Who Started Their Careers As K-Pop Idols

Here is the list of Korean Actors Who Started Their Careers As K-Pop Idols

1. IU (Lee Ji-eun)

IU is a performing artist that works on her own.

IU is more than simply our “star,” whether she is singing for sold-out stadiums across the world or portraying a young lady who is mistakenly transported back in time to the Goryeo era in Moon Lovers Scarlet Heart: Ryeo. She is a genuine, one-of-a-kind celebrity whose talent and allure have no limits whatsoever.

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2. Cha Eun-woo

Coming from a band called Astro, it is not surprising in the least that one of its members, Eun-woo, would go on to achieve success in the entertainment industry. It doesn’t matter if he’s portraying a creative prince in Rookie Historian Goo Hae Ryung or performing with his fellow band members at a concert; Eun-performances woo’s are always so wonderful, you’ll want to watch them “all night” long!

3. Do Kyung-soo

Every member of the boy band Exo has a certain ability, and I truly feel that Do Kyung-soo makes use of his ability to control the ground in order to provide such powerful and grounded performances in front of the camera. It makes no difference whether he is playing a prince who appears to have a cold heart in the movie 100 Days My Prince or a teen who is enthusiastic but emotionally fragile in the movie It’s Okay, That’s Love; there is a gentle authenticity to each of his characters that is just out of this ‘universe.’

4. Im Yoon-ah

Yoon-ah has been captivating audiences onstage and in front of the camera for more than a decade now, melting the hearts of fans all over the world with her exceptional performances in both mediums. Yoon-ah possesses the extraordinary talent of being able to bring wit and elegance to any character she plays, whether it be the timid daughter of a politician in “The K2” or the determined and royal San in “The King Loves.” Yoon-ah has the unique ability to take any role that she is given and imbue it with these qualities. Welcome “into the new world” if this is the first time you’ve ever seen Yoon-ah in a performing role.

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5. Park Jin-young

The first album released by Got7 was titled Got It? I am also able to attest to the fact that Park Jin-young possesses the elusive “it” factor. The singer and actor, who is only 26 years old, has established a reputation for himself with a growing array of personas that can be both impassioned and comical at times. They are the kinds of folks whose causes you can’t help but get behind, mostly as a result of the sincere way in which he portrays them. There is something about Jin-acting young’s ability that just cannot be defined; the word that most describes him is “magnetic.”

6. Rowoon (Kim Seok-woo)

Rowoon surely brings spectacular emotion to each and every one of his acting jobs, much like the name of his group, which stands for “Sensational Feeling Nine.” Rowoon constantly adds a secret gentleness and degree of subtle maturity to his characters, which effortlessly captures the hearts of viewers in every program he’s in. Despite the fact that he often plays the “good guy” in dramas, Rowoon consistently brings these qualities to his characters.

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7. Bae Suzy

With a busy career as an actor, solo performer, and member of the famous K-pop group Miss A, Suzy is a legend in her own right. She is such a talented performer that she is able to bring any character down to earth and make them understandable, whether it be as a brash reporter in the movie While You Were Sleeping or as a workaholic CEO with a dream in the movie Start Up. Trust me, it doesn’t matter if she’s portraying a ~bad girl / nice girl~, Suzy is wonderful in every role!

8. Im Si-wan

In his career as an actor and a singer, Im Si-wan has never played two parts that are even remotely comparable to one another. Si-wan has the uncanny ability to take on any role and “breathe new life” into it, whether it was a dramatic concept for one of ZE:music A’s videos or stepping into the role of the analytical sprinter-turned-sports agent Ki Seon-gyeom in Run On. He also has the ability to play the role of Ki Seon-gyeom in Run On.

9. Joy (Park Soo-young)

Let’s have a conversation about what an incredible pleasure Joy is! She can play lovely and innocent characters one second and then depict dark and mysterious ones that keep you on your toes the next. Her acting technique is pretty similar to the notion that her group, Red Velvet, uses: She can keep you on your toes. Despite the fact that she has only been in two dramas so far (and made cameos in a few more! ), it is an absolute joy to watch Joy test the limits of her acting abilities with each new role that she takes on.

10. Suho (Kim Jun-myeon)

As the frontman of Exo, Suho is frequently required to take on increasingly responsible responsibilities within the band. It is in his acting roles where his natural comedic personality can be seen to its fullest, most notably as the pompous CEO in Rich Man, Poor Woman, and as a magical pastry maker in How Are You Bread. Both of these roles showcased his comedic character to great use. Suho is in the process of finishing his enlistment in the military at the present time; however, when he returns later this year, “let’s love” and support him in both his acting and singing vocations!

11. Yook Sung-jae

Yook Sung-jae is not only a member of the K-pop group BtoB, which is nicknamed “born to beat,” but he is also a BtoA, which stands for “born to act.” My attention was initially drawn to the 25-year-old actor in the drama Goblin, where he played the role of the cheeky and tech-savvy Yoo Deok-hwa. Later, in the drama Mystic Pop-up Bar, he played the role of the lonely and kindhearted Han Kang-bae. It would have been easy for either of these parts to be a bust, but as an actor, he gives a sense of wonder and exuberance to each of them, which elevates them to the level of greatness. Believe me, when I say that Sung performances jae’s are so outstanding, he will have you exclaiming “Wow.” Just trust me on this one.

12. Seo In-guk

Seo In-guk made his start as a solo artist on the reality competition show Superstar K. Since then, however, he has transitioned from being a singer to a leading man after delivering stunning performances in some of the most successful K-dramas of the previous several years. The emotive performances that Seo In-guk gives, whether he’s playing the boisterously exuberant heir Louis in Shopaholic Louis or the enigmatic yet affable Moo-young in The Smile Has Left Your Eyes, always feel authentic, and this is true regardless of the character he’s portraying. Seo In-guk is able to “mix it up” and provide outstanding performances regardless of the part he is playing.

13. V (Kim Tae-hyung)

Listen to what I have to say. He may have only had one part as an actor so far, but I feel that V deserves a position on this list because he absolutely crushed it as Suk Han-sung in Hwarang. I believe that he deserves a spot on this list because he absolutely crushed it. Not only did he do an excellent job of navigating the painful past of his character, but his upbeat performance also added a lot of fun and levity to the production. Because it appears like acting is just in his DNA, I personally can’t wait to see what parts he takes on in the future.

14. Krystal Jung

Krystal is a wonderful gem! The member of the girl group f(x) is well-known for her propensity to play strong, complicated, and compassionate women who are not afraid of a little bit of “danger” if it means that they will ultimately achieve their goals. She always brings a delicate balance of elegance and grit to every role she undertakes, whether it be the goddess of water in The Bride of Habaek or a senior lieutenant in Search, and this is what makes these characters believable. But it is Krystal’s outstanding acting that makes these characters believable.

15. Choi Soo-young

“We are not going to give up, Girls’ Generation!” Our is the third member of the well-known K-pop girl group that has made it onto this list, and there is a very solid reason for it: Her performance is nothing short of amazing. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a fan of hers ever since she first appeared on the acting scene in 2008 or if you’re just starting to know her now as the cold-blooded CEO Seo Dan-ah in this year’s Run On; Soo-acting young’s is highly skilled and pinpoint accurate. If you ‘think’ you’re ready to dig into her filmography, then you absolutely should do so!

Korean Celebrities Who Started Their Careers As K-Pop Idols

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