Who Is Kim Ji-hoon Wife Is Kim Ji-hoon Married Now

Who Is Kim Ji-hoon Wife? Is Kim Ji-hoon Married Now?

Who Is Kim Ji-hoon Wife? Is Kim Ji-hoon Married Now?

Who Is Kim Ji-hoon Wife? Is Kim Ji-hoon Married Now? Fans of “The Money Heist” will never forget Denver’s unforgettable chuckle. The character of Denver is played by Kim Ji-hoon in the Korean adaptation of the franchise, which is titled Money Heist: Korea — Joint Economic Area. But the jokes aren’t as funny as they used to be.

Kim Ji-hoon was born in Seoul, South Korea, on the 9th of May, 1981, a Saturday. She is presently 41 years old and her given name is Kim Ji-hoon when she was born. Taurus is the zodiac sign that corresponds to those who were born on May 9th. His astrological sign is the rooster. In 2001, he worked as a virtual jockey on the Mnet show Hotline. In the year 2002, he made his acting debut on the television series Loving You.

Kim Ji-hoon Profile:


Full Name Kim Ji-hoon
Age 41
Birth date May 9, 1981,
Horoscope Taurus
Birth Place Seoul
Profession TV Actor
Net Worth $100,000 – $1M
Martial Status Single
Height 5′ 10″
Ethnicity Unknown
Nationality South Korean
Weight N/A lbs (N/A kg)
Hair Color N/A
Eye Color N/A

Is Kim Ji-hoon Married?

No, Kim Ji-hoon isn’t married (as of 2022). The actor has not yet found the woman who will be his wife forever. Therefore, if you’re interested in being “the one,” you still have a shot at it. Watch his works in movies and television series such as Daughters-in-Law (2007), Goddess of Marriage (2013), Jang Bo Ri Is Here (2014), Flower of Evil (2020), and of course Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area before you really go meet him (2022).

In addition, we are able to state with absolute certainty that Kim is not against the concept of getting married. The actor even offered his musical talents as a congratulations performance at a wedding in January of 2020. Absolutely, Kim is an amazing singer as well. In point of fact, SM Entertainment had initially planned for him to make his debut singing with one of their K-pop groups. Unfortunately, the band broke up, and Kim chose to pursue a career in acting instead.

Despite this, Kim remained under contract with SM Entertainment until the year 2004. After that, he got a contract with a different agency.

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Who Is Kim Ji-hoon Girlfriend?

As of the year 2022, Kim Ji-hoon has not disclosed his girlfriend. On the other hand, it appears that the actor never had a romantic relationship.

Having said that, Kim did give off the impression of being close to his co-star in Money Heist, Jang Yoon-ju (Nairobi). The pair was observed eating together at a restaurant in Gwangju, which is located in South Korea, in the month of June 2021. Kim claims that on that particular day, they dined on duck soup and a substantial amount of rice.

Additionally, many fans rooted for Kim to end up with his co-star in Goddess of Marriage, Nam Sang-mi. Even a wedding ceremony was depicted on the program, but it was eventually unsuccessful because of the intervention of the couple’s parents and a general lack of affection (cheating). However, I hate to be the one to break your bubble, but the co-stars never dated.

If the series were to stick to the plot of the original novel, the character “Yun Misun,” played by Lee Joobeen, would become Kim’s girlfriend on the show Money Heist: Korea, and he would finally wind up falling in love with her.

Kim Ji-hoon Dating History

It has never been reported that the actor from “Bad Thief, Good Thief” has ever been married or even been in a relationship with anyone in particular prior to this recent development. Because his romantic relationships are personal matters, it is possible that he will not discuss them with the public. Having said that, people fell in love with his actions while he was appearing in the drama Goddess of Marriage. In that show, he did a wedding scene with his co-star Nam Sang-mi, and it was during that moment that people fell in love with him. When the playwright has no say, the performers are full of charm despite the fact that their characters’ marriage is falling apart owing to meddling from the characters’ parents and a lack of love (the fact that she cheated on him very early on should have been a sign).

There are some viewers that adore the way the story was written such that the protagonist wound up with the secondary protagonist (second-lead syndrome). However, as time went on, there were some people who began to feel let down. They maintained that the only feeling they got from the pair depicted in these images was that of a platonic friend. Your interpretation of their performances in the drama will determine the answer to this question. The others continue to think that they are adorable. A statement from one or both of them confirming their relationship was anticipated by their fans. However, it was later discovered that Kim Ji-hoon and Nam Sang-mi are nothing more than friendly acquaintances.

Nam Sang-mi, Kim Ji-hoon, Lee Sang-woo, Lee Tae-ran, Kim Jung-tae, Jo Min-su, Kwon Hae-hyo, Jang Young-nam, and Jang Hyun-sung are the actors who appear in the 2013 romantic comedy-drama series Goddess of Marriage, which was produced in South Korea. The story follows the lives of four different couples as they navigate modern love, employment, becoming a woman, and the meaning of marriage. It was first shown on SBS on June 29, 2013, and it ran for a total of 36 episodes, each of which was broadcast at 21:50 local time on either Saturday or Sunday.

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Who Is Kim Ji-hoon Wife Is Kim Ji-hoon Married Now
Who Is Kim Ji-hoon Wife Is Kim Ji-hoon Married Now

Is Kim Ji-hoon in a Relationship?

As of the year 2022, Kim Ji-hoon is not involved with any other person. Kim is 41 years old at this point. At one point in the past, Kim Ji-hoon was in at least one relationship. He has not been married or engaged in the past.

Kim Ji-hoon Networth

Kim Ji-hoon In the year 2022, Kim Ji-hoon flaunted a net worth that was greater than one million dollars. Over the course of his career, the actor has participated in over 23 films and television shows. Some of these projects include The Flower of Evil (2020), Rich Family’s Son (2018), The Age of Blood (2017), The Man Living in Our House (2016), Goddess of Marriage (2013), The Queen’s Classroom (2013), Flower Boy Next Door (2013), and The Iron Empress (2013). (2009).

In addition, Kim has appeared in a special capacity in the following productions: Flower Boy Next Door Special (2015), Tower of Babel Special (2019), and Drama Special Season 6: Funny Woman (2015). (2013). In addition, he has appeared in the stage adaptation of the narrative “The University of Laughs,” which was written by the Japanese writer Kiki Mitani.

Kim has received numerous accolades for his outstanding acting, including the 2014 MBC Drama Top Excellence Award, the 2014 22nd Korea Culture and Entertainment Top Excellence Award, the 2014 3rd APAN Star Excellence Award, the 2013 SBS Drama Male Excellence for Long Drama Awards, and the 2007 KBS Drama Best Couple and Best New Actor Awards. All of these awards were presented in 2014.

Concerning his academic background, Kim received his high school diploma from Konkuk University and then went on to earn a degree in psychology from Ajou University.

Kim Ji-hoon Height

Kim Ji-hoon has a height of 5 feet 10 inches (178 cm) and a weight of 68 kg. He is an impressively tall man (150 lbs). When it comes to his defining characteristics, Kim possesses a pointed jawline and a long face, and he looks amazing when his hair is long.

What is Kim Ji-hoon Age?

On May 9, 1981, Kim Ji-hoon came into the world. In the year 2022, he would have been 41 years old at that point. Kim belongs to the sign of the Taurus according to his date of birth.

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