Korean Celebrities Who Admitted They Got Plastic Surgery

Korean Celebrities Who Admitted They Got Plastic Surgery

Korean Celebrities Who Admitted They Got Plastic Surgery

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South Korea has become a global leader in the cosmetic surgery industry, yet its celebrity residents are still reticent to discuss their own plastic surgery procedures. Only a select handful have publicly admitted to undergoing cosmetic treatments, naming each surgery they’ve had and urging others to do the same. Meanwhile, with the discovery of “before” images, some have been asked to reveal the truth.

The choices people make about their appearance are none of anyone’s business except their own, but we admire anyone who is willing to talk about it anyhow. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of seven Korean superstars who have broken the mould.

Korean Stars Who Openly Talked About Their Plastic Surgery

1. Jessi

In an episode of Happy Together, Unpretty Rapstar’s Jessi openly detailed the cosmetic surgery that made her look the way she does now. She disclosed that she had breast implants and that she takes it as a compliment when others comment that her breasts seem “too phoney.” An explanation from the rapper: “Why do I feel like I have to keep it a secret? A very long time ago, I forked out the cash and had them completed.”

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She also admitted to having rhinoplasty and double eyelid surgery “Honestly, who doesn’t indulge in some form of cosmetic surgery? Both my eyes and nose have been surgically altered. The word has spread.” Another interview reveals that Jessi’s former agency recommended these treatments so that she would be “more photogenic,” a decision she later came to regret.

2. Minzy

Once a member of the popular girl group 2NE1, Minzy found herself the subject of plastic surgery speculations in 2013. Her management company YG Entertainment shot off the rumours, citing natural ageing as the reason for her transformation. But Minzy ultimately came forward about undergoing rhinoplasty.

“I’ve had rhinitis for a very long time, and it’s always been a problem whenever I tried to sing or dance. My nose was crooked in the front and required surgery, so that’s where I ended up “according to her comments to a regional news outlet. “I was anxious about the operation because it was my first one ever. Since I was going under the knife to get my nose fixed, my mother advised I also have some work done to make me seem better in general. Thus, I fretted for a longer period of time.” After receiving approval from YG’s CEO Yang Hyun Suk, Minzy went forward with the operation.

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3. Park Min Young

After Park Min Young became famous for her part in Sungkyunkwan Scandal, old images of her from when she was in high school began to circulate online, prompting many to speculate that she has undergone cosmetic surgery. Since this is the case, the actress has decided to come clean about her plastic surgery. During an interview with Sports Chosun, the actress revealed that she underwent double eyelid surgery and a nose job while she was in the seventh grade.

She gave an explanation for her decision to go public with the information, saying, “The concept that saying things exactly as they are is terrible is not one I share. I think it’s great that people are interested in ‘actress Park Min Young,’ but I’d want to see more attention paid to her now rather than her in the past.”

4. Ze:A’s Hwang Kwanghee

Superstar in the fields of idol and rap Kwanghee is unusual among male K-pop celebrities in that he has openly discussed his desire to get plastic surgery. During his appearances on several talk shows, he admitted to having plastic surgery on his eyes, nose, chin, and forehead. The only feature of Kwanghee’s face that wasn’t altered in any way was his natural cheekbones, as was shown on an episode of Cool Kids. Kwanghee, who also got his brows microblade, made a joke about how your face “settles down” to seem more natural after ten years following plastic surgery on the same programme (My Old Little Boy).

5. Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha

Brown Eyed Girls’ Narsha recently told Radio Star that she feels “more beautiful and happy” since undergoing plastic surgery. She defended plastic surgery among celebrities, saying that it’s natural for them to be more self-conscious about their appearance due to their public status.

The members of Narsha’s group, Miryo and JeA, even appeared in a Saturday Night Live Korea sketch debating PS’s critics. A cover of Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face,” renamed “Plastic Face” by the girls. Lyrics urged listeners to exude self-assurance while also calling out the cosmetic surgery industry for its double standard.

6. T-Ara’s Hyomin

Hyomin, of the K-pop girl group T-Ara, addressed the issue coolly during a quiz game with Sports Chosun, despite years of cosmetic surgery suspicions surrounding the group’s members.

She said “yes,” but did not elaborate on the procedures they had undergone. “These days, people place a premium on how they seem in public. Many people’s lives will be brightened and entertained by what we do. If you’re not attractive, you may forget about it “In the words of Hyomin. “I think it’s conceivable to correct a few things so long as you’re not greedy in order to live up to those visual expectations,” she said. “There is certainly a part of us that wants to be lovely.”

7. Momoland’s JooE

JooE, of Momoland, was a guest on Radio Star and he talked openly about undergoing a nose operation. JooE responded to the presenters’ insistence that it was apparent, saying, “That’s why I’ve been feeling so down. After appearing for three months, it suddenly vanished. That was a total con, and I really feel ripped off.” She said she had the procedure done in ninth grade because she felt her nose was “too flat.”

During an interview for a talent agency, JooE didn’t disclose that she’d already had her nose job since she didn’t think she’d get the job: “I assumed I would never see them again, why would I tell them I had plastic surgery?” When the CEO eventually suggested that she have nose fillers, JooE realised it was time to speak honestly. She did it and expressed regret, making her first appearance without having her nose broken.

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