BTS Jungkook and Rose Relationship Confirmed! Netizens spotted Them on a Date here’s the Evidence

BTS Jungkook and Rose Relationship Confirmed! Netizens spotted Them on a Date here’s the Evidence

BTS Jungkook and Rose Relationship Confirmed! Netizens spotted Them on a Date here’s the Evidence

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Jungkook and Rose Relationship

The social network Nate Pann was rife with activity as a result of a list of proof that Korean internet users compiled showing that Jungkook and Rosé were dating.

The fact that Jungkook and Rosé were both born in 1997 is perhaps the only thing that Jungkook and Rosé have in common, at least in the eyes of the majority of people.

According to a Nate Pann user who recently recalled the stories, Korean internet users recently produced a surprise for everyone and caused them to chuckle when they submitted an article with the heading “Rosé and Jungkook are dating?” What they claim to be “dating proof” of these two idols, which has been uploaded by the pair’s supporters on Instagram, has been posted by the fans of the couple. According to the poster, “Of course, given that both Jungkook and Rosé are human, it is feasible for them to date. Furthermore, given that they are both attractive males and pretty ladies, it is also possible for them to fall in love.” Anyway, if people ask me why I realized they’re dating, I’ll just say.

Not content to stop there, the author of the original post also pointed out some other noteworthy instances of these two idols, such as the time when Jungkook was seen observing Rosé’s performance with an expression that suggested he was really engrossed in what he was seeing. . Even while looking directly at the lips of BTS’s golden maknae, several viewers were able to confirm that the male idol stated “So gorgeous” when referring to Rosé.

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The writer of the story on Pann also mentioned that during a previous award event, the members of BTS stared at Jungkook and chuckled when they heard a term with the same pronunciation as Rosé’s name. This occurred when they heard a phrase that rhymed with Rosé’s name.

J-Hope grinned the whole time he was glancing between Jungkook and Rosé as he was attending another award event. The same source also corroborated this information on the episode of “Run BTS! “, Jin divulged the fact that Rose Pasta is Jungkook’s go-to dish for comfort food. Even while acting out the incident on the reality show “Run BTS! Jimin also grinned and remarked in a playful tone to Jungkook, “Jungkook, do you want to have spaghetti today? “.

Last but not least, this individual said that Rosé had previously published a photo on her Instagram Story, but that she afterward removed it. It was verified by the author of the Pann post that they noticed someone in Rosé’s photo who resembled Jungkook, but due to the fact that the shot was taken from such a distant distance, the image was rather hazy and could not be seen properly.

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However, it is still visible to some extent, and the way the man in the photo is dressed is said to be very similar to the outfit Jungkook wore when he appeared in BTS’ Youtube video, so many people also began to speculate that this isn’t Jungkook, causing this photo to be discussed a lot by fans during that time. Although the poster confirmed that he certainly wouldn’t be surprised if the news of Rosé and Jungkook’s dating emerged one day, what several protests from members of the internet community in Korea.

There are 96 upvotes that concur with the author’s perspective, but there are 408 downvotes against it, and the majority of the comments believe that the items that were described above are too hesitant and lack solid evidence.

Jungkook and Rose Fans


BLACKPINK’s Rose Ideal Type

During an appearance on Weekly Idol, Rose of BLACKPINK discussed her ideal type, which she described as someone who is not only polite but also friendly and can sing. In addition, Lisa of BLACKPINK mentioned that Rose would have a crush on someone who was likewise skilled at playing the guitar.

BTS’ Jungkook’s Ideal Type

Jungkook detailed that the ideal partner for him is a lady who is talented in the kitchen, possesses a sharp mind, has attractive legs, exudes warmth, and can sing well. Jungkook has stated that he prefers ladies that have a height of around 168 cm or less. This is in reference to his physical type. Jungkook went on to say that he wants his girlfriend to be just as competitive as he is in their relationship.

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