List of Korean Celebrities With Plastic Surgery

List of Korean Celebrities With Plastic Surgery

List of Korean Celebrities With Plastic Surgery

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South Korea has become a global leader in the cosmetic surgery industry, yet its celebrity residents are still reticent to discuss their own plastic surgery procedures. Only a select handful have publicly admitted to undergoing cosmetic treatments, naming each surgery they’ve had and urging others to do the same. Meanwhile, with the discovery of “before” images, some have been asked to reveal the truth.

They are just a good looking “before” as they are “after”.

1. JooE (MOMOLAND) – Nose

On an episode of Knowing Bros, JooE said that she had cartilage from her ear grafted onto her nose.

It took a trip to my nose! — JooE

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2. Chaeyeon (DIA) – Nose

After being shown a photo of herself as a youngster on Video Star, Chaeyeon acknowledged that she had rhinoplasty.

She admitted to having her nose reshaped, but she defended the natural appearance of her double eyelids.

3. Nam Joo Hyuk – Teeth/Braces

Putting on braces to straighten his teeth did wonder for this gorgeous actor’s appearance.

4. Krystal [f(x)] – Teeth/Braces

Krystal got braces as Nam Joo Hyuk did, and her smile is just as beautiful as a consequence.

5. Jessi – Eyes, Nose, and Chest

Jessi has previously admitted to getting rhinoplasty and eyelid surgery. She said her former employer had encouraged her to have the treatments, but she was so dissatisfied with the outcomes that she broke down in tears.

The decision to get surgery is one I now deeply regret. I wasn’t exactly a photogenic person until I made my debut. My agency suggested I get work done on my nose and eyes, so I did. I sobbed because I felt like a monster with my new face. — Jessi

In addition, Jessi boldly and freely discussed her decision to undergo breast implants during an episode of Happy Together.

Like you, I’m human, and that means I sometimes have to read the criticisms other people have posted. Many of them point out that I obviously had breast implants and comment on how ridiculous I look as a result. My own funds covered the cost of the operation. For what reason must I keep it secret?

— Jessi

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6. Koo Hara – Eyes, Nose, Teeth

Koo Hara was born with a natural set of double eyelids, but at her employer’s urging, she had them surgically enhanced along with additional surgeries.

I already had double eyelids, but at my company’s CEO’s urging, I had them compressed even more. I also received braces and a nose shot.

7. Six Bomb – Upper bodies

When it was announced that the members of the controversial girl group Six Bomb would be undergoing cosmetic surgery as part of their “Becoming Prettier” idea, the news quickly spread and made headlines throughout the world. They documented their lives both before and after the operations by filming themselves in both before and after settings.

Reportedly, the group’s agency shelled out 100 million won for plastic surgery for the members’ upper bodies.

8. Yewon – Nose

Yewon has admitted to a little nose job, but that’s all she’s said about her plastic surgery experience.

Just the bridge of my nose, really. — Yewon

9. Heechul (Super Junior) – Nose

Heechul is gorgeous because of his family’s genes, although he has acknowledged to having cosmetic surgery on his nose.

“I had to get it done since my nose cracked before and it was painful. Currently, it has gone down. I’m eager to resume production. — Heechul

10. Ji Chang Wook – Nose

Ji Chang Wook’s fame stems as much from his stunning good looks as it does from his extraordinary acting skills. Fans still think he’s handsome even after seeing old images taken before he underwent plastic surgery.

11. Song Jaeho (former Madtown member)

In one of his live broadcasts, Song Jaeho (previously known as H.O) discussed his experience getting a nose operation in great detail.

The physicians elevated the tip of his nose using cartilage taken from his own nose and augmented the bridge with silicone.

12. Park Bo Young – Teeth/Braces

This gorgeous actress has joined the ranks of those who wear braces.

The crookedness has been ironed out of her grin, but the end result is just as adorable.

13. Uee (formerly of After School) – Eyes

Her sister claims that the only portion of Uee’s face that has been altered is her eyes.

14. Kyuhyun (Super Junior) – Eyes

Kyuhyun confirmed his double-eyelid surgery on Radio Star.

Neither of Kyuhyun’s parents passed on the characteristic of having two eyelids to him.

List of Korean Celebrities With Plastic Surgery
List of Korean Celebrities With Plastic Surgery

15. Yunho (TVXQ!) – Teeth/Braces

When asked about his cosmetic history on-air, Yunho said that he had only ever gotten braces.

“I’ve been asked by a lot of people if I’ve received plastic surgery, but the answer is no. I’m relieved that the dental work came out the way it did. — Yunho

16. Yoo Seung Ho – Teeth/Braces

The handsomeness of this gifted actor comes mostly from genetics, however he did get his teeth fixed.

17. Hong Soo Ah – Face

This actress went public on Radio Star about her post-op plastic surgery experience, telling the presenter about the unprompted criticism she received from a director on her new look.

Over dinner with a fellow filmmaker, he said that he found me more attractive before all the plastic surgery. Then I exclaimed, “You should have thrown me then!” Hong Soo Ah

18. Soyou (SISTAR) – Nose

Soyou admitted on Radio Star that she had gone to see a cosmetic surgeon after cruel remarks about her appearance broke her down.

She had her nose reshaped to combat the comments she received.

19. Yonghwa (CNBLUE) – Teeth/Braces

Many of Yonghwa’s admirers still think it’s cute that he didn’t get braces until after his debut, when his teeth had already made quite an impression.

His teeth are now perfectly aligned, and his grin is brighter than before.

20. Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene’s teeth weren’t always as straight as they are today, but it was nothing that a set of braces couldn’t remedy!

21. CL

CL, like a number of other celebrities on our list, used braces to get her picture-perfect smile.

She is beautiful regardless of whether or not she wears braces.

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