Kang Tae Oh Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height & More

Kang Tae Oh Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height & More

Kang Tae Oh Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height & More

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K-Drama lovers rejoice. because it’s possible that we have something intriguing in store for you. If you are a fan of Kang Tae oh, then you probably already know about his continuing drama on Netflix called “Extraordinary Attorney Woo.” Kang Tae Oh is one of the South Korean sensations, and he has dominated our hearts for a number of years as a direct result of his captivating performances in the K-dramas that he has been a part of. After School: Lucky or Not marked Tae Oh’s debut in the entertainment world. The show was his first job.

However, it was his part in the Korean drama titled “The Best Lover,” which was shown in the year 2016, that brought him widespread recognition. Since the premiere of ‘Extraordinary Attorney Woo’ on Netflix on June 29th, 2022, the popularity of the Korean drama has skyrocketed to unprecedented heights. So, in case you were wondering, here is the dirt on who Kang Tae-Oh is seeing. Please read all the way through to the end if you are interested in knowing everything about his personal life and dating life.

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Real Name Kang Tae Oh.
Other Name Kim Yoon-hwan
Korean Name 김윤환
Profession Actor.
Age 28 years old.
Birth Date June 20, 1994.
Birth Place Incheon, South Korea.
Lives in Seoul.
Gender Male.
Nationality South Korean.
Zodiac Gemini
Parents Father: –.

Mother: –.

Follow on
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/kto940620/
Love Life
Marital Status Unmarried.
Girlfriend –.
Body Measurements
Weight Kg: 66.

Pounds: 145.5 lbs.

Height In feet: 5′ 10″.

In centimeters: 179 cm.

In meters: 1.79 m.

Eyes Brown.
Hair Black.
Television After School: Lucky or Not (2013).

Tuoi Thanh Xuan (2014–2015).

The Queen’s Flower (2015).

To Be Continued (2015).

The Best Lover (2015–2016).

You’re Too Much (2017).

Short (2018).

That Man Oh Soo (2018).

Busted! (2018).

My First First Love (2019).

The Tale of Nokdu (2019).

Run On (2020–2021).

Doom at Your Service (2021).

Extraordinary Attorney Woo (2022).

Movies Wake Up (2016).
Net worth $851k.
Athletics Basketball.


Martial Arts.

Early Life

In Incheon, South Korea, on June 20, 1994, Kang Tae Oh |, who is now 28 years old, was born with the birth name Kim Yoon-hwan. Because his mother, father, and siblings do not wish to be in the public eye, there is no up-to-date information about them. This is due to the fact that they prefer not to be in the spotlight. Nevertheless, we were successful in locating a picture of Oh with his mother.

After finishing his education, Tae made the decision to enter the world of television acting since he’s always had a strong passion for performing in front of an audience.

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When he was chosen for a role in a show after auditioning for it, he had just started his freshman year of college. Oh was presented with the opportunity to play a part in an incredibly popular television series. Because of the reception that Kang’s performance received from the audience, this Korean actor’s career took off.


During his first year in the business, the producers of “Drama Festival – Save Wang Jo-Hyeon” met Tae and offered him the part of Nam Nam-Cheol in their production. Tae accepted the offer. Oh began to receive, one after the other offers of projects from more well-known production banners. His reputation as an actor grew to the point where he was no longer required to audition for roles; instead, he could pick and choose which shows he wanted to participate in and which ones he did not.

Between the years 2014 and 2019, he has roles in “Tuoi Thanh Xuan,” “The Queen’s Flower,” “To Be Continued,” “You’re Too Much,” “That Man Oh Soo,” “Busted!,” and “My First First Love,” among other films. Tae had a lot of success with every concert that she performed in. His brand value gradually began to rise, and as a result, a growing number of well-known apparel companies began to collaborate with him.

Kang’s reputation as an actor has risen to such a level that he is no longer considered for any roles involving supporting cast members. In the films “Run On,” “Doom at Your Service,” and “Extraordinary Attorney Woo,” he portrayed one of the most endearing characters in all three of those roles.

Who is Kang-Tae-Oh Ideal woman?

Kang Tae Oh is a master of the swooning technique, and his romantic life has long been the subject of headlines. His followers, particularly the women who are lovers of his work, are interested in learning whether or not the actor has been dating anyone recently. However, we do have something that is more likely to pique your attention, and that is Tae Oh’s perfect type. Have you ever speculated on the kind of lady your favorite Korean drama actor might want to be with? If you answered “yes,” then you should absolutely take the time to read what we have to say next. If you are interested in learning about his ideal type, then we will need to take you back to the year 2021, when Kang Tae Oh discussed his ideal type in one of the interviews he gave during the production of his Korean drama “Run On” was coming to a close.

According to him, the ideal woman for him is one who is younger than him and has her hair cut short. During the same interview, the actor divulged information about his previous partnerships and relationships. He admitted that at one point in his life, he had dated a woman who was significantly younger than he was. In addition, the cheerful energy that he exudes is another attribute that he searches for in the person who will one day be his spouse. During the course of the conversation, he stated that the person who would one day become his spouse must exude a positive spirit and vibe. Not only this, but the actor admitted in an interview that he has dated older women as well. This is in addition to the fact that he has dated younger women. It makes no difference to him, though, whether the woman he dates is younger or older than he is in terms of their relationship. The actor from “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” does not subscribe to the idea that two people can fall in love at first sight.

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Kang Tae Oh Wiki, Age, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Height & More

Kang Tae Oh Girlfriend

As a fangirl of Kang Tae Oh, we realize that you must be interested in learning about his partner and the details of his dating life. If you are interested in learning more about who Kang Tae Oh is dating, then you will not be disappointed by the information provided in this article. Now that we have everything out of the way, let’s talk about Kang Tae Oh’s romantic life. The following remark, which we are about to make, might provide some relief to you all. The actor, who is 28 years old, does not appear to be involved with anyone at this time. So, right now, Tae Oh is only thinking about two things: the first is his career, and the second is the approaching military service that he will be required to perform.

So, that wraps up our coverage of the Kang-Tae-Oh dating saga. Continue to pay attention to your daily serving of fun as more is on the way to you.

Facts about Kang Tae Oh

Used to be a member of a band

When Kang Tae Oh first signed with Fantagio, he did so in the capacity as a member of the special group. The year 2003 marked the beginning of 5urprise as a band. Kang Tae Oh, Seo Kang Joon, Lee Tae Hwan, Gong Myung, and Yoo Il are some of the actors that were a part of the group that brought together the actors from the company.

He remained an active member of the organisation until their dissolution in the year 2020. During their active years, the band members were involved in a variety of creative endeavours including acting, modelling, and the publication of three separate albums.

A decade-long acting career

Few people are aware that Kang Tae Oh has been working in the entertainment industry for about ten years, despite the fact that his role as the “Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo” may be the one that has made him famous all over the world.

Together with Nha Phuong, Kang Tae Oh appeared in two different segments of the film “Youth.”

After making his acting debut in the web drama “After School: Lucky or Not” in 2013, he has gone on to star in a number of other films, including “Doom at Your Service,” “Evergreen,” and “The Tale of Nokdu.” In the drama “Run On,” he also had a co-starring role alongside Sooyoung of SNSD. In addition, Kang Tae Oh is recognised by viewers in Vietnam for his performance as Lee Jun Su in the film “Youth,” which he co-starred in alongside Nha Phuong.

Multi-award winning star

Throughout his career as an actor, the 28-year-old actor has been honoured with multiple accolades. At the Asia Artist Awards in 2017, he was recognised as a “Rising Star” for his moving performance in the drama “You are too much,” which earned him the honour.

Kang Tae Oh has been nominated for accolades thanks to his performance in “The Tale of Nokdu.”

At the KBS Drama Awards held in 2019, Kang Tae Oh was the recipient of the prize. His performance as the antagonist in the film “The Tale of Nokdu” earned him the title of “Best New Actor,” beating out a number of “heavyweight” nominees in the process. In addition, he and his co-star Jang Dong Yoon were put in consideration for the award for “Best Couple” for their work in the same film.


The streak of victories that Kang Tae Oh has been on doesn’t end there, either. When he performed the lead part in both seasons of “Youth,” he became the first Korean actor to obtain the “Best Actor” award, which earned him a nomination for “Impressive Actor” from the VTV Awards. spring. Because of this, Vietnamese supporters in Korea have taken to calling him “Vietnamese Prince.”

Attended the same university as Jin (BTS)

At Konkuk University, Kang Tae Oh pursued his education in film. This is a school that has trained several notable Korean artists, such as Jin from BTS, Nayeon from TWICE, Lee Min Ho, Song Kang, Yoo Ah In, Hyeri from Girl’s day, Minho from SHINee, and many more.

Contrary to the character Lee Jun Ho

The character of Lee Jun Ho is portrayed by Kang Tae Oh in the film “Strange female lawyer Woo Young Woo” to such a high degree of realism that the audience almost believes that it is the actor’s true identity. On the other hand, Kang Tae Oh stated that he is not like Lee Jun Ho in an interview that he gave to Singles magazine.

The actor revealed that he is an introvert in real life, preferring to stay in and do nothing more than sleep and eat, in contrast to his portrayal of an outgoing person in the show. However, he found it enjoyable to read the script and perform the role of Lee Jun Ho since he believed the character offered a “healing” feeling to everyone he interacted with. He also enjoyed portraying the role.

Ever dated a girl older than her age

Kang Tae Oh once shared the information that, with the exception of one woman, the majority of his exes are older than he is. When asked about his image of a perfect girlfriend, the Korean actor mentioned his preference for ladies who wear their hair short.

Learn the martial arts of Bruce Lee

It is common knowledge that Kang Tae Oh enjoys a lot of physical activity and sports. He enjoys doing things that require a lot of effort and participation from a wide variety of bodily parts. Because of this, the male actor decided to study the martial arts taught by Bruce Lee. The actor who was born in 1994 displayed his remarkable abilities on the programme titled “World Change Quiz Show.”

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