Husband Lee Jong Suk Wife Im Yonna: Lee Jong Suk Wanted to get Married in 2022

Husband Lee Jong Suk Wife Im Yonna: Lee Jong Suk Wanted to get Married in 2022

Husband Lee Jong Suk Wife Im Yonna: Lee Jong Suk Wanted to get Married in 2022

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Who is Lee Jong Suk’s girlfriend in 2022? Or has he already tied the knot? These are the kinds of questions that frequently run through the thoughts of fans. How could they not suspect something when the actor himself displays such electrifying chemistry with each and every one of his co-stars on screen? However, ever since Lee Jong Suk finished his mandatory military service in January of 2021, fans have been anticipating the actor’s return to the screen. Fans have shown a lot of interest in the upcoming drama Big Mouse starring Lee Logn Suk and his co-star Im Yoona, who is a member of the girl group Girls’ Generation.

Lee Jong Suk’s films and television shows almost invariably receive rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. This is largely down to the fact that he is a talented actor who shares a charming rapport with the other actors in his cast. Lee Jong Suk has established himself as one of the most beloved Hallyu stars after working in the Korean entertainment industry for more than a decade and starring in a number of critically acclaimed television shows and films. As a result, it should come as no surprise that his admirers adore his works of art. After all, he is the winner of a plethora of prizes, including the Baeksang Arts Awards, the Korean Brand Stars, the Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards, the Style Icon Awards, and many other honors as well! However, the most intriguing aspect about him to admirers is his romantic life. They can’t help but worry whether or not Lee Jong Suk has a girlfriend. Or, how would you describe him as a boyfriend? But we all know that Lee Jong Suk is the only one who can provide an answer to these questions.

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Lee Jong Suk Wife Im Yonna

Im YoonA, a member of the girl group SNSD as well as one of the most successful Korean idol actresses, has at long last disclosed the truth about her relationship and iconic moment with Lee Jong Suk. YoonA of SNSD shared her thoughts on Lee Jong Suk, their upcoming drama, and the nature of their relationship. Here are those thoughts.

SNSD YoonA and Lee Jong Suk: From Iconic Moments to Husband and Wife – A Story of Their Drama & Relationship

Fans have been preparing themselves for the “visual attack” that will occur when they see SNSD YoonA and Lee Jong Suk appearing on the same screen together ever since the first announcement of the new drama “Big Mouth” (also known as “Big Mouse”), which was made. “Big Mouth” is another name for “Big Mouse.”

K-drama fans have wished for a long time that these two would appear in a drama together. The fact that their wish has finally come true is a priceless gift for fans of the genre. Seeing SNSD YoonA and Lee Jong Suk not only in a romantic setting but also as a married couple is an extra special treat.

Is YoonA and Lee Jong Suk in a Relationship?

In addition, what exactly is the backstory and character of the romantic relationship between SNSD YoonA and Lee Jong Suk? During a recent interview with ELLE Korea, SNSD YoonA was asked about this well-known issue, and she finally decided to step forward and tell the story.

On February 21, ELLE Korea published a video interview that they had had with SNSD YoonA. This came after they had previously had a good time with Lee Jong Suk. SNSD YoonA did not hold back any details as she opened up about the real tale behind her romance with Lee Jong Suk during the interview.

The idol actress responded to a query regarding the iconic group picture that SNSD YoonA and Lee Jong Suk had taken together by saying that it was one that they had taken approximately ten years ago, during the run of the show “Oh!” Then, YoonA of SNSD disclosed the real tale of her connection at the time, which was that Lee Jong Suk was a buddy she knew. YoonA claims that at that particular time, she was unable to get any closer to him than she already was.

“I believe this occurred during the time that ‘Oh!’ was airing, which was probably somewhere around ten years ago. I merely had a passing familiarity with him, and despite my best efforts, I was unable to grow very close to him.

YoonA of SNSD.

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Therefore, the answer to the question that was presented earlier is not yes. In the drama “Big Mouse,” SNSD YoonA and Lee Jong Suk’s relationship is depicted solely as that of a married couple. Despite our fondest hopes to the contrary, this is the extent of their on-screen pairing.

YoonA and Lee Jong Suk Had an Iconic Moment in 20216

Before, during the 2016 MBC Drama Awards, SNSD YoonA and Lee Jong Suk shared a tender moment on stage together. SNSD YoonA was in the process of presenting an award to Lee Jong Suk when the actor abruptly complimented her on her beauty. At that time, YoonA was presenting the prize.

Since then, this legendary scene between SNSD YoonA and Lee Jong Suk has gone viral all over the internet. It turned out to be one of the most memorable times, and it brings back fond memories whenever we bring up their name. After all, there were only a few brief instances in which we were able to observe the two of them engaging in visual conflict. That is, until it was announced that SNSD YoonA and Lee Jong Suk will be starring in a new drama titled “Big Mouse.”

The TRUE STORY Behind the Iconic Moment

YoonA of SNSD finally opened her about the tale that lies behind this legendary moment she shared with Lee Jong Suk during her recent interview with ELLE Korea. YoonA claimed in her statement that, at the moment, she offered her congratulations to Lee Jong Suk while she was presenting him with the flower. However, Lee Jong Suk retorted to her by remarking that she has a lovely appearance.

Even though YoonA was pleased with the compliment, she did not know how to respond because it had been such a long time since the couple had seen each other during the time in question. Aside from that, she also thought that because they were both anxious during the award ceremony, that proved her theory. Because of this, she was under the impression that Lee Jong Suk’s compliment was merely another way of greeting her.

I greeted him with “Congratulations!” and he responded with “You’re gorgeous.” It had been a very long time since the two of them had last seen one other. Because of this, I was grateful that he told me I was lovely; yet, I was at a loss for what to say in response because I had already thanked him before he said it.

Because it was an award ceremony and it had been a while since we had seen each other, we were both rather apprehensive, so he just said it as another way of saying hello.

YoonA of SNSD.

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Husband Lee Jong Suk Wife Im Yonna: Lee Jong Suk Wanted to get Married in 2022
Husband Lee Jong Suk Wife Im Yonna: Lee Jong Suk Wanted to get Married in 2022

SNSD YoonA Talks About Her New Drama, “Big Mouse”

SNSD YoonA, when speaking about her next drama “Big Mouse,” said that she and Lee Jong Suk will play a newlywed pair in the show. “Big Mouse” is set to air later this year. She will play a role who is passionate about helping to demonstrate her husband’s innocence, and she has invited the audience to anticipate the drama with excitement.

“Lee Jong Suk and I shall portray the role of a newlywed couple in this drama. In addition, I will play a part in which I will do everything in my power to free my spouse, who has been wrongfully incarcerated for the actions of another person. You’ll want to check it out when it really airs on the broadcast!”

YoonA of SNSD.

YoonA of SNSD and Lee Jong Suk in the upcoming drama “Big Mouse” | Twitter

What are your thoughts on the story that explains the relationship between SNSD YoonA and Lee Jong Suk? In the comments, you are welcome to show your support for the new drama “Big Mouse,” starring YoonA of SNSD and Lee Jong Suk. Also, don’t forget to follow Kpoppost on both Instagram and Facebook for the latest news and content!

4 Exciting Facts to Anticipate about tvN’s New Drama, “Big Mouth”

At this time, there are at least four intriguing details that we can anticipate regarding the new drama “Big Mouth,” which stars Lee Jong Suk and YoonA.

Experienced Casts for Action Romance Drama

The new drama “Big Mouth” on tvN will present a story revolving around criminal cases and lawyers, with a dash of romantic subplots thrown in for good measure. We are all aware that it has never been an easy task to simultaneously perform scenes that are fantastically action-packed and dramatically romantic in the appropriate proportions.

The leading characters of the upcoming drama “Big Mouth” have been cast, and it has been announced that Lee Jong Suk and YoonA will be playing them. However, today we may anticipate something amazing because of this. The reason for this is that both Lee Jong Suk and YoonA have demonstrated a great deal of experience in acting in both action and romance dramas. In addition to this, they have demonstrated that they are superior in both of these genres.

In prior works like I Can Hear Your Voice, Doctor Stranger, W, and While You Were Sleeping, Lee Jong Suk demonstrated his outstanding acting abilities in both action sequences and poignant love stories. Since she appeared in Love Rain, the K2, and Hush, YoonA’s acting abilities have significantly developed thanks to the passage of time.

Lee Jong Suk and YoonA First Time as a Couple

The internet has been driven to insanity since the rumor of Lee Jong Suk and YoonA getting married was spread for the first time. The fact that these two gorgeous eye candy will be appearing as a pair in an acting role on the small screen has piqued the interest of a huge number of people. This is especially the case given that they are aware of the many tender moments that Lee Jong Suk and YoonA have shared in the past.

Exciting Plot from Prominent Screenwriters

tvN’s drama “Big Mouth” tells the story of Park Chang Ho (Lee Jong Suk), a man who has a propensity for talking grandiosely yet boasts a winning percentage of barely 10 percent. The drama follows Park Chang Ho as he attempts to improve his winning rate. Because he never takes any action and merely talks, he has the reputation of having a “Big Mouth.”

One day, Park Chang Ho gets himself tangled up in a difficulty as a result of some misunderstanding, as people mistake him for a brilliant con artist by the name of “Big Mouse.” Because of this oversight, there is a threat to his life. Therefore, his wife, Go Mi Ho, takes it upon herself to defend her husband and clear his identity. After all, it was Go Mi Ho who provided Park Chang Ho with the unshakable support necessary for him to become a lawyer.

The film “Big Mouth” was written by the well-known screenwriting couple Jang Young Chul and Jung Kyung Soon, despite the fact that the plot description makes it sound like an average action law drama. If you haven’t seen it before, this married duo is responsible for the incredible storylines of Vagabond, Monster, and Empress Ki. As a result, the “Big Mouth” plot shouldn’t give us any cause for concern at this point.

Directed by a Veteran

And finally, the most exciting aspect of Lee Jong Suk and YoonA playing a married couple in their next drama “Big Mouth” is that they will be directed by the ideal person for the job. This is the most thrilling element. This is due to the fact that seasoned director Oh Choong Hwan will be in charge of this drama, bringing with him all of his professional expertise gained from working on significant projects for almost ten years.

In the films that he has directed in the past, such as Start-Up, Hotel del Luna, Doctors, and My Love from the Star, the filmmaker Oh Choong Hwan has demonstrated an ability to craft breathtaking sequences and astounding photography.

In addition to everything else, director Oh Choong Hwan has previously collaborated with actor Lee Jong Suk on the television drama “While You Were Sleeping.” As a result, we are now at least able to envision how “Big Mouth” would become an excellent beginning for K-dramas in the year 2022.

What do you think, those of you who follow Kdrama? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comment box over what you anticipate to see in “Big Mouth.”

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