Who is Im Yoona Boyfriend in 2022? Im Yoona Ideal Type, Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History Updates

Who is Im Yoona Boyfriend in 2023? Im Yoona Ideal Type, Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History Updates

Who is Im Yoona Boyfriend in 2023? Im Yoona Ideal Type, Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History Updates

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Im Yoon-ah, better known by her stage name Yoona, is a South Korean singer, actor, and part of one of the most successful girl groups since 2007. She is 30 years old. Yoona is her stage name. Following a grueling five years of preparation, the singer finally made her debut with Girls’ Generation and has enjoyed continued success ever since.

Yoona has the most fans of any male celebrity because of her stunning good looks, impressive talent, and wonderful character. She is seen by many as the embodiment of their ideal type. Nevertheless, does the singer have a significant other or is she now single? Are her prior dating rumors true? And how would you describe her ideal type? Continue reading in order to find out!

“When you share happiness with another person, it increases to twice as much as it did before, and when you share grief, it decreases to half of what it was before.” – Yoona

If you are a huge Yoona fan, you may follow her official Instagram handle, which has over 12.2 million followers, as well as her Official YouTube channel (over 166K subscribers).

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Yoona boyfriend and dating rumors

Yoona has never been in a relationship lasting more than a few years, although she is currently looking for a partner.

Relationships that have been confirmed or speculated to involve Im Yoon-ah:

  • Lee Seung-gi
  • Park Bo-gum
  • Ji Chang-wook
  • PSY
  • Taehyung BTS
  • Sehun EXO
  • Taecyeon 2PM

Now, let’s discuss each of these charming men in terms of their relationship with the lovely Im Yoon-ah:

Im Yoona and Lee Seung-gi

Yoona and the singer, actress, host, and performer who is 34 years old are familiar with one another and have known each other for a very long time. The first time the two crossed paths were in 2007 when they were both very fresh in the industry and making numerous appearances on the variety show Happiness from South Korea. Fans started to ship the two of them together because of their endearing interactions with one another. Nevertheless, in 2013, the paparazzi revealed to the public their closeness to one another.

Who is Im Yoona Boyfriend in 2022 Im Yoona Ideal Type, Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History Updates

The pair became famous quite quickly, and many people looked up to them. Sadly, the two parted ways in 2015 when Yoona stated that they would get along better as friends than lovers, yet they continue to have a positive relationship with one another.

Im Yoona and Park Bo-gum Dating Rumors

In the second installment of Lee Hyori’s Bed and Breakfast, which was released in 2018, Yoona and Park Bo-gum, a singer and actor who is 27 years old, made an appearance. As the show progressed, viewers couldn’t help but become enamored with the manner in which Park Bo-gum interacted with Yoona. Because he would cheerfully tackle the most difficult tasks whenever she was in the room. Fans were led to believe that the two were dating because they were seen hanging out together very frequently after the show had ended.

Fans were disappointed to find out that this was just a rumor, but a lot of them are still holding out hope that it may someday become a reality.

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Im Yoona and Park Bo-gum Dating Rumors

Im Yoona and Ji Chang-wook relationship

Yoona and Ji Chang-wook, an actor and singer who is 33 years old, star in the Korean drama series The K2, which debuted in 2016. Fans had already fallen in love with how they worked together and were even more excited when both actors were on the cover of Vogue. They appeared to be very close to one another, as Ji Chang-wook had his arms around Yoona for most of the photos they took together. Fans had already fallen in love with how they worked together.

Later in 2019, the actor put an end to the romance rumors that had been circulating about the two by confirming that they were not dating.

Im Yoona and Ji Chang-wook relationship

Dating Rumors with PSY

One of the most prominent figures in the South Korean music industry is Park Jae-sang, best known by his stage name PSY. In 2006, the man who is now 43 years old tied the knot with his wife; nevertheless, in 2013, a malicious rumor began to emerge that Yoona and PSY were covertly having an affair with each other.

In the episode of Happy Together 3 that aired on KBS, Yoona was questioned about the incident. In response, she stated that she wasn’t sure how it began and that she first read about it in a newspaper published in Hong Kong. Yoona concluded her response by expressing her regret to PSY’s wife.

Is Im Yoona and Taehyung (V) Dating?

BTS is presently the most popular boy group in the world, and they bring with them the most dedicated fanbase. As the overly protective fans that they are, ARMY, which is BTS’s fandom, is constantly curious to learn more about the people that come into close contact with their most cherished members. Fans started to speculate about the nature of the relationship between V, a singer-songwriter who is 25 years old, and Yoona after seeing the two interact at award presentations.

The fact that the two people spent so much time together led many others to believe that they were dating; nevertheless, it turned out that they were merely good friends all along. Many members of the ARMY are not shocked by this revelation because it is common knowledge that V is an outgoing person who cultivates a demeanor that is highly likable.

Sehun EXO

A photograph taken by the paparazzi in April of 2018 showed a guy and a lady walking down the street while holding hands. After the photo was swiftly shared online, many people speculated that the “couple” resembled Yoona and Sehun, 26, who are members of the K-pop group EXO. The fact that these two people are actually quite close to one another in real life and that they frequently snap photos together lends credence to the rumor that they are romantically involved.

On the other hand, neither Yoona nor Sehun have ever verified nor disputed the existence of this rumor.

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Taecyeon from 2PM

We Got Married is a reality show that airs in South Korea that brings together famous people in sham marriages for the purpose of competing in a number of different games and tasks. After starting a petition, fans ultimately got their request realized by having Yoona and Taecyeon, who is 32 years old, play a married pair on the show. Many fans thought that Yoona and Taecyeon would make a beautiful couple in real life, so they pretended to be married on the show.

Kim Soo Hyun

Around 2011, a news story first raised the possibility that the two were dating, which was the beginning of the dating rumor. There is no evidence that supports this.

Is Yoona married?

As was just indicated, Yoona does not have a boyfriend at this time. Despite this, Yoona revealed in 2012 during her appearance in Guerilla Date that she hoped to be married by the time she was 32 years old. She wants a traditional ceremony held indoors and nothing out of the norm on her big day.

Who is Yoona’s husband?

Yoona does not currently have a husband, and given that she is committed to advancing her work, she has no immediate plans to start looking for one.

Yoona’s Ideal Type

As was just discussed, Yoona is widely regarded as the ideal mate for a variety of male celebrities. Big Bang’s Daesung, as well as Jay Park and the rest of 2PM’s members, are included here. But who exactly does Yoona picture herself with? Yoona has stated in the past that she is conscious of the fact that her criteria are high and that they shift frequently, and that she believes this may be the reason that she has not yet found a partner. It is common knowledge that she has a crush on the actor Hyun Bin, who is 38 years old. This information was divulged by her in the year 2017 when the two of them appeared in the film Confidential Assignment together.

On the other hand, if you aren’t Hyun Bin. The following are the characteristics that Yoona seeks most strongly in a partner:

  • Must maintain composure and show consideration for those around him.
  • You are required to dress nicely and wear spectacles, a white shirt, and a suit.
  • Raise the rate at which her heart is beating (ruffle her hair and call her cute)

Love life Bio Summary

Boyfriend Single
Marital Status Unmarried
Husband/Spouse N/A
Son N/A
Daughter N/A


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