The Penthouse Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Expected Plot

The Penthouse Season 3 Release Date, Cast Name & Expected Plot

The Penthouse Season 3 Teaser Released Prediction For The Return of Min Sol A


The Penthouse Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Expected Plot
The Penthouse Season 3 Release Date, Cast & Expected Plot



Will There Be a The Penthouse Season 3?


Korean dramas are world-famous dramas. they end up their drams with a happy and satisfying ending with the sixteen or thirty-two number of episodes. However, there are some drams which are more than one two or three seasons. viewers get never tired from those drams and always demand their other season. One of which famous Korean drama is the penthouse. This dram season 2 is already started and going to end soon.

However, their viewers keep demanding for their season 3. The demand for the third is already un-demand. the drama is based on teenage romance, bullying, and stress. The penthouse drama is famous for its stress and secret. Now let’s go for the details of penthouse season3.

The Penthouse Season 3 Renewal Status:


This drama renewal status is a piece of great news for all its fans as we already know. The adaption for the series already took place way back in last year with a huge success rate for the first season. The Penthouse has managed to return for two more seasons after the finale of season one due to its soaring popularity. Season 2 and Season 3 renewal took place at the time. Currently, season two is running and is coming to an end in the last week of March. The Penthouse Season 3’s official renewal took place on November 24, 2020. However, unlike season 1, The drama will consist only of twelve episodes.

The Penthouse Season 3 Release Date & Cast :


The penthouse season 3 drama release date is not officially declared yet. But we can take the guess of its release date by the source and previous schedule of  The penthouse season 1 and season 2.

The penthouse season 1 was released on 26 October 2020 and end until 5 January 2021. The penthouse second season was released on 19 February 2021 and end on 2 April 2021. By the following previous schedule, we can check that the penthouse season3 will be released in the middle of May.

The cast of the Penthouse season 3 will be the same as the the cast of previous two seasons.

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The Penthouse Season 3 Production:


The production for the series has not started yet. According to the previous schedule, season 2 of Penthouse will end on 2 April. The filming for the next series is supposed to start two weeks after the second season end. The penthouse season 3 will start in the second 2 weeks of April. The episodes of the penthouse season 3 will be only 12 unlike season 1. Maybe the number of episodes may increase to 13 just like the season 2.

The season was also supposed to have only twelve episodes but then increased to 13 episodes. Also, there is news that this drama will contain only 12 episodes and only one episode will be released in a week. This is a slight change from the previous seasons as the previous seasons release two episodes per week.

The Penthouse Season 3 Plotline:

The storyline of this drama is not revealed yet and there is no information about the storylines of the drama. Season 2 is not ending yet so it is impossible to guess about the story of the drama. But the penthouse series is a very interesting and surprising series. it makes its fans surprised and shocked at every interval.

The audience is very impatient for the third season. the penthouse season 2 will make their fans surprised just like the other season. In the penthouse, everyone has their hands in killing someone or torturing someone. and everyone is guilty of something. In the next series, they will face guilty for their crimes and also get the punishment that they deserve because of their crimes.

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The Penthouse Season 3 Come Back Of Min Seol:


The teaser of Penthouse SEason 3 has been released. The teaser shows that maybe Min Seol will be back. She is the daughter of Shim Su Ryeon. She was part of Penthouse SEason 1. The teaser shows the apple necklace, Chungah arts trophy, and also butterfly tattoo can be seen on the back of Hera Plalace’s statue.

The butterfly tattoo was on the back of Na Ae Gyo who also shows as dead.

It can be imagined that season 3 will show the truth behind their past.

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