The amazing ways IU spends her money

The amazing way IU spends money for her Staff, Twice, G-Dragon, Foundations & on her Fans

The amazing way IU spends money


In recent days online community posting with the title ‘The way IU Spend her Money’. This topic seems to be gaining much attention from netizens. This topic seems to become a hot topic.

IU is much popular for her talent and look. She is gaining much attention and publicity from netizens. The public is interested in her life. From the past years, the Public is taking much interest in the Topic of The Way IU spent her Money.

The online community post about IU how she spent her money and where? These posts were introduced into the various TV Shows. People are always impressed by her Humble behavior. After they know about how she spends her money? Netizens now even love her more and are impressed by how IU spends her money.

According to the post shown on TV, IU has been giving gifts to various people around her.

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IU is very famous in the Entertainment industry for her humble nature. She gives gifts to her fellow star, staff members, and the actors who have worked with her. All her staff and fellow actors praise her for her caring nature.

The amazing ways IU spends her money
The amazing ways IU spends her money

She is also giving her staff members who have worked with her in her music videos. she gift a luxury padding brand jacket to her staff member.

She even gives every Twice member iPhones. She gives Twice Nayeon a GUCCI Brand Diamond Ring.

The amazing ways IU spends her money
The amazing ways IU spends her money

She also sent snacks and chocolates to workers at Green Umbrella Children’s Foundation. She also buys candy boxes for her fans who came to see her at the airport.

IU also went to high school to give flowers and chocolate to 156 graduates to fulfill her fan wish.

In addition, she also sent G-Dragon a refrigerator of Sujo bottles. She sent him soju before her Army Enlistment to enjoy soju before her training and service.

IU also gives a mic that is worth 3 million KRW to her fan who dreams of becoming a singer.

It is also reported that IU sent Park Myung Soo gifts every holiday after she met him in a variety show.

After people read this post they are much impressed and impressed by her.

The commented for her such as

‘She is caring’

‘She is amazing’

‘She is so caring and amazing’

‘She is such a nice person

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