Taxi Driver has Crossed The Viewership Rating & Become the Most Watch Kdrama 2021

Taxi Driver has Crossed The Viewership Rating & Become the Most Watch Kdrama 2021

Taxi Driver has Crossed The Viewership Rating & Become the Most Watch Kdrama 2021


  • Drama: Taxi Driver
  • Country: South Korea
  • Episodes: 16
  • Aired: Apr 9, 2021 – May 29, 2021
  • Aired On: Friday, Saturday
  • Original Network: SBS
  • Duration: 1 hr. 5 min.
  • Content Rating: 18+ Restricted (violence & profanity)


Lee Je-hoon pretends to be a teacher in high school. After school timing, he disguises himself as a taxi driver and takes revenge on the culprits who escape from the law. This drama goes on air on 9 April 2021 on Friday and Saturday. This serial got an instantly 16.0% rating among high viewership.

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In fact, it reached to run at a fast box office by breaking its own highest ratings for three consecutive times based on the nationwide ratings. The 2049 viewership also recorded 5.2%, proving the rising trend, ranking first among all programs aired that day.

 The broadcast started on this day, brightening the past of Jang Seong-Cheol). Through a broadcast interview, Jang Seong-Cheol exposed the story of the loss of his parents to the killer and the background in which he forgave him. Jang Seong-Cheol, who revealed his good face to the mass media as a family member of the victims who forgave the perpetrator and the’ BlueBird Foundation’, a crime victim support foundation, but the reality was different.

Taxi Driver has Crossed The Viewership Rating & Become the Most Watch Kdrama 2021
Taxi Driver has Crossed The Viewership Rating & Become the Most Watch Kdrama 2021

 The number of criminals, including Jo Do-Cheol (played by Jo Hyun-woo), a child sex criminal kidnapped by the model taxi team, were imprisoned by Jang Seong-Cheol in a private prison run by Baek Bang-mi.

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On the other hand, Hana Kang, on the day Jo Do-Cheol expired, caught a suspected vehicle through CCTV and then inquired about Rainbow Transportation with the vehicle tracking result. Because the vehicle turned out to be owned by Rainbow Transport. Kang Hana, who didn’t know that Rainbow Cloud was the company of Jang Seong-Cheol, was surprised to see him. She showed CCTV to Jang Seong-Cheol for a while and questioned the truth, raising tension. However, Jang Seong-Cheol kept his poker face and found out that the borrower was the deceased father, and that he had no idea whether there were items in his father’s name.

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After hearing about Jang Seong-cheol’s past from Deputy General Prosecutor Cho Jin-woo.Han Kang convicted himself for appealing the agony of the victims of the crime, and recalm suspicion for Jang Seong-Cheol, and tried to build back the relationship. This raised the question of what kind of relationship the exemplary taxi team including Kim Do-gi and Jang Seong-Cheol will have with Hana Kang in the future. Among them, a new request came to the model taxi team.

The client was Park Jung-min, a high school student. Park Jung-min, who lives with her deaf mother who runs a fish shop, has been harassed by her classmates right after her transfer. Park Jung-min, who had endured assault because of the smell of fish from his body. And that he was a basic recipient, was discouraged with the support of his homeroom teacher and the infamous School Violence Countermeasure Committee. The model taxi team, who heard such a story, said, “It may be a small story from school days to some, but to someone else, it may be a story of dying and living. Being young does not lighten the weight of sin. No matter who threw the stone, it’s the same as it sinks.”

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Kim Do-gi entered the school as a fixed-term teacher instead of Park Jung-min’s homeroom teacher. Indeed, it was not easy to see the perpetrators as young targets. Elkins, led by Park Seung-tae ignore Kim Do-gi and take money because they are non-regular workers. He committed a shocking flight, such as paying a gangster. Finally, Park Seung-tae was captured with irritation when Kim Do-gi interfered with his violent acts, and Kim Do-gi was in danger of being accused of being a sexual harassment teacher’ and made him sweat in his hand. As a result, curiosity rises as to whether Kim Do-gi’s identity will be revealed and the success or failure of the school violence revenge.

On the other side, Hana Kang took another proof to track down the model taxi team, raising the tension even more. While investigating the case of the corrupt police who had been in a car accident by Kim Do-gi, he felt a strange feeling at the fact that all involved disappeared. Kang Hana judged the three people as free rather than missing, and decided to seek nominations, but a feeling of crisis like a time bomb that never knew when to burst appeared.

Regarding the 3rd episode of Exemplary Taxi’, which gave a feeling of tension among the reversal, SNS and many online communities said, “I live with the pleasure of watching this open-ended drama”, “I really want to have such a model taxi”, “I want to see this drama. It feels like justice is alive”, “I fell over in less than 30 minutes! Time goes too fast”, “I’m really satisfied with my agency. Revenge agency service is good”, “Is Je-hoon Lee did this well in comic acting”, “It’s hard to wait because it’s a nuclear jam”, and “Je-hoon Lee’s life has met me”, etc.

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On the other side, SBS Friday and Saturday drama Exemplary Taxi’ is a private revenge agency drama in which “a society where justice is missing, a phone call is OK.” Taxi company Rainbow Transportation and taxi driver Kim Do-gi complete revenge on behalf of the people who cannot get justice from the law. Episode 4 of Exemplary Taxi’ will be aired at 10 pm today (17th).


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