Stranger Things Season 5 Trailer, Release Date, Cast name, Synopsis & More

Stranger Things Season 5 Trailer, Release Date, Cast name, Synopsis & More

Stranger Things Season 5 Trailer, Release Date, Cast name, Synopsis & More

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Stranger Things is going to an end, so turn up the synthesisers. Stranger Things is rolling menacingly but loveably into its final season, fresh from leaving us with a cliffhanger conclusion, presenting the grandeur of Kate Bush to a whole new audience, and tantalising us with nerdy Easter eggs.

And it’ll be a heartbreaker in more ways than one: cherished characters will face near-certain death, and we’ll all have to say goodbye to a programme that has made us believe that the 1980s were genuinely a fantastic time to be alive. It won’t be simple to fill that void in our TV schedules – or in our lives.

Fortunately, we don’t have to do so just yet. Season 5 awaits, along with a last, climactic showdown with Vecna. But, so far, what do we know? The show’s founders and showrunners, the Duffer brothers, are keeping the Upside Down under wraps as usual. However, more than a few tidbits are starting to emerge. Here’s what’s available.

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Stranger Things Season 5 Release Date

The last season is set to begin production in May 2023, so we’re still a long way from a Netflix release date.

Three of the last four seasons broadcast in the summer, so if you had to guess, it may appear on the streamer between May and July 2024. That’s David Harbour’s best guess: ‘Based on our track record, it’d probably come out mid-2024,’ he told GQ.

We do know that it will be eight episodes long, but whether or not it will be split into two seasons as Season 4 is unknown.

Will Netflix split season 5 in half?

Many programmes’ last seasons have been divided in half. Stranger Things season 4 was the most recent example, although the last seasons of Ozark, Lucifer, and Money Heist all followed a similar pattern.

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Stranger Things Season 5 Trailer, Release Date, Cast name, Synopsis & More
Stranger Things Season 5 Trailer, Release Date, Cast name, Synopsis & More

Stranger Things Season 5 Cast

We expect all of the following actors to return in Stranger Things season 5:

  • Eleven – Millie Bobby-Brown
  • Peter / 001 / Henry / Vecna – Jamie Campbell Bower
  • Mike Wheeler – Finn Wolfhard
  • Dustin Henderson – Gaten Matarazzo
  • Lucas Sinclair – Caleb McLaughlin
  • Will Byers – Noach Schnapp
  • Joyce Byers – Winona Ryder
  • Jonathan Byers – Charlie Heaton
  • Jim Hopper – David Harbour
  • Max Mayfield – Sadie Sink
  • Nancy Wheeler – Natalia Dyer
  • Steve Harington – Joe Keery
  • Robin Buckley – Maya Hawke
  • Murray – Brett Gelman
  • Erica Sinclair – Pirah Ferguson
  • Argyle – Eduardo Franco
  • Karen Wheeler – Cara Buono
  • Ted Wheeler – Joe Chrest
  • Vickie – Amybeth McNulty

There is no word on new cast members for Season 5, however The Duffer Brothers have stated that they will “stay away” from introducing new characters.

According to Puck News, the actors secured a raise for season 5.

Winona Ryder and David Harbour are set to earn $9.5 million this season.

Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Noah Schnapp, Finn Wolfhard, and Sadie Sink are all worth little more than $7 million this season.

Natalia Dyer, Maya Hawke, Charlie Heaton, and Joe Keery, among others, will earn more than $6 million for the last season.

Stranger Things Season Plot

Despite their best attempts, Vecna alias Henry aka 001 succeeded in his plot to break open a massive portal between the Upside Down and the outside world. Dozens of people were killed in the subsequent pandemonium, and locals are fleeing in large numbers to avoid additional risk.

Because of the massive smoke plumes created by the gigantic gates, the particles dropping all about Hawkins will cause all plant life to perish quickly. As Vecna’s vision for his “beautiful” new world begins to take shape, real-world Hawkins will soon resemble Hawkins from the Upside Down.

As Hawkins devolves further into anarchy, expect a strong military force to encircle the town, with just a few people and our team remaining.

Vecna was on the verge of being slain by Nancy, Steve, and Robin, but he managed to flee before anybody could strike him down. It’s unclear how badly he’s hurt and how long it will take for him to heal from many shotgun rounds and Molotov bombs. We expect Vecna to unleash his real abilities on Hawkins, as well as legions of monsters from the Upside Down, once he has completely recovered.

Eleven is the only one who can battle Vecna one-on-one, and she barely survives her second meeting with him. There’s no questioning Eleven’s strength, but we’ve most certainly only scratched the surface of what she’s capable of. Eleven must practise and perfect her abilities if she is to fight Vecna.

Given the risk, the gates pose to Hawkins and the rest of the globe, the military may declare martial law and maybe quarantine Hawkins. We should expect a strong military presence, particularly if Demogorgons and other monstrosities begin to emerge through the gates.

Those who are unable to flee Hawkins before the quarantine begins may be left to fend for themselves as the military fights the forces of the Upside Down.

Even if Eleven destroys Vecna, the portals to the Upside Down are not certain to be closed. Eleven may have to do what she did in the second season with the gate under Hawkin’s Lab and violently close it herself. That initial gate was impressive, but it pales in comparison to what Vecna has done to Hawkins. Not only will it demand every ounce of Eleven’s might, but sealing the gates may necessitate Eleven’s sacrifice.

Max’s death brought Vecna’s plot to fulfilment, but Eleven was able to bring Max back to life unexpectedly. It’s no surprise Max is in a coma after dying, having her limbs shattered, and maybe being blind. We fully expect Max to awaken, but what state she will be in is unknown.

Eleven can bring back the dead if Max wakes up and is fully healed. The implications of such power have yet to be explored, but with some probable deaths in season 5, Eleven will be required more than ever.

Speaking on the TODAY show, Sadie stated, “We know that it’s coming and that it’s the last season, so it’s going to be emotional, I’m sure,” adding, “Spoiler-free, but with the way my character ended in season 4, I have no clue what is going to happen. But I’ll be present.”

The Duffer Brothers have already said that another time jump would occur in the tale, with the story perhaps picking up around 1988 or 1989. This corresponds with the actors’ real-life ages since they are already outgrowing their 15-year-old counterparts, such as Gaten Matarazzo, who turns 20 in September 2022 and will be 21 during season 5 shooting.

Will there be a Stranger Things spinoff series?

Yes, Matt and Ross Duffer, the show’s creators, have huge ambitions for a Stranger Thing spin-off. Eleven, Dustin, and the others are unlikely to return. The Duffers are taking things in a whole other path.

‘I’ve heard speculations that there will be an Eleven spin-off, a Steve and Dustin spin-off, or that it will be another number,’ she says. According to Matt Duffer of the Happy Sad Confused podcast, via EW. ‘That doesn’t interest me since we’ve already done all of that. We’ve spent many hours investigating everything. So it’s quite different. The narrative sensibility is the most vital linking thread, in my opinion.’

Instead, the Duffer Brothers have promised to relate it more indirectly to the Stranger Things universe and delegate the responsibility to a new showrunner. ‘[We want to] identify the perfect individual to give the baton to as we go on with new projects,’ said Matt Duffer.

And, while little specifics are known at this time, the Duffers are also bringing Stranger Things to the stage – or, at the very least, a performance-based ‘within the universe and mythology of Stranger Things’. According to British producer Sonia Friedman and director-filmmaker Stephen Daldry, it will begin in London’s West End, and if not, it would probably begin on Broadway and subsequently travel over.

What is the production status of Stranger Things season 5?

Collider was true in reporting that the fifth season’s scripting will begin in August 2022. We know that day one of writing began on August 2nd, 2022, according to a tweet from the Stranger Things authors’ account.

Episode Titles, Writers, and Directors for Stranger Things Season 5

Stranger Things Day 2022 (held on November 7th, 2022) announced the title of the season 5 episode 1 chapter.

  • Episode 501 – Chapter One: The Crawl – Written by The Duffer Brothers
  • Episode 502 – ???
  • Episode 503 – ???
  • Episode 504 – ???
  • Episode 505 – ???
  • Episode 506 – ???
  • Episode 507 – ???
  • Episode 508 – ???

Are you looking forward to the fifth and final season of Stranger Things on Netflix? Let us know in the comments below!

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