River Where The Moon Rises Episode 13 Review ENG SUB Release Date

River Where The Moon Rises Episode 13 Review ENG SUB Release Date

River Where The Moon Rises Episode 13 Review ENG SUB Release Date
River Where The Moon Rises Episode 13 Review ENG SUB Release Date



Gochuga sent his Goguryeo tribe’s private army to kill the princess and oh Dal.

While oh Dal mother leaves the house they attack the princess and his mother. Ga jin fought with the soldiers but could not win. Meanwhile oh Dal’s mother is also injured by an arrow. At the same time oh dal comes he fights with the soldiers and kills them. The commander of the soldiers ran away to save his life.

Princess takes her mother to the house and treats her wound. Oh dal is very worried about her mother’s health. Ga jin said the condition of the mother is good because the arrow didn’t hit the dangerous spot. Oh dal is much worried and repented on his action when he killed the soldiers. He thought that he would become a killer or a human butcher who kills innocent people. Ga jin tried to console her but he did not understand.

River Where The Moon Rises Episode 13 Review ENG SUB Release Date

Meanwhile, mother regains her consciousness and calls oh dal. Mother told ga jin that oh dal is very because he never took someone else’s life in his life. General Geo goes to the herb store and asks Mo young about the princess. but she did not tell anything because of the promise she made to the princess. But General Geo threatened her to speak. meanwhile, a soldier came to the general in hurry. He told generally that gochuga tried to kill the princess and oh  Dal . he furiously go to Gochuga chamber to ask but gochuga did not hesitate.

he said he will kill the sonnu tribe and frame them for treason. Princess go to the ghost valley and told him about the attack on Gochuga. Cheif said he knows about this from the start and he already sent a secret letter to the scatter people. Now sunno tribe is preparing their own soldiers. Five council has made an application to the king for attack on sunno tribe. They framed the suuno tribe for the treason. But the king rejected their application.

And ask the bodyguard if someone again insists cut his throat. Ga jin tells oh dal how his mother died in a  war and that’s why his late father does not want oh dal to hold a sword. then oh dal made his final decision that he will hold a sword to save his women ga jin. He tells ga jin that he will go to the training. ga jin is still confused about his feelings for oh dal. she goes to the mountain and fought with oh dal . she sid he fooled him with feeling in order to gain her interest. but oh dal confesses his love to her and said that he will save you no matter what happens.

Gochuga asked the herb owner to poison the king and show it as a natural death. He also threatened her with her life. When general Geo meets the lady Mo young she tells her about this. general asked him to make an antidote. And the next morning king was eating with the crown prince. while earring he vomits the blood and gets unconscious. The royal physician tells the queen that they cannot save the king. then she remembers the fortune-teller who tells him about the king’s life threat. Herb store owner gives har the antidote to save the king’s life.

He gives the king and saves his life and wins the trust of the queen. Gochuga tries to kill her but she insisted that the poison was pure and very harmful. Goguryeo army cath the men of sunno tribe and torture them to speak the truth but they did not tell anything. Sunno tribe army comes to support the tribe. Princess gets the news of hostage and she decided to go there. She releases the hostage and becomes the hostage herself there. Mo young tried to escape the herb store but the general was waiting there. he asked her to stay there and open his heart for her.

Then she tells her about the army gochuga send to kill the princess and destroy sunno tribes. Oh dal also received about the Ga Jin hostage. He rushed to save the ga jin. On the other hand, general go to the princess and tell her about the king’s health and the crown prince’s loneliness. He insisted the crown princess to go back the palace. But she said that if she leaves sunno tribe people will be killed. he said whether she leaves or not sunno tribe people will be killed.  So it’s better to not see the blood. She said that it’s better to kill me first.

River Where The Moon Rises Episode 13 Review ENG SUB Release Date

Oh dal arrived and shouted Ga Jin. he fought with the soldiers but ga jin asked her to stop the fight. At the same time, the soldier comes and tells the general that Northen Zhou has invaded the border and attack us.

In the next episode, the sunno tribe will fight against the Northern Zhou. oh dal will become the commander and officially announce as the princess husband. General Geo will confess his love for the Mo young. Sunno tribe will regain his position in Five Tribe council.

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