River Where the Moon Rises Episode 20 Ending

River Where the Moon Rises Episode 20 Ending


‘The Moon Rising River’ ended with the happy endings of Kim So-hyun and Na In-woo.

The final episode of KBS 2TV’s monthly drama’River River’, which ended on the 20th, was compiled with an audience rating of 8.3% (Part 2) of Nielsen Korea nationwide. Until the end, it retained the No. 1 position in the same time zone and achieved the beauty of Yujong.

On this day’s broadcast, Kim So-hyun (Pyeonggang) and Na In-woo (Ondal) had a happy ending beyond the tragedy recorded in history. The two men who played an active part in the battle of Adanseong and greatly contributed to the victory of Goguryeo. However, before he even enjoyed the victory of the war, Na In-woo was struck by an arrow and fell in the attack of the hidden Silla soldiers.

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A record in the history of being killed by an arrow in the battle of Adanseong unfolded in the drama, stimulating the viewers’ tears. After the war, Kim So-hyun left Kwon Hwa-un (King Yeongyang), who became a great castle, and went to the cottage where Na In-woo lived. There was Na In-woo who lost her memory and was living there.

Based on the secret that In-Woo Na learned from his teacher, Tae-Kwan Jo (Wolgwang), he revived from the crisis of death by putting his body into a state of housework. To Na In-woo, who cannot remember herself, Kim So-hyun kissed and conveyed her feelings. After finding the memory, Na In-woo kissed Kim So-hyun hotly and implied that the two would live together as a married couple. ‘The Moon Rising River’ completed the ending without hurting the record left in history.


River Where the Moon Rises Episode 20 Ending
River Where the Moon Rises Episode 20 Ending

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Kim So-hyun, who played Pyeonggang in the drama, not only challenged the first historical drama action through this drama, but also played two roles in one person, including Pyeonggang and his mother, Queen Yeon. It delicately depicts the change in the heart of Pyeonggang in the turbulent development, and firmly holds the center of the story of’River River’.

Na In-woo showed amazing concentration even though he joined Ondal from the 7th episode. The narrative of Ondal, who grows from a fool to a general, was naturally drawn and established as the leading role. In particular, it gave an impact by deeply depicting Ondal’s feelings, suffering from the aftereffects of the war in the second half.

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‘The Moon Rising River’ was welcomed as a historical drama about the history of Goguryeo after a long time. He reinterpreted the characters in the folktales known to everyone, Pyeonggang and Ondal. The story was enriched by giving Pyeonggang the setting as the son of the Goguryeo general to the past and Ondal, who had lived as a livelihood, without deviating from the big frame of the historical record as a princess married to a fool.

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