Pierson Wodzynski Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More Latest Updates 2022

Pierson Wodzynski Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More Latest Updates 2022

Pierson Wodzynski Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More Latest Updates 2022

Is Pierson Wodzynski and Logan Wodzynski twins?What movies was Pierson Wodzynski in?Did Pierson Wodzynski attend college?When did Pierson Wodzynski start her YouTube channel?What is Lexi Hensler birthday?What is Logan Wodzynski age?


Pierson Wodzynski is an American social media star who is most known for her comedic films on the video-sharing platform TikTok. Pierson Wodzynski was born in New York City and raised in Los Angeles. She is also a well-known Instagram model, with more than 2.2 million followers on her official account, piersonwodzynski, according to her bio. Pierson Wodzynski has formed a partnership with Amp Studios, a preeminent digital entertainment studio, in order to collaborate with other internet celebrities. Pierson is a well-known figure on the YouTube platform, with more than 2 million subscribers to her channel. Logan Wodzynski, her younger brother, is also a TikTok star who has his own YouTube channel, as well.

Pierson Wodzynski was born on February 18, 1999, and will be 23 years old in the year 2022. She was born and reared in a Christian upper-middle-class family in the state of California, in the United States of America. In terms of her nationality, she is identified as an American, and she practices Christianity as a religion.

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She finished her elementary and secondary education at a local high school in California. Following that, she enrolled herself at Santa Barbara and El Camino Colleges in California, where she completed her undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Since childhood, she has had a strong desire to pursue a profession in acting and modeling, and she has always wished to be both a model and an actress in her adult life. She has opted to use social media to demonstrate her abilities, using various platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube to share her work with the world.

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Full Name Pierson Wodzynski
Net Worth $3 Million
Date of Birth 18 February 1999
Age 23 Years
Birth Place California, United States
Profession TikToker and Social Media Personality
Nationality American
Hometown California, United States
Zodiac Sign Leo
School Local High School, California, United States
College / University El Camino College, California, United States
Education Qualification Graduate


Pierson Wodzynski’s father’s name is Mr. Wodzynski, and he is a businessman by profession. Her mother’s name is Karin Wodzynski, and she is a housewife who appears in the majority of her videos and is the one who raised her.

Her brother’s name is Logan Wodzynski, and she has one other sibling as well.

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Father Name Mr. Wodzynski
Mother Name Karin Wodzynski
Brother Name Logan Wodzynski
Marital Status Unmarried

Physical Appearance

In addition to having hot and wonderful looks, Pierson Wodzynski also has a lovely and attractive personality. Pierson is a young, attractive-looking girl. It’s safe to say that she has a really attractive and curvy hot figure, as seen by her remarkable body measurements and thin body type. Her approximate body measurements are 34-26-37 inches in length, width, and height.

Her height is 5 feet and 7 inches, and her body weight is approximately 60 kg. Her hair is a gorgeous dark brown color that is long and shiny, and her eyes are a scorching brown color that is stunning and hypnotic.


Pierson Wodzynski began posting films on TikTok under the alias pierson, in which he performed lip-syncs and made comedic videos. Her impeccable comic timing garnered a great deal of attention, and she quickly rose to the status of a viral sensation. Pierson’s YouTube channel, pierson, is dedicated to posting lifestyle and challenge videos, as well as vlogs. Her channel has included notable social media influencers such as Lexi Hensler and Ben Azlart, as well as other well-known personalities.

Pierson is a member of the Amp Studios’ family of content creators, which includes others like him. In addition, she has made a number of appearances on Amp World, the official YouTube channel of Amp Studios. Pierson Wodzynski is also a regular contributor to the photo-sharing website Instagram.

A smart sense of humor and a natural ability to make people laugh are two of Pierson’s best qualities. She is quite gregarious and has made acquaintances with a number of well-known internet personalities. Pierson does not speak publicly about her personal life, but she does participate in Q&A videos in which she answers questions from her followers. Pierson Wodzynski is a good friend of her brother’s and has collaborated on a number of videos with him.

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She is well-known for keeping her personal life off of social media, and she has made no public declarations about her relationship status. A TikTok video by Pierson with the title Describe Your Ideal Man: John Krasinski was released once, implying that she had a crush on the television actor. Pierson has since deleted the video.

She also has an Instagram account, where she posts photographs and videos of herself that are both attractive and stunning. She also has a self-titled YouTube account, where she uploads pranks and difficult videos, and she has amassed a large fan base as a result of her efforts. She has also appeared in a number of productions in her hometown.

Net Worth

Pierson Wodzynski’s net worth is estimated to be approximately $3 million as of 2022. She makes the majority of her money from her social media career, as well as from sponsorships and paid promotions on her social media accounts, among other sources.

Pierson Wodzynski Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More Latest Updates 2022
Pierson Wodzynski Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More Latest Updates 2022

Facts and Information

In her spare time, she enjoys activities such as dancing, singing, traveling, and taking photographs. She also enjoys creating character-based comedic sketches, which she used to post on her social media pages to share with her followers.

Recently, she was invited to join the Amp Studios team in March 2020, where she will work alongside other well-known social media personalities such as Brent Rivera, Ben Azelart, and the Stokes twins.

Pierson Wodzynski Boyfriend

You’re interested in learning more about Tiktok actors Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski. Is it possible that Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski are dating one another? This guide will teach you everything you need to know about these tiktok stars.

Brent Rivera is a professional musician, as many of you are aware. Please allow me to answer your question first if you are unfamiliar with Brent Rivera’s work. Brent Rivera is a social media influencer who also happens to be an actor from the United States.

The actor Brent Rivera played the character of Alexander in his project Alexander IRL before switching to the role of Isaac Salcedo in the film Light as a feather after one year on the project. Although he does not appear on television, he is well-liked and has a loyal following on social media sites.

With 13.3 million subscribers to his Honest YouTube channel and over 30 million subscribers to the video streaming site TikTok, Brent Rivera has amassed a substantial following.

Pierson Wodzynski is a professional baseball player. Although she has only recently joined social media, her number of fans is rapidly increasing. She has amassed more than 500,000 YouTube subscribers and 444 thousand Instagram followers so far. As a result of her efforts in cooperating with prominent influencers such as Brent Rivera, she has seen a significant increase in her Instagram following in recent months.

Brent Rivera and Pierson Relationship Explored

Collaborations with well-known social media personalities are extremely common. This assists them in increasing the engagement on their posts and in swiftly growing their following.

Brent and Pierson collaborate with one another on a daily basis, just like other celebrities, but their relationship has sparked speculation that they are dating. Their relationship was demonstrated in a video that they published, in which it can be seen that they are quite close to each other.

Since that video, some people are mistaking them for being in a relationship or even thinking they are in a relationship because they are sharing a love link. Those who believe the rumors are based on a TikTok video that Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski posted on their social media accounts recently.

Brent Rivera says in the video that we’re talking about, “For you people to shut up, we’ll kiss,” which is what we’re talking about. However, the scene in which Brent Rivera and Pierson Wodzynski were ready to lip-lock was removed by the filmmakers for time reasons. As a result, it is quite difficult for them to publicly announce that they are in a relationship at this time. In the event that any confirmation comes in from sources, we will post it here.

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