Pandora Beneath the Paradise Drama Rating Will Surprise You

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise Drama Rating Will Surprise You

Pandora: Beneath the Paradise Drama Rating Will Surprise You

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Pandora: Beneath the Paradise Drama

Hong Tae Ra must become the First Lady of Korea in order to defend her loving family.

Except for one issue, Hong Tae Ra’s life is perfect with her devoted husband Pyo Jae Hyun, and their adoring kid. Hong Tae Ra has no memory of her past. She regains her memory and confronts her traumatic history one day. Her beautiful existence has now been shattered, and she is in an unmanageable predicament. Hong Tae Ra is battling to exact vengeance on those responsible for her past.

Hong Tae Ra is Pyo Jae Hyun’s wife. He is a brilliant developer who created new technology in the field of neural smart patches. With mild leadership abilities and a logical personality, he conducts his company. Many around him admire him. Many in politics start talking about him as the next presidential candidate.

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Pandora: Beneath the Paradise Rise to Its Highest Ratings

As another weekend drama comes to an end, a new one begins!

The second episode of tvN’s “Pandora: Under the Paradise” received a considerable boost in viewership ratings on March 12. According to Nielsen Korea, the most recent broadcast of the new revenge drama starring Lee Ji Ah and Lee Sang Yoon received a 5.7 percent average nationwide rating (up 0.8 percent from its premiere the night before).

The second episode of the tvN drama Pandora: Under the Paradise saw an increase in viewership. On March 12, the drama had a nationwide viewership of 5.70%, a significant rise over its first episode’s viewership of 4.89%. The drama’s average rating for its first week is 5.29%. Rising ratings raise anticipation for the next episodes.

When and where to watch the K-drama Pandora: Beneath the Paradise?

Episode 3 of Pandora: Beneath the Paradise will air on March 18. Stream the K-drama on Disney+Hotstar.

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