P-Valley Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot, and More

P-Valley Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot, and More

P-Valley Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot, and More

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We share your enthusiasm for visiting the Pynk again. So it’s a relief that P-third Valley’s season has been confirmed. In October 2022, showrunner Katori Hall announced the news, stating:

“It gives me enormous joy to know that this program has been welcomed by people all over the world. With its rich, dynamic, and beautifully flawed characters, it is a love letter to neglected groups in the American South that infrequently see themselves reflected on film. Without our fervently loyal Pynk Posse, we wouldn’t be mounting that pony again.

“You are our flame. And a particular thank you to the fuel—everyone who contributed to this show. This program was created with a lot of love, grit, and sparkle by the authors, producers, cast, crew, and executives. We won’t be back on your screens for a Mississippi minute, but you better know it will be well worth the wait.”

I have no doubt that Hall is eager to start. The author told Collider earlier this year that the characters are “constantly communicating to me.”

Hall stated, “I always have ideas. Regarding the season two finale, she continued:

“We looked into some troubling topics. This season, we ventured inside a few caverns and cracks. We tore people’s souls open. For our Pynk family, there is hope at the end of the dark tunnel, and the audience is ready to laugh once more.

“The season’s finale is very noteworthy. People who have supported our Pynk family for such a long time are going to like where we end up with everyone.”

P-Valley Season 3 Release Date

The first and second seasons of P-Valley were forced to be released two years apart on July 12, 2020, and June 3, 2022, respectively, due to COVID-related production delays.

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The wait for season three, though, might not be as long. New episodes might even debut as early as the summer of 2023, but only if the network acts quickly and makes it rain on this adored program.

P-Valley Season 3 Cast

Most of the cast members from P-Valley season three will likely return for at least one more dance:

  • Brandee Evans as Mercedes Woodbine
  • Nicco Annan as Uncle Clifford Sayles
  • Shannon Thornton as Keyshawn Harris/Miss Mississippi
  • Skyler Joy as Gidget
  • J Alphonse Nicholson as LaMarques/Lil Murda
  • Parker Sawyers as Andre Watkins
  • Harriett D. Foy as Patrice Woodbine
  • Dan J Johnson as Corbin Kyle
  • Tyler Lepley as Diamond
  • Morocco Omari as Big L
  • Dominic DeVore as Duffy
  • Jordan M. Cox as Derrick Wright
  • Psalms Salazar as Whisper

Because Elarica Johnson has previously stated that Hailey Colton, aka Autumn Night, won’t be returning for P-Valley season three, you may have noticed that she is not included on this list.

Elarica will probably not appear again, according to showrunner Katori Hall, who spoke to EW at the conclusion of season two:

The strip club is obviously a revolving door, according to Hall. “The Pynk has been a location where Autumn Hailey Lakeisha Savage has coped with a lot of pain, made friends, and lost friends. She was a woman who traveled with the wind, both when she arrived and when she left.”

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Elarica Johnson then provided the following justification for quitting the show after only two seasons in another interview with Entertainment Weekly:

“When analyzing this season’s scripts, character arcs, and where The Pynk was headed, Autumn’s adventure appeared to be drawing to a close. It was time for her to go on because she had completed what she needed to achieve.”

But there is some good news as well. Nicco Annan recently shared with Digital Spy in-depth that he would love to return with a resounding yes:

“Being an actor is an incredible ride. I am acutely conscious of the privileged environment I am in. Getting here required a lot of effort. It has been a while. Therefore, I’m glad. I’m content. It has that “let’s go” vibe. To be honest, it seems like the beginning.”

During the same interview with us, Brandee Evans shared the same sentiment:

“I’m interested in seasons 3, 4, 5, and 6. Please continue. I’m really here for it, and I just hope that the networks notice how well the audience is responding to it and allow us to continue.”

Could a second famous person make a cameo as Megan Thee Stallion did in season two in season three? Cardi B tweeted about the program, and showrunner Katori Hall earlier told Entertainment Tonight that she would gladly welcome her:

Katori remarked, “I would love for her to come down to The Pynk, so don’t be surprised if this ends up happening.”

P-Valley Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot, and More
P-Valley Season 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, Plot, and More

P-Valley Season 3 Plot

The second season finale of P-Valley definitely has the feel of a series finale. Everyone appears to have taken Uncle Clifford’s advice to Mercedes to “dream new dreams” to heart.

Lil’ Murda and Uncle Clifford, for instance, learned to openly love each other while Mercedes learned to embrace retirement. Then there is Autumn, who departed Chucalissa to start a brand-new life.

The effects of Lil’ Murda and Uncle Clifford’s relationship being known now may be a major factor in upcoming episodes. However, since Autumn stole $40,000 from the company, things won’t be simple.

There is also Mercedes. What will she do after she leaves the Pynk now that she has a lot more free time?

Showrunner Katori Hall described her long-term goals for Mercedes in an interview with Elle.

“I want her to be happy in every way. She and her daughter should get along great, which is what I want. She and her mother should get along great, that’s what I desire. They most likely need to attend counseling. They must complete each task.”

P-Valley Season 3 Trailer

The Pynk in P-Valley hasn’t yet been reopened, but when it does, you can depend on us to publish a brand-new season three trailer when it becomes available, presumably in 2023.

Here is the p-valley season 2 trailer.

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