Who Is TWICE’s Chaeyoung Boyfriend Chaeyoung Dating History & Ideal Type 2023

Who Is TWICE’s Chaeyoung Boyfriend? Her Dating History & Ideal Type

Who Is TWICE’s Chaeyoung Boyfriend? Her Dating History & Ideal Type

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On April 23, 1999, Son Chae-young was brought into the world. Chaeyoung is the stage name that has been given to this South Korean singer, rapper, composer, and dancer. Chaeyoung has had a lifelong fascination with the performing arts, but she got her start in the industry as a model for a publication aimed at children. Before she joined JYP Entertainment, she had been dancing for more than a year as part of her commitment to pursuing a career as a singer, and she was quite good at it. She was selected to be the main rapper and sub-vocalist for the female group that was produced by JYP Entertainment and she is a part of the group known as Twice. On this beautiful day, we congratulate this talented artist and all that she has accomplished in her career.


Chaeyoung is a South Korean rapper, singer, songwriter, and designer who is signed to JYP Entertainment. His Hangul name is Chaeyoung. It is she who serves as TWICE’s primary lyricist and rapper.

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She joined the competition for JYP’s reality program, SIXTEEN, on May 5, 2015, making her age sixteen at the time. She ultimately became one of the members, which ensured that her seat in TWICE would remain open. On October 20, 2015, with the release of their first mini-album titled The Story Begins, they made their formal debut.

When Chaeyoung contributed the rap verse to Twice’s cover of J.Y. Park’s “Precious Love,” which was included on the album Page Two that the group released in 2016, she became the first member of the group to be credited with authorship. In addition, Chaeyoung was responsible for designing the cover art for the limited edition version of the group’s album Page Two, as well as three distinct pairs of SPRIS shoes.

JYP Entertainment:

Jun 6, 2012-present


Oct 20, 2015

Debut to 1st win:

198 days

Current state:


Active years:





Korean, Japanese

Training period:

3 years


Hanlim Multi Arts High School



Kpopping rank:



  • Chaeyoung has four tattoos on her body. She has a tattoo of strawberry lips on her left wrist, a shot through the heart behind her right ear, two tomatoes on her left upper arm, and four carrots on her left forearm. Additionally, she has a shot through the heart behind her right ear.
  • Chaeyoung is a big fan of the sport of basketball.
  • Chaeyoung had a strong affinity for strawberries when she was a child, which contributed to the origin of her moniker, “Strawberry Princess.”
  • Chaeyoung is a fan of Van Gogh, and she has the desire to visit the museum dedicated to him in Amsterdam.
  • Most songwriting credits belong to 5 Chaeyoung, who is a member of TWICE. She is responsible for writing or co-writing the most songs out of any of the other members, and she is also responsible for writing most of her raps, both in Sixteen and in any special performances they have given.
  • According to Dahyun and Nayeon, 33 6 Chaeyoung washes her teeth in an annoyingly loud manner.
  • If a game of rock paper scissors is being played, 33 7 Chaeyoung will invariably go for scissors first.
  • Chaeyoung used to shower with Jeongyeon, but one-day Chaeyoung decided she no longer wanted to shower with Jeongyeon. This made Jeongyeon angry, and she said that she no longer wanted to shower with Chaeyoung either.
  • Chaeyoung was asked, “Only for a day, who do you want to live as? “, to which she responded, “Jeongyeon.” She wishes she had Jeongyeon’s height and short hair. She is green with envy.
  • Chaeyoung enjoys giving anything she wants to attempt a go, like shortening her hair, for example.
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Is She Dating Anyone?

Are you the kind of K-pop idol fan that, upon hearing the news that their favorite idols are rumored to be dating, reacts with shock? A member of TWICE has been linked romantically to a tattoo artist, according to information that became public not too long ago. The question is, how is it even possible? Channel Korea will provide you with an explanation of everything that is important, so make sure you remain connected.

Who Is TWICE’s Chaeyoung Boyfriend Chaeyoung Dating History & Ideal Type 2023
Who Is TWICE’s Chaeyoung Boyfriend Chaeyoung Dating History & Ideal Type 2023

Who Is TWICE’s Chaeyoung Boyfriend?

Chaeyoung is a member of JYP Entertainment who performs as a singer, songwriter, rapper, and designer. She rose to prominence after participating in the reality program SIXTEEN and making her debut with the girl group TWICE in the year 2015. She is considered to be the primary vocalist and rapper for the collective.

Chaeyoung has a tonne of devoted admirers in the K-pop community because of her incredible talent as an artist, her undeniable charm, and the fact that they genuinely like her as a person. Chaeyoung is well-known for a variety of admirable qualities, including her orderliness and the fact that she carefully considers how her actions would impact the lives of others.

When it comes to her persona, Chaeyoung is one of those idols that is rarely mentioned in speculations about romantic relationships. On the other hand, the rumor sprang out of nowhere, and TWICE’s fans, ONCEs, were taken aback by that development. Who exactly is Chaeyoung dating, then? Let’s find out the solution to this together, shall we?

TWICE’s Chaeyoung’s Dating Rumor With a Tattoo Artist

Following the emergence of the rumor that TWICE’s Chaeyoung was dating a tattoo artist on the internet, fans were taken aback by the news. When several proofs were found, internet users began to get skeptical, which led to the spread of the story.

Chim Hwasa is the name of the talented tattoo artist (Jung Sung-hyun). He is a man in his 30s who is well-known for her work in the entertainment industry. The fact that Chaeyoung and Chim Hwasa were seen wearing identical rings has led fans to speculate that the rings are a “couple” item. Netizens discovered this information.

In addition to this, they discovered a sketch of a lady on Chim Hwasa’s Instagram account. The sketch depicts a woman who is very similar in appearance to Chaeyoung. People, despite the fact that it was merely a drawing, felt that the left side of the woman’s chin looked like Chaeyoung from TWICE. Nevertheless, it seems that none of the shady assumptions made by fans and internet users were correct.

The management company for TWICE, JYP Entertainment, issued a brief comment in response to the controversy, noting, “We don’t have any unique official opinion.” Both Chaeyoung nor Chim Hwasa did not provide any explanations, but Chim Hwasa erased all of his social media accounts and did not comment further. Even the remaining members of TWICE’s fanbase did not believe the report to be true.

Fan Reactions

This is what they had to say about the relationship rumors surrounding Chaeyoung of TWICE:

There are rumors that Chaeyoung from TWICE is dating someone. My entire world is falling apart.

“Chaeyoung dating? Laughable rumors”

“Jype did not confirm or refute the claims that she was. So it might very well be the case. But if what you say is accurate, you shouldn’t hold it against her. It’s okay for her to go out with guys.”

“I couldn’t care less if Chaeyoung is seeing someone or not. Since Chaeyoung is also a person, she should be able to understand what love is like, right?

“She is free to date anybody she chooses.”

Chaeyoung’s Ideal Type

Since TWICE’s Chaeyoung is not currently dating anyone, let’s find out who she would like to be with in the future! Chaeyoung has stated, in a number of interviews, that she admires a person who puts effort into their appearance. In addition, the man of her dreams is someone who is able to look after her and adores her a great deal. We have high hopes that Chaeyoung would not wait too long before meeting the man of her dreams.

That is everything there is to know about Chaeyoung of TWICE and the shocking rumor that she is dating! You should know by now that the story is nothing more than an urban legend given that she was not dating the tattoo artist. But let’s keep our fingers crossed that Chaeyoung will eventually meet the one who will become her true love. Please share your thoughts about Chaeyoung in the comments section below, and don’t forget to forward this story to your friends on social media!

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