Joel Kinnaman Girlfriend and Dating History Updates

Joel Kinnaman Girlfriend and Dating History Updates

Joel Kinnaman Girlfriend and Dating History Updates

Joel Kinnaman is a Swedish-American actor and model who has starred in several major films and television series, including the American version of “House of Cards,” the 2014 remake of “RoboCop,” and the Swedish crime thriller “Easy Money.” These roles quickly catapulted Kinnaman to fame. While his professional achievements are impressive, his personal life, particularly his romantic relationships, has experienced its share of turbulence. He has gone through the highs and lows of getting divorced from his long-term ex-wife and ending a two-year relationship with another partner.

Joel Kinnaman Girlfriend Kelly Gale’s Relationship

Joel Kinnaman’s latest relationship, which continues to grow stronger each day, is with former Victoria’s Secret model Kelly Gale. The couple announced their engagement in January 2021, despite some comments about their nearly twenty-year age gap.

Joel and Kelly shared the happy news on their Instagram accounts, where they often post affectionate moments and sweet gestures publicly. They first went public with their relationship in 2019, making their red-carpet debut. At that time, Joel had recently divorced his long-term ex-wife, but he transitioned smoothly into his new relationship with Kelly, leading to their engagement three years later. Joel values his relationships and approaches them with seriousness.

What fans love about Joel and Kelly is their openness on social media, offering glimpses into their relationship. However, this openness doesn’t mean they share every detail. Instead, they focus on sharing significant and joyful moments. One such moment was Kelly’s announcement of their engagement, where she posted a photo of them kissing on a hill, with her diamond ring visible, captioned “Forever yours.”

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Currently, the couple continues to live happily together. Although they haven’t announced immediate plans for children, Kelly has previously mentioned in Instagram stories that she hopes to have three children and settle down with Joel. It remains a decision for both of them, and fans hope Kelly’s dream will come true with Joel.

Joel Kinnaman Ex-Wife Cleo Wattenstrom

Relationships aren’t always smooth and full of love; they often involve painful breakups, phases of self-discovery, and other challenges. Joel Kinnaman’s past relationships are no exception.

Before his affectionate life with Kelly Gale, Joel was married to renowned tattoo artist Cleo Wattenstrom and unlike his public relationship with Kelly, Joel and Cleo kept their wedding extremely private. Their marriage remained a secret until Joel revealed it in a 2016 interview on The Talk. When host Aisha Tyler referred to Cleo as Joel’s “girlfriend,” he promptly corrected her by saying, “My wife, my wife.”

Joel and Cleo never disclosed the exact date of their wedding. However, they were married from 2016 to 2018, keeping the reason for their split private. They offered a typical “amicably split” explanation, avoiding detailed disclosures.

Fortunately, their divorce didn’t end their friendship. According to Us Magazine, Joel and Cleo remain good friends, with Cleo even wishing Joel a happy birthday on Instagram years after their separation. Her post included three photos of them together, captioned, “JOEL!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!” This shows that maintaining a friendship with an ex-spouse is possible, and a romantic relationship doesn’t have to end a friendship.

This demonstrates that despite the ups and downs of romantic relationships, a strong friendship can endure beyond marriage.

Joel Kinnaman Girlfriend and Dating History Updates
Joel Kinnaman Girlfriend and Dating History Updates

Joel Kinnaman and Olivia Munn

Joel Kinnaman also had a high-profile relationship with actress Olivia Munn, known for her roles in New Girl and Iron Man 2. Olivia, famous for dating some of Hollywood’s most handsome men like Chris Pine and Justin Timberlake, began dating Joel in March 2012 after they met a year earlier.

At the time, Joel and Olivia were a favorite couple among fans and paparazzi, frequently sharing their romance publicly. Many believed their relationship would last. However, in 2014, news of their breakup began to circulate.

The primary reason for their split was the long distance between them. Joel was filming in Toronto while Olivia was based in Los Angeles. Despite the breakup, they assured the public that there were no hard feelings. An insider told Nicki Swift, “A lot has to do with distance. He’s back filming in Toronto, and she’s now in L.A for good.”

Like his relationship with Cleo Wattenstrom, Joel and Olivia have maintained a good friendship. Olivia even commented on Joel’s Instagram post announcing his engagement to Kelly Gale with four “100” emojis, showing her happiness for him.

Joel Kinnaman consistently maintains friendships with his exes, embodying a drama-free approach to relationships. Fans hope his relationship with Kelly Gale thrives without any more breakups.

Joel Kinnaman Instagram

Joel Kinnaman, the Swedish-American actor known for his roles in The Killing, Suicide Squad, and Altered Carbon, is active on Instagram. His official account, @joelkinnaman, boasts over 1.3 million followers​. Through his Instagram, Kinnaman shares professional updates, personal moments, and engagement with fans. If you want to follow his latest posts and updates, you can check out his profile on Instagram.


Joel Kinnaman is a Swedish-American actor, born Charles Joel Nordström Kinnaman on November 25, 1979, in Stockholm, Sweden. He holds dual citizenship in Sweden and the United States due to his American mother, Dee, who is a therapist, and his Swedish father, Steve, who was once in the Swedish military. Kinnaman grew up in Stockholm and has five sisters, one of whom is actress Melinda Kinnaman.

Kinnaman first gained recognition in Sweden with his role in the film Easy Money (2010), which was a box office hit and won him the Guldbagge Award for Best Actor. His performance in this film garnered international attention and led to his casting in the AMC series The Killing (2011-2014), where he played the role of Detective Stephen Holder, earning critical acclaim for his portrayal.

Kinnaman’s Hollywood breakthrough came with his role as Alex Murphy in the 2014 reboot of RoboCop. He further cemented his status in the industry with significant roles in major films such as Suicide Squad (2016) and its sequel The Suicide Squad (2021), where he played Rick Flag. He also starred in the Netflix series Altered Carbon (2018), playing the lead role of Takeshi Kovacs.

Throughout his career, Kinnaman has been praised for his versatility and ability to tackle a wide range of characters. He continues to be a prominent figure in both American and Swedish cinema and television.


Joel Kinnaman’s dating history reflects his capacity to maintain meaningful relationships and friendships with his exes, showcasing a mature and drama-free approach to romance. His past relationship with Olivia Munn was highly publicized, but despite their eventual breakup due to long-distance challenges, they remain on good terms. Similarly, his marriage to Cleo Wattenstrom ended amicably, with both continuing to support each other post-divorce.

Currently, Joel is happily engaged to Kelly Gale, a former Victoria’s Secret model. Their relationship, which became public in 2019, has been characterized by mutual affection and openness on social media, culminating in their engagement announcement in January 2021. This progression from past relationships to his current engagement with Kelly illustrates Joel’s ability to grow and adapt in his personal life, maintaining respect and friendship with his former partners.

Fans and followers of Joel Kinnaman are hopeful that his relationship with Kelly Gale will continue to flourish, appreciating the couple’s transparency and genuine connection. Joel’s history demonstrates that despite the complexities of relationships, it’s possible to part ways amicably and move forward positively.

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