Spencer Boldman Girlfriend

Spencer Boldman Girlfriend in 2024: Everything about his Dating History

Spencer Boldman Girlfriend in 2024: Everything about his Dating History

The former Disney star turned heartthrob, Spencer Boldman, is truly one of a kind. While his filmography might be brief, he has had the opportunity to act alongside stars like Zendaya and Emily Ratajkowski throughout his career.

However, it’s not just his roles opposite famous actresses that have earned Spencer his widespread recognition. His exceptional talent and striking good looks have significantly contributed to his success in Hollywood.

But do these attributes also translate to success in Spencer’s romantic life? We’ll delve into that thoroughly below.

Spencer Boldman Girlfriend

Spencer Boldman has been quite private about his love life, but some details have surfaced over time. He is currently dating Antonia DeNardo, the owner of “DeNardo Ventures.” Despite rumors in the media about their breakup in 2015, their relationship appears to be ongoing. Antonia’s Instagram shows that they are still very much in love, with a recent photo of them together from July 2020. The post included a cute selfie of the couple with the caption expressing excitement for Spencer’s upcoming project. Spencer responded to the post with dancing and nervous-face emojis, highlighting their supportive and affectionate relationship.

Their journey as a couple has been largely kept under wraps, so details about how they met and the progression of their relationship remain sparse. However, their public interactions on social media offer a glimpse into their continuing romance.

Spencer Boldman is quite adept at keeping his personal life private, including the details of his relationship with Antonia DeNardo. He has never publicly addressed how they first met or how long they have been together. However, their affection for each other is clear from their social media interactions, where they often share sweet moments. For example, Antonia posted a photo in July 2020 with a caption expressing excitement for Spencer’s upcoming project, to which Spencer responded with playful emojis, indicating their close and supportive relationship.

The couple has remained discreet despite the media’s attempts to uncover more about their relationship. They frequently share photos of their travels and time spent together, but without providing any personal details​.

Additionally, some fans might not know that Spencer is a father. In January 2017, he shared a tweet with a photo of himself and his son, expressing his joy in fatherhood. The tweet did not reveal his son’s name, leaving fans surprised and curious about this aspect of his life​.

Spencer Boldman has always been very private about his personal life, which made it quite surprising when he revealed that he had a son in January 2017. He posted a photo on Twitter of himself with his son, simply captioned “enjoying fatherhood.” This unexpected news left many fans both shocked and curious, as he had never mentioned his relationship or his son’s mother before​.

The identity of his son’s mother remains undisclosed. It is unclear whether the child is with his current girlfriend, Antonia DeNardo, or a previous partner. This secrecy adds to the intrigue surrounding his personal life, as Spencer has never clarified this detail publicly​.

Despite this, Spencer seems very happy in his current relationship with Antonia. Their social media posts suggest they are deeply in love and supportive of each other. Given their visible happiness, it seems likely that their relationship could progress to the next level. However, due to Spencer’s history of keeping personal matters private, fans should not expect an official announcement about their relationship status, such as an engagement or wedding, any time soon.

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Spencer and Kelli Berglund

Before Antonia DeNardo, Spencer Boldman was in a relationship with his co-star Kelli Berglund from the Disney XD comedy show Lab Rats. Kelli and Spencer had notable on-screen chemistry, which contributed significantly to the show’s success and Spencer’s rise to fame.

However, despite their close working relationship, Spencer and Kelli were very private about their romance. They never openly discussed their relationship in public, leading to speculation about why they chose to keep it under wraps. The media first picked up on their relationship in 2012 when Lab Rats aired, but by 2013, reports emerged that they had broken up​​. The reasons for their breakup remain unknown, as neither Spencer nor Kelli has publicly commented on it​.

After her relationship with Spencer ended, Kelli quickly began dating actor Noah Centineo, known for his role in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. Unlike her relationship with Spencer, Kelli was more open about her romance with Noah. The media described their relationship as exciting and adventurous, which led to further speculation about why she and Spencer kept their relationship private​​.

Interestingly, Spencer never posted photos of Kelli on his social media accounts, and Kelli did the same. This lack of public display of their relationship meant that fans never got to see their romantic moments together.

As for their current status, it is unclear whether Spencer and Kelli remain friends. They do not follow each other on Instagram, which might indicate they are not in close contact, but without any public statements, it is impossible to say for certain.

Spencer Boldman Girlfriend
Spencer Boldman Girlfriend

Spencer Boldman’s List of Dating Rumors

Aside from his confirmed relationships with Kelli Berglund and Antonia DeNardo, Spencer Boldman has been the subject of various dating rumors involving high-profile celebrities. Given his good looks and talent, it’s no surprise that the media often speculated about his romantic life, even if these rumors were ultimately unsubstantiated.

One of the first such rumors involved Debby Ryan, his co-star in the series Break-Up and Shape-Up. In 2013, whispers of a romance between the two began to circulate. However, the rumor quickly lost momentum and faded away without any confirmation from either party​.

Another notable rumor linked Spencer to Zendaya, the renowned actress from Spiderman Homecoming and Euphoria. Spencer and Zendaya co-starred in the Disney Channel movie Zapped, and their on-screen chemistry led to speculation about a potential off-screen romance in 2014 when the film became popular. Despite the rumors, Spencer never confirmed nor denied any romantic involvement with Zendaya. However, he did express his admiration for her in a 2015 tweet, stating:

“@Zendaya, you are a badass & a great role model in a business and a world where there are too few.”

While this tweet didn’t confirm a romantic relationship, it highlighted Spencer’s respect and admiration for Zendaya, which fans found heartwarming​.

Despite the persistent rumors, Spencer has maintained a level of privacy about his relationships, choosing not to publicly address or validate the speculations. This approach has kept his romantic life largely out of the public eye, allowing him to manage his personal affairs away from the scrutiny of the media.


Early Life and Education: Spencer Boldman was born on July 28, 1992, in Dallas, Texas. He was raised in the nearby suburb of Plano. From a young age, Spencer demonstrated a keen interest in acting, participating in school plays and local theater productions. He attended Plano East Senior High School, where he continued to hone his acting skills.

Career: Spencer’s career took off with a few minor roles in television before he landed his breakout role in the Disney XD series Lab Rats (2012-2016). He played Adam Davenport, the eldest of three bionic siblings, a role that brought him widespread recognition among younger audiences.

In 2014, he starred alongside Zendaya in the Disney Channel Original Movie Zapped, which further solidified his status as a teen star.

In 2018, Spencer made a significant transition to film with a leading role in the romantic comedy Cruise. He played Gio Fortunato, a young Italian-American from Queens who loves racing cars and chasing women. His performance alongside Emily Ratajkowski received positive reviews, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Personal Life: Spencer Boldman is known for keeping his personal life private. He was previously in a relationship with his Lab Rats co-star Kelli Berglund. Despite rumors linking him to other celebrities, such as Debby Ryan and Zendaya, Spencer has never confirmed these relationships publicly.

Currently, he is dating Antonia DeNardo, the owner of “DeNardo Ventures.” The couple prefers to keep their relationship low-key but occasionally shares glimpses of their life together on social media​.

In January 2017, Spencer surprised fans by tweeting a photo of himself with his son, whose mother remains undisclosed. This revelation added another layer of intrigue to his personal life, as he has not shared many details about his son publicly.


  • Lab Rats (2012-2016) as Adam Davenport
  • Zapped (2014) as Jackson Kale
  • Cruise (2018) as Gio Fortunato
  • Immigrant (upcoming) in a role related to the Hulu limited series based on the Chippendales founder Somen “Steve” Banerjee

Spencer continues to work on new projects, maintaining his presence in both television and film.

Spencer Boldman Instagram

Spencer Boldman, known for his roles in Disney XD’s Lab Rats and the movie Cruise, maintains an active presence on social media, particularly Instagram. You can find him on Instagram at @spencerboldman where he shares updates about his life, career, and various personal moments with his 1.1 million followers. His posts often include behind-the-scenes glimpses from his projects and interactions with his fans​.

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