Who is Diego Luna Girlfriend Diego Luna Dating History

Who is Diego Luna Girlfriend? Diego Luna Dating History

Who is Diego Luna Girlfriend? Diego Luna Dating History

“Recall Katy Perry’s hit song ‘The One That Got Away’? The captivating figure who portrayed her love interest in the music video is none other than the talented actor, Diego Luna Alexander, more commonly recognized as Diego Luna.

Now, let’s delve into the intricate web of Diego Luna’s romantic connections below.”

Diego Luna Girlfriend Marina de Tavira

Though they’ve maintained a notably private stance in the entertainment realm, whispers of potential nuptial plans persistently circulate Diego Luna and Marina de Tavira.

According to an insider cited by a national magazine, the duo might have taken a significant step forward in their relationship, with talks of engagement swirling and the possibility of a wedding in 2024 looming on the horizon.

Their journey as a couple reportedly commenced from a foundation of close friendship, gradually evolving into a profound romantic bond. By December of the same year, Luna and de Tavira began stepping out together more frequently, igniting heightened speculation regarding the nature of their connection.

Despite their love story being somewhat of an open secret within industry circles, the couple officially debuted as a pair in October 2021 at the Platino Awards ceremony in Madrid, marking a symbolic milestone in their public acknowledgment of their relationship.

At present, neither Luna nor de Tavira has made any official statement to confirm or refute the swirling engagement rumors, leaving fans and media alike eagerly awaiting further developments in their love story.

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Relationship Between Diego Luna and Yalitza Aparicio

Diego Luna and Yalitza Aparicio’s initial encounter unfolded during an IndieWire interview in 2019, a pivotal moment coinciding with Aparicio’s meteoric rise to stardom following her captivating portrayal in Alfonso Cuarón’s acclaimed film, “Roma” (2018). The film propelled Aparicio into the limelight, earning her accolades as the highlighted actress of the year and securing her a coveted Oscar nomination.

Luna, seizing an opportunity to delve into Aparicio’s journey portraying the role of Cleo, a pivotal character in “Roma,” engaged her in a candid conversation about her experience.

Speculation surrounding their relationship gained traction when Luna, Aparicio, and the actress’s mother attended the Oscars together. A seemingly innocuous moment captured Luna shaking hands with Aparicio’s mother, which some misinterpreted as a romantic gesture. However, Aparicio’s radiant smile during the interaction stemmed from her mother’s delight in meeting Luna, a highly esteemed figure in the industry.

Prior to this incident, Luna had demonstrated his unwavering support for Aparicio amidst rumors of a boycott targeting her. Responding to the barrage of negative comments directed at Aparicio, Luna vehemently defended her integrity. He expressed skepticism regarding the legitimacy of the boycott, emphasizing the need for personalized understanding and cautioning against the distortion of information.

Despite the public’s speculation fueled by these instances, both Luna and Aparicio clarified the nature of their relationship, affirming that they were best friends steadfastly supporting each other. Aparicio addressed the rumors directly in an interview with Entertainment Tonight, unequivocally stating that she was not romantically involved with Luna.

Presently, neither Luna nor Aparicio is romantically linked to anyone.

As for Diego Luna’s relationship with Suki Waterhouse, shall we dive into that next?

Diego Luna’s Ex-Girlfriend, Suki Waterhouse

Between 2015 and 2017, Diego Luna’s romantic entanglement with British model and actress Suki Waterhouse garnered significant media attention. Reports surfaced detailing their blossoming relationship, marked by frequent escapades to various destinations.

In August 2015, their affectionate bond was captured by Quem on Instagram, where they were spotted sharing a tender kiss. Interestingly, while this moment seemed fresh to some media outlets, eagle-eyed Instagram users pointed out similar snapshots dating back to May. The news of their romantic encounter in May had circulated via YouTube, showcasing intimate moments between the pair, including passionate embraces in a convenience store and a restaurant.

Their professional paths intertwined in 2016 when Luna and Waterhouse collaborated on the horror and mystery film “The Bad Batch.” However, Luna’s role in the movie wasn’t among the primary characters, thus yielding no on-screen depiction of their relationship.

Despite the absence of a shared cinematic presence, their romance continued to flourish off-screen. In a picturesque setting in Tulum, Mexico, on January 16, 2017, Luna and Waterhouse were captured indulging in cozy moments during a leisurely stroll. Hand in hand, they exchanged affectionate glances, with Waterhouse clad in a sheer purple top and black shorts, complemented by Luna’s casual ensemble of a blue shirt paired with beige shorts.

However, their love story met an unfortunate end in late 2017, with the reasons behind their split shrouded in mystery, as no official statements or news regarding their separation emerged.

Now, shall we explore Diego Luna’s relationship with his ex-wife, Camila Sodi?

Diego Luna’s Ex-Wife, Camila Sodi

The unfolding romance between Diego Luna and Camila Sodi initially captured public attention in 2007, amidst Luna’s rumored involvement with actress Paola Nuñez. However, it was Luna’s unmistakable chemistry with Sodi that soon stole the spotlight.

Their affectionate display during their sojourn in France for the Cannes International Film Festival that year fueled speculations about their blossoming relationship. Fuel was added to the fire when a Mexican magazine published intimate photographs capturing Luna and Sodi sharing tender moments, confirming their romantic entanglement.

Who is Diego Luna Girlfriend Diego Luna Dating History
Who is Diego Luna Girlfriend Diego Luna Dating History

Their paths first crossed on the set of the film “El Bufalo de la Noche” (The Night Buffalo) in 2007. While they didn’t portray a couple on-screen, their on-set chemistry blossomed into a real-life romance, culminating in their decision to exchange vows on February 5, 2008. The joyous occasion was marked by the presence of friends, family, and fans who celebrated their union.

The following year brought another milestone as Luna and Sodi welcomed their first child, Jerónimo, into the world. Their family expanded further two years later with the birth of their daughter, Fiona. Despite their marital separation in October 2013, Luna and Sodi remained steadfast in their commitment to co-parenting, united by their unwavering love for their children.

In a 2017 interview, Sodi reflected on their enduring bond, expressing pride in Luna’s professional accomplishments and acknowledging the crucial role their family played in his success. She lauded Luna’s dedication and hard work, recognizing the collective effort required to navigate the demands of his career.

Despite their separation, Luna and Sodi maintained a strong and supportive relationship, fostering an environment of love and understanding for the sake of their children. Their ability to prioritize their family’s well-being amid personal differences earned admiration from fans and industry peers alike.

As Luna and Sodi embarked on separate journeys, their enduring friendship, and co-parenting partnership remained a testament to their shared values and unwavering commitment to their family’s happiness.

Now, shall we delve into Diego Luna’s relationship with Alice Braga?

How Long Have Diego Luna and Alice Braga Dated?

Diego Luna and Alice Braga’s initial encounter took place on the set of the film “Only God Knows,” a poignant tale revolving around Dolores (portrayed by Alice Braga), who accepts a ride from a stranger named Damian (played by Diego Luna) to retrieve a replacement passport.

Their on-screen chemistry evidently transcended into real life, leading Luna and Braga to embark on a romantic journey. However, their love story was short-lived, lasting only a year, from 2004 to 2005. Braga made the decision to end their relationship, citing her youth and unreadiness for marriage as reasons for their separation.

Despite the brevity of their romance, Braga harbored immense gratitude towards Luna, whom she credited with catalyzing personal growth and transformation. In a candid interview in 2016, Braga expressed admiration for Luna’s talent and professionalism, highlighting him as a significant source of inspiration in her career. She commended Luna’s depth as an actor, noting his formidable combination of youthful vigor and seasoned experience acquired from years in the industry.

Their enduring camaraderie was evidenced by circulating photographs on Twitter, showcasing Luna and Braga engaged in playful antics reminiscent of their time together. Shared by a fan page dedicated to Braga (@bestofbraga), the images captured the pair in jovial moments, engaging in a friendly bout of pretend boxing.

Despite the conclusion of their romantic relationship, Luna and Braga’s continued amicability and mutual respect underscored the profound impact they had on each other’s lives. Their ability to maintain a positive rapport post-breakup served as a testament to the depth of their connection and the lasting impression they left on one another.

It’s heartening to witness Braga’s enduring gratitude towards Luna, showcasing the profound impact a person can have on another’s life, even after romantic ties have dissolved.


In conclusion, Diego Luna’s romantic life has been a subject of curiosity for many fans over the years. While he has been linked with several high-profile figures in the entertainment industry, including Suki Waterhouse and Camila Sodi, Luna’s relationships have often remained private, with details emerging sporadically through media reports and interviews.

From his rumored relationships to his confirmed romances, Luna’s dating history reflects a journey marked by both fleeting connections and enduring friendships. Despite the ups and downs of love, Luna has navigated his personal life with grace and discretion, prioritizing his privacy while remaining appreciative of the support and companionship he has found along the way.

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