Imitation Kdrama 2021 Release Date & Cast name

Imitation Kdrama 2021 Release Date & Cast name

Imitation Kdrama 2021 Release Date & Cast name

Imitation Kdrama 2021 Release Date & Cast name

Genre: Drama, Music, Comedy, Romance

Title: Imitation

Director: Han Hyun-Hee

Writer: Park Kyung-Ran

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Run Time: Friday 23:10

Duration: 1 hr. 10 min.

Network: KBS2

Release Date:7 May 2021

Episodes: 12

Imitation Kdrama 2021 Release Date & Cast name
Imitation Kdrama 2021 Release Date & Cast name

Imitation Kdrama 2021 Release Date & Cast name

Imitation Kdrama 2021 Release Date & Cast name IS GIVEN BELOW

Jeong Ji So as Lee Ma Ha

Lee Jun-Young as  Kwon Ryeok

Park Ji Yeon as La Ri Ma

Jeong Yun Ho as Lee Yu Jin

Support Role in Drama Imitation:

Chani as Lee Eun Jo

Im Na Young as Shim Hyun J

Kim Min Seo as Yu Ri Ah

Hwi Young as Kang Lee Hyun

Ahn Jung Hun as Han Jae Woo

Choi Jong Ho as Hyuk

Park Yu Ri as Do Jin

Choi San as Min Su

Lee Soo Woong as Hyun Oh

Park Seong Hwa as Se Young

Ahn Danny as Ji Hak

Oh Hee Joon as Koo Dae Kwon

Shim Eun Jin as Reporter Byun

Lee Hwi Seo as Tae Ri

Jo Jung Chi as Ha Seok

Shin Soo Ho as Tae Geun

Kim So Hee as Joo Min Sung

Yoon Jung Sub

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Imitation Kdrama 2021 Summary Plot:

Imitation Kdrama 2021 SUMMARY PLOT& Cast name

  • Jung Ji-so as Lee Ma-ha

A member of the infamous girl group Tea Party. She has a brilliant personality and natural talent for dance but is most well-known for her Closeness to the soloist La Ri-ma. She becomes the center of the Tea Party after gaining a reputation.

  • Lee Jun-young as Kwon Ryok

The charismatic center of the famous boy group Shax, who develops an immediate dislike of Ma-ha despite their frequent interactions due to her mimicry of La Ri-ma and an event that resulted in one of his group-mates getting wounded. He is immensely skilled as a performer as well as being popular due to his good looks.

  • Park Ji-yeon as La Ri-ma

A popular solo artist is treated as one of the best idols in the world. She has a similar appearance to Ma-ha, who uses that fact to assume Ri-ma and get attention for herself.

Jeong Yun-ho as Lee Yu-jin

The new center of the rising boy group Sparkling and Ma-ha’s childhood friend, who covers his desire and stamina behind his soft and charming appearance. He has a secret crush on Ma-ha

Jeong Ji So in Imitation Kdrama 2021:

Jung was born on 17 September 1999. She is 21 years old. Jung has a beautiful personality. She made her first debut in the drama serial May Queen as a child actress.

Her drama list is given below:

1.May Queen as young Jang In-hwa

2.It Was Love as Choi Sun-jung

3.TV Novel: Samsaengi as young Seok Sam-saeng

4.The Blade and Petal as Cho-hee

5.Empress Ki as young Ki Seung Nyang

6.” Eun-guk and the Ugly Duckling” as Eun-soo

7.My Spring Days as Kang Poo-reum

8.Hyde Jekyll, Me as young Jang Ha-na

9.Splendid Politics as Eun-seol

10.W as young Oh Yeon-Joo

11.The Cursed as Baek So-jin

12.Imitation as Lee Ma-ha

13.Doom at Your Service as So Nyeo-sin

She also plays a role in movies.

1.Daughter as young San

2.The Tiger: An Old Hunter’s Tale as Seon-yi

3.Parasite as Park Da-hye

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Lee Jun-Young  in Imitation Kdrama 2021:

Imitation Kdrama 2021 Cast name IS GIVEN BELOW.

He was born on 22 January 1997. He is a young man of 24 years old. He is a South Korean singer, rapper, and actor. Lee has a charming and stunning personality. He made his debut in 2014 as a member of U-KISS. He also played a role in dramas.

1.Avengers Social Club as Lee Soo-gyum

2.Goodbye to Goodbye as Han Min-soo

3.Class of Lies as Yoo Beom-jin

4.Good Casting as Kang Woo-won

5.Backstreet Rookie as Customer

6.Please Don’t Date Him as Jung Kook-hee

7.Imitation as Kwon Ryok


Lee also performs roles in movies.

1.More Painful than Sadness as Lee Yun-ho

2.Moral Sense as Jung Ji-hoo

Park Ji Yeon in Imitation Kdrama 2021:

She was born on 7 June 1993. Park is a South Korean actress and singer. She is a member of the girl group T-ara. She is famous for her role in Soul, Master of Study, Dream High 2Triangle, Never Ever.

Where can I watch Imitation Kdrama?

This series is presented by KBS2.

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