Hong Chun Gi Kdrama (Red Sky) Release Date & Cast Name 2021.

Hong Chun Gi Kdrama (Red Sky) Release Date, Cast Name & Summary Plot 2021

Hong Chun Gi Kdrama (Red Sky) Release Date & Cast Name 2021

Hong Chun Gi Kdrama (Red Sky) Release Date & Cast Name 2021.

Hong Chun Gi Kdrama (Red Sky) Release Date & Cast Name 2021.
Hong Chun Gi Kdrama (Red Sky) Release Date & Cast Name 2021.

Drama: Red Sky

Korean Title: Hong Chun Gi

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

Network: SBS

Director: Jang Tae Yoo

Writer: Kim Young Young

Country: South Korea

Language: Korean

Release Date: 2021

Season: 1

Aired: 2021

No.of Episodes:16

Hong Chun Gi Kdrama Cast Name

Kim Yoo Jung as Hong Chun Gi

Ahn Hyo Seop as Ha Ram

Support Cast:

Gong Myung as Prince An Pyeong

Kwak Shi Yang as Prince Soo Yang

Lee Bo Hee as Queen So Hun

Go Gyu Pil as Chung Ji Ki

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Hong Chun Gi Kdrama Summary Plot

Hong Chun Gi is a mystery and fantasy drama. It is a historical drama that shows the Joseon era.

Hong Chun Gi(Kim Yoo Jung) is an energetic and brilliant girl. She is a painter. She was born blind but later gained visibility.

Ha Ram(Ahn Hyo Seop)is a person who has lost his sight but despite this, he can read about the stars.

Prince An Pyeong(Gong Myung) has a charming and lively personality. He roams in search of beauty but inside he is lonely.

Prince Soo Yang(Kwak Shi Yang) is a confident and firm person. He wants to become King.

Hong Chun Gi Kdrama Release Date

Hong Chun Gi Kdrama is going to be released in 2021.

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Kim Yoo Jung in Hong Chun Gi Kdrama:

She was born on 22 September 1999. Kim is a charming girl of 21 years old. She is famous for her role in Angry Mom, Backstreet Rockie, and May Queen.

Kim Yoo Jung movies List:

1.DMZ as young Lee Soo-Hyun

2.Sympathy for Lady Vengeance as Yoo Jae-Kyung

3.All for Love as Kim Jin-ah

4.Forbidden Floor as Yeo Joo-hee

5.Lump Sugar as young Kim Shi-eun

6.Hwang Jin Yi as young Hwang Jini

7.Bank Attack as Yeon-hee

8.Rainbow Eyes as young Lee Yoon-seo

9.The Chaser as Yoo Eun-ji

10.Unforgettable as Jang Young-mi

11.Tidal  Wave as Kim Ji-min

12.Living Death as Ji-eun

13.Paradise as Im Hwa-ran

14.One Life as Narrator

15.The Nutcracker in 3D as Mary

16.Commitment as Ri Hye-in

17.Thread of Lies as Hwa-yeon

18.Room 731 as Wei

19.Circle of Atonement as Lee Jung-hyun

20.Because I Love You as Scully

21.Golden Slumber as Soo-ah

22.The 8th Night as Ae-ran

Kim Yoo-Jung drama List

1.Freezing Point as Choi Eun-Yi

2.Thank You Life as Yoo Hyun-Ji

3.”A Teddy Bear’s Smile” as Moon Ah-young

4.Princess Hours as young Shin Chae-kyeong

5.My Beloved Sister as Choi Ga-Eul

6.Belle as Jung Da-jung

7.Evasive Inquiry Agency as young Yoo Eun-Jae

8.New Heart as Yoon-ah

9.Iljimae as young Byun Eun-Chae

10.Formidable Rivals as Yoo Kkot-nim

11.Painter of the Wind as young Shin Yun-bok

12.Cain and Abel as young Kim Seo-Yeon

13.Queen Seondeok as Princess Cheonmyeong

14.Tamra, the Island as Jang Beo-seol

15.Temptation of an Angel as young Joo Ah-ran

16.Dong Yi as young Dong Yi

17.Road No. 1 as young Kim Soo-Yeon

18.Grudge: The Revolt of Gumiho as Yeon-Yi

19.Flames of Desire as young Yoon Na-young

20.Pure Pumpkin Flower as young Park Soon-Jung

21.Mom, I’m Sorry as Ga-young

22.Gyebaek as Ga-young

23.Moon Embracing the Sun as young Heo Yeon-woo

24.May Queen as young Chun Hae-joo

25.Golden Rainbow as young Kim Baek-won

26.”The Dirge Singer” as Yeon Shim

27.Secret Door as young Seo Ji-dam

28.Angry Mom as Oh Ah-ran

29.Love in the Moonlight as Hong Ra-on

30.Clean with Passion for Now as Gil Oh-sol

31.Backstreet Rookie as Jung Saet-byul

32.Red Sky as Hong Chun-gi

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Ahn Hyo Seop in Hong Chun Gi Kdrama

Ahn was born on 17 April 1995. He is a Korean singer and actor. He has become famous due to his role in the drama serial Abyss, Dr.romantic 2, and still 17.

Ahn Hyo Seop Drama List

1.Splash Splash Love as Park Yeon

2.One More Happy Ending as Ahn Jung-woo

3.Happy Home as Choi Chul-soo

4.Entertainer as Ji-noo

5.Three Color Fantasy – Queen of the Ring as Park Se-gun

6.My Father Is Strange as Park Chul-soo

7.Still 17 as Yoo Chan

8.Top Management as Hyun Soo-Yong

9.Abyss as Cha Min

10.Dr. Romantic 2 as Seo Woo-jin

11.Hong Chun Gi as Ha Ram

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