Braveness of the Ming Drama Release Date, Cast Name & Summary Plot 2022

Braveness of the Ming Drama Release Date, Cast Name & Summary Plot 2022


Drama: Braveness of the Ming

Country: China

Language: Chinese

Status: Upcoming


Producer: Feng Chen

Episodes: 30


Original Network: LeTV

Duration: 45 min.

Content Rating: Not Yet Rated

Screenwriter: Wei Li Jun, Bai Yi Cong

Director: Chung Shu Kai, Wong Chun Man

Genres: Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Drama

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Braveness of the Ming Drama Cast Name


Zhang Han as Xia Xun

Park Min Young as Xie Yu Fei

Jeremy Tsui as Ximen Jing

Shawn Wei as Ji Gang

Tony Chen as Zhu Di, King of Yan

Maggie Shiu as Queen of Xu

Janice Wu as Tang Sai Er

Song Yan Fei as Xu Ming Er

Liu Chang De as Luo Ke Di

Zhang He as Zhu Yun Wei

Zhang Xue Ying as Sun Miao Ge

Wang Xiu Zhu as Xiao Ying

Hao Ze Jia as Bai Yi Xai

Huang Zi Xi as Su Ying

Howie Huang as Zhu Yuan Zhang

Marco Li as Feng Xi Hui

Jeremy Qu as Zhu Gao Qi

Huang Tian Qi as Young Xia Xun

Vicky Chen as Xie Yu Fei [Young]

Zhang Shuo as Xie Shi Hao

Leon Lai as Meng Tian

Zhao Chong Yue as Xu Zeng. Shou

Yang Yu Lan as Lady Gui

Benson Wang as Zhang Shi San

Zhong Ming as Liu Xu

Zhao Yue as Gan Yu

Chen Yu Han as Prince Zhu Zhanji

Wang Yi Fan as Zhuo Lun

Luo Wei as Zhu Zhan Ji

Su Hai Rong as Treasurer of the Leather Goods Store

Liu Li Sheng in Support Role

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ReBraveness of the Ming Drama Release Date


The release date of this drama has not been decided yet.


Braveness of the Ming Drama Production


The shooting of this drama will start in 2022.

Braveness of the Ming Drama Summary Plot 2022


Xia Xun is an ordinary man. But he decided to stand up for the common folks when he saw Jinyiwei’s brutality, an imperial military secret police serving the Ming dynasty emperors in China. In his path, he met his future wife and brother who is a prince. His talent attracted the attention of Jinyiwei top brass. They trained him to become an elite Jinyiwei.

During this time the new king sat on the throne with an iron fist and tolerated no dissidents. When he saw people in miserable conditions he began covertly helping the prince to ascend the throne and restore peace to the country.

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Braveness of the Ming Drama Release Date, Cast Name & Summary Plot 2022
Braveness of the Ming Drama Release Date, Cast Name & Summary Plot 2022

Zhang Han as Xia Xun:


He is a Chinese actor, singer, host, and producer. He was born on October 6, 1984. Zhang will play the lead role of Xia Xun.

Zhang Han drama list:

Gentlemen Attention Please

Braveness of the Ming

Liu Guang Yin

Stay Young Stay Passion

The Rhapsody of a Summer Dream

Farewell to Arms

Saker Falco

One Boat, One World

Sunshine of My Life

If Paris Downcast

Here to Heart

The Legendary Tycoon

The Ten Deadly Sins

The Classic of Mountains and Seas

The Four

Gorgeous Workers

Boss & Me

A Different Kind of Pretty Man

Marry or Not?

The Queen of SOP II

Waiting to Bloom

Heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties


The Queen of SOP

The Secret History of Princess Tai Ping

War of Desire

Fall in Love

Wind Song

Let’s Watch the Meteor Shower Again

Let’s Go Watch Meteor Shower

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Park Min Young as Xie Yu Fei:


She was born on 4 March 1986. Park is 35 years old. She is a famous Korean actress. She started her career through a commercial in 2005. Then she played the role in k drama high kick. She continued to appear in minor roles like in drama gangsters, I am Sam, Gumiho, and Hometown of Legends.  But she got popular with her historical drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal in 2010. PARK Min-Young is most popular with her role in City Hunter alongside Hallyu star Lee Min Ho, Healer alongside Ji Chang Wook, and What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim alongside Park SEO jun.

Pak appears in a movie named The Cat as So-Yeon.

She appeared in the following dramas.

High Kick! as Kang Yoo-mi

I Am Sam as Yoo Eun-byul

Hometown of Legends as Lee Myung-ok

Ja Myung Go as Princess Ra-hee

Running, Gu as Moon Haeng-joo

Sungkyunkwan Scandal as Kim Yoon-hee

City Hunter as Kim Na-na

Glory Jane as  Yoon Jae-in

Dr. Jin as Yoo Mi-na

A New Leaf  as Lee Ji-yoon

Healer as Chae Young-shin

Remember as Lee In-a

Queen for Seven Days as Shin Chae-kyung

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim as Kim Mi-so

Her Private Life as Sung Duk-mi

When the Weather Is Fine as Mok Hae-won

Braveness of the Ming as  Xie Yu Fei

City of Time as Xu Zhen

She appeared in the following music video.

“Don’t Say Goodbye”

“Haru Haru”

“Love Story”

She appears in the following TV series.

33rd Golden Disc Awards


Jeremy Tsui as Ximen Jing:


He is a Korean actor. He was born on May 5, 1985. Jeremy will play the role of Ximen Jing.

Jeremy Tsui drama list:

Braveness of the Ming

Yan Yu Fu

Zao Zuo Shi Guang

Be My Princess

Chong Zi

Loving the Earth


Novoland: The Castle in the Sky 2

Fairyland Lovers

Ten Years Late

Return the World to You

Legend of the Phoenix

Guardian Angel

Gossip High

The Taoism Grandmaster

Siege in Fog

The Legend of Dugu


The Legend of Flying Daggers

My Stupid Cute Husband

Four Ladies

The Virtuous Queen of Han

Brave Lover


The Spies

Painted Skin II – Hua Pi

Waking Love Up


Love Is Divine

My Daughter

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