Asur Season 2 Confirmed Release Date, Cast Name, Plot & More Updates 2022

Asur Season 2 Confirmed? Release Date, Cast Name, Plot & More Updates 2022

Asur Season 2 Confirmed? Release Date, Cast Name, Plot & More Updates 2022

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Date for the release of ASUR 2: If Asur is successful in becoming the most well-known Indian over-the-top (OTT) platform, it will eventually have a greater reputation in the Web Series World. We are counting down the days till the release of the second season of Asur and can’t wait to dive in! Keep a look out for it, and make sure you appreciate the thrilling and tense narrative when you do find it. IMDb users gave the first season of the web series “Meth” an 8.5/10 rating, reflecting the show’s widespread acclaim and admiration. In the next second season, the creators of the show intend to introduce some novel approaches to the methods they use.

The majority of fans are wondering when the second season of Asur will be released when it will begin airing, who will be in it, and a variety of other facts. Because we want you to have the most up-to-date information possible regarding Asur Season 2, we have included all of that specific data on this page.

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Asur Season 2

Oni Sen is responsible for the production of the special project known as the Asur Web Series. He worked closely with the original Asur OTT series’ creators, Gaurav Shukla and Vibhav Shikdar, on this endeavour. Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, Anupriya Goenka, Ridhi Dogra, and Amey Wagh are set to star in the upcoming second season of the drama series Asur, which will be produced by Ding Entertainment and Viacom 18 Studios.

The second season of Asur will feature the continued participation of both Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti. The upcoming second season of the Netflix show Asur is being promoted as a psychological thriller that will be significantly more interesting than the first season was. Given the popularity of Asur, we were anticipating that the second season will premiere not long after the first episode of the first season. However, in light of the numerous obstacles (including Covid19), it was determined that the event should be delayed.

Asur Season 2 Overview

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Show Name Asur 2
Streaming Partner Voot
OTT Release Date June-July 2022
Trailor Date May 2022
Article Category Entertainment
Star Cast Arshad Warsi, Barun Sobti, Anupriya Goenka, Ridhi Dogra
Director Oni Sen
Languages Hindi

What is asur season 2 voot?

The first episode of the Indian web series Asur was released on voot in the year 2020. A continuation of the original show Asur, titled Ausr 2, is scheduled to begin airing in the year 2022. You owe it to yourself to check out this programme if you enjoy suspenseful television series.

Asur Season 2 Release Date

Because of the widespread COVID-19 outbreak, production on the second season of a certain television series had to be put on hold. According to the most current rumours, filming is practically finished at this point, which suggests that shooting may have concluded not too long ago. The filming locations for the second season were Varanasi, Manali, and Delhi. In January of 2022, Barun Sobti wrapped up filming the second season of the show.

All of the fans are really enthusiastic about Asur Season 2 and are waiting for Voot to announce when it will be available to stream. Expect the second season of Asur to premiere sometime between June and July of 2022. This is the estimated release date. Although there has been no official announcement regarding when it will be made available, we have a strong suspicion that it will be made available in the very near future.

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Asur 2 Star cast & Crew

Arshad Warsi Dhananjay Rajput
Barun Sobti Nikhil Nair
Anupriya Goenka Naina Nair
Nidhi Dogra Nusrat Saeed
Ame Wagh Rasool Sheikh
Pawan Chopra Shashank Awasthi
Vishesh Bansal Teen Shubh Joshi
Gaurav Arora Kesar Bhardawaj
Anvita Sudarshan Raina Singh
Nishank Verma Samarth Ahuja
Archak Chhabra Aditya Jalan
Aditya Lal Moksh
Deepak Qazir Neelkanth Joshi
Bondip Sarma Ankit Sharma
Jayant Raina Radhacharan Joshi
Sunayna Baile Lolark’s Wife
Jay Zaveri Sajid Sheikh


Created by
  • Gaurav Shukla
  • Vibhav Shikdar
Developed by
  • Ding Entertainment
  • Viacom 18 Studios
Written by
  • Gaurav Shukla
  • Niren Bhatt
  • Abhijeet Khuman
  • Pranay Patwardhan
Director Oni Sen
Producer Tanveer Bookwala
Production company Ding Entertainment
Distributor Voot

Asur Season 2 Plot

In the first season of the show, we saw a CBI team led by forensic officer Nikhil Nair (Barun Sobti), together with Dhananjay Rajpoot, play a cat and mouse game with a ruthless serial killer (Arshad Warsi). The continuation of the “sur-asur” or “good versus. bad” game in the second season of the show promises to make for a more interesting viewing experience than in the first season.

In the upcoming season, we will watch as a group of investigators try to foil the plans of a gang of murderers and other violent offenders who are working together. The upcoming season is going to live up to the hype of the first one since it will introduce a brand new cast of characters who will face off against the forces of darkness.

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Asur 2 Voot Official Trailer

On this website, you are able to view Asur Season 1 in the interim until the publication of the second season of the ASUR Trailer.

Asur 2 Release Date & Time

The second episode of the popular Web Series known as Asur was released on March 2, 2020. It gained a significant amount of popularity after the launch of only a few episodes, and it has now got its new season, which is known as Season 2. The fans of Asur are quite enthusiastic about the upcoming second season, and they are eager to learn when it will be released. According to the information that we have, the release of Asur Season 2 is anticipated to take place sometime in the year 2022.

Asur Season 2 Confirmed Release Date, Cast Name, Plot & More Updates 2022
Asur Season 2 Confirmed Release Date, Cast Name, Plot & More Updates 2022

When will be Release ASUR Season 2 Online?

The second season of Asur is now one of the television shows that is generating the most buzz on social media. However, episodes are being released one after the other right now. The full version won’t be available until 2022. The storyline of Asur Season 2 continues to captivate viewers, and those viewers are always searching for fresh episodes of the show. Fans of Asur Season 2 are likely to have a higher level of interest in the show as a result of its riveting storyline. The highly-anticipated second season of the hit show Asur is going to be released very soon.

How can I watch asur season 2 voot online?

A number of channels and pieces of content can be accessed through the use of the online streaming service known as Voot. You can access it in India, and it features content from a diverse assortment of categories, such as films, television shows, sporting events, musical performances, and more.

In order to watch Asur Season 2 online, you will need to have a connection to the internet as well as a current Indian identification card or passport. As soon as you have these things, you will be able to create a free account and immediately begin streaming your preferred channels.


The Voot app also enables users to watch live streaming events as well as videos while they are on the go. The application can be downloaded on mobile devices running either Android or iOS.

Faq’s About Asur

Is it worthwhile to watch the Asur web series that’s available on Voot Select?

The Voot Select online series Asur is one that you should really consider watching. Asur, a web series produced by Voot Select, has a high production value and boasts acting of the highest calibre. Additionally, it is intriguing and exciting, making it difficult to turn away from the screen.

Who does the title character of the online series ‘Asur’ actually portray?

In the most recent episode, Rasool took Lolark to the location where Nikhil had been taken captive, and when Lolark found Shubh’s notebook, Shubh recounted an experience from his youth for Lolark. He describes how, when he was in school, he was found cheating on an exam and his teacher failed him, despite the fact that he requested his teacher that he will study more the next time. It was already established in the series that even as a youngster, Shubh possessed amazing qualities, therefore this point is not new information. Even at such an early age, he had the entire Bhagavad Gita committed to memory. And it was written in the stars for him to achieve great success. I don’t believe that Rasool is Shubh since it is highly improbable for a person like him to engage in dishonesty and to perform poorly on an examination. In any case, he did not admit it in any part of the show. Perhaps the other person, the genuine Shubh, had written in the diary that he possessed.

Where can I find the second season of Asur to watch online for free?

On Voot Select, you are able to watch the second season of Asur for free online. (Via Trail)

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