Alien Korean Movie (2021) Release Date & Cast Name

Alien Korean Movie (2021) Confirmed Release Date & Cast Name

Alien Korean Movie (2021) Confirmed Release Date & Cast Name

Alien Korean Movie (2021) Release Date & Cast Name.

Alien Korean Movie (2021) Release Date & Cast Name
Alien Korean Movie (2021) Release Date & Cast Name

Genre: Movie

Movie: Sci-Fi, Thriller

Title: Alien

Language: Korean

Country: South Korea

Writer:  Choi Dong Hoon

Director:  Choi Dong Hoon

Release Date: 2021

Season: 1

Status: Upcoming

Alien Korean Movie (2o21) Cast Name

Ryoo Joon-Yeol

Kim Tae-Ri

So Ji-Sub

Kim Woo-Bin

Yum Jung-Ah

Lee Ha-Nee

Jo Woo-Jin

Kim Eui-Sung

Yoo Jae-Myung

Alien Korean Movie (2021) Summary Plot

Alien is a South Korean upcoming movie. This movie is about an Alien who exists in this world inside humans. Alien Korean Movie (2021) is the story of a young man who is the main character of this movie and Alien who is the point of this movie living together.

Alien Korean Movie (2021) Release Date

Alien Koraen Movie (2021) release date is not confirmed yet. However, the movie will be released at the end of 2021. The alien main lead actress is currently working on a drama project Twenty Five Twenty One which is going to be released on 31 December 2021.

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So Ji-Sub:

So Ji-Sub is a South Korean actor and model. He was born on 4, November 1977. So is also a Korean wrapper. In his childhood, he practiced hard to become a swimmer. At the age of 11, he won the bronze medal on the Korean national team. His parents got divorced when he was very young. So has a younger sister. At first, he has no intention to become a celebrity. He wants to become a model because of a famous hip-hop singer named Kim Sung-Jae.

He said he only wants to become a swimmer and rapper. He also said that he joined the modeling profession because modeling is a source of income. In 2019 so Ji sub announced his relationship with former reporter Jo Eun-Jung. This was the first time in his whole acting career when he talked about his relationship. After he announced that they had completed their marriage process.

So Ji Sub Drama List:

My Secret, Terrius

Oh My Venus

Warm and Cozy

The Master’s Sun


Road No. 1


Cain and Abel

Sorry, I Love You

Memories of Bali

Love of Thousands Years

Glass Slippers

We Are Dating Now

Law Firm

Delicious Proposal

Long Way

Cheers for the Women

8 Love Stories

Three Guys and Three Girls


So Ji-Sub Movie List:



Be with You

The Battleship Island

The Throne

A Company Man


Sophie’s Revenge

Rough Cut

Gegege no Kitaro: Kitaro and the Millennium Curse

Can’t Live Without Robbery

Kim Tae Ri:

Kim Tae Ri is a South Korean actress and model. She was born in Seoul and has a younger brother. Her brother is two years older than her.  Kim was born on 24 April 1990. Kim Tae Ri majored in media communication. She started her acting career at the age of 20 while studying and working a part-time job.

Kim Tae Ri Drama List:

Mr. Sunshine


Twenty Five Twenty One

Kim Tae Ri Movie List:


Space Sweepers

Little Forest

1987: When The Day Comes

Moon Young

The Handmaiden

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Kim Woo Bin:

Kim woo bin is a South Korean actor and model. His born name was Kim Hyun Jung. Kim woo bin was born on July 16, 1989. Kim was born in South Korea. He has had a modeling passion since his childhood. Kim debuted as a model at the age of 20 as a runway model. He also acted in many dramas and movies. After so many support roles he got the main lead role in a drama Uncontrollably Fond alongside famous Korean actress Suzy Bae. Kim has a close friendship with Korean actor lee Jung suk. In 2015 he announced that he has a relationship with Korean actress and model Shin Min-a.

Kim Woo-Bin Drama List:

Uncontrollably Fond

The Heirs

School 2013

To The Beautiful You

Gentleman’s Dignity

Vampire Idol

Drama Special Series: White Christmas

Kim Woo-Bin Movie List:





The Con Artists

Friend, The Great Legacy

Runway Cop

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