A Young Couple Drama Cast, Plot, Trailer & More 2023

A Young Couple Drama Cast, Plot, Trailer & More 2023

A Young Couple Drama Cast, Plot, Trailer & More 2023

  • Drama: A Young Couple
  • Country: China
  • Language: Chinese
  • Status: Upcoming
  • Season: 1
  • Episodes: 40
  • Airs:
  • Duration: 45 min.
  • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
  • Native Title: 加油!小夫妻
  • Also Known As: Jia You Xiao Fu Qi, Come On! Young Couple
  • Director: Liu Xin
  • Genres: Romance, Life, Family

A Young Couple Drama Cast

Jiao Jun Yan as Tang Xin

Yin Zheng as Li Yan

Cao Xi Wen in Support Role

Zhang Xiao Qian in Support Role

An Yue Xi in Support Role

Zhao Xin as Jiang Hong

Liu Yi Jun in Support Role

Kenneth Tsang in Support Role

Calvin Li in Support Role

Zhao Da in Support Role

Zhang Yi Hang as Liu Xin

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A Young Couple Drama Release Date

The release date of this drama is not decided still.

A Young Couple Drama Production

The shooting of this drama will start soon.

A Young Couple Drama Trailer

The trailer for this drama has not been out yet.

A Young Couple Drama Plot

Tang Xin and Li Yan are a couple that met in the post-90s. They went against the desires of their parents and were married on the day that they received their diplomas, and soon after that, they had a kid together. The two embarked on their journey into their new identities as working parents all by themselves, without the assistance or support of their own parents. Both of them put in a lot of effort at their professions in order to further their careers, and at the same time, they had to deal with taking turns caring for the child. Both of them suffered difficulties as a result of their inability to adequately combine their career and family responsibilities.

Despite their best efforts, the situation escalated beyond their ability to control it. It appeared as though Tang Xin was on the verge of completely losing it, and Li Yan’s demeanor began to shift. The formerly affectionate pair finally chose to end their marriage after a series of disagreements drove a wedge between them.

Following the end of their relationship, the two of them discussed the highlights and low points of their lives as well as their professional lives. Their lives start to improve as they make the decision to gain wisdom from their past errors and to encourage and help one another through the process.

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