Who is Zhao Lusi Boyfriend Zhao Lusi Ex-Boyfriend & Ideal Type

Who is Zhao Lusi Boyfriend? Zhao Lusi Ex-Boyfriend & Ideal Type

Who is Zhao Lusi Boyfriend? Zhao Lusi Ex-Boyfriend & Ideal Type

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Who Is Zhao Lusi?

Zhao Lusi, better known by her stage name Rosy Zhao, is a well-known Chinese actress, singer, and model who was born in Taiwan. It was her roles in Love Better Than Immortality, Oh My Emperor, The Romance of Tiger and Rose, and Dating in the Kitchen that brought her the most attention as an actor. Before continuing on to complete her doctoral study at Mingdao University in Taiwan, she graduated from the local private school, which she had attended for her undergraduate education.

Zhao Lusi Height

Despite her height of 5 feet 4 inches, she has not gained much weight. Despite her rising fame in China’s entertainment industry, Lusi has remained tight-lipped about her personal life, including her family and her earnings. Zhao Lusi, on the other hand, is about half a head shorter than Guan Xiaotong and regularly wears high heels in costume plays. She is one of Guan Xiaotong’s co-stars. She has a more alluring presence than Zhao Liying. It is easier to observe Reba’s long hair on both sides of her face, and the story may cause her figure to vary. Her face is large, but it is still appealing with little makeup, and the fact that she dresses in traditional clothing makes her a better candidate for historical garb.

Zhao Lusi Age

Zhao Lusi was born on November 9th, 1998 in the city of Chengdu, which is located in the province of Sichuan in China. This brings her age up to 23 at the present time. Zhao Lusi is still developing her acting skills and gaining experience, despite the fact that she is still relatively young. Zhao Lusi is regarded as one of the most alluring and beautiful actors in China. She is this year’s recipient of the Annual Network Potential Actor Award presented by the Third Jinguduo Online Film and Television Festival.

In addition, the Douyin Star Motion Night bestowed upon her the titles of “Shining Artist of the Year” and “Second Session of the Screen-fusion Broadcast and Screen-fusion Vitality Actor.” Both of these honors were bestowed upon her. The historical play was marked by the amazing performance given by Zhao Lusi. Oh! She was awarded the Newcomer medal at the Golden Bud due to the success of My Emperor. Additionally, the “Best Actress Award” was given to Zhao Lusi at the 7th Annual Hengdian Film and Television Awards. At the Tencent Video Star Awards, she has bestowed the title of “Breakthrough TV Actor of the Year.”

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Zhao Lusi Biography

Specifications Details
Name Zhao Lusi
Nick Name Rosy Zhao
Profession Actress, Singer, Model
Date of Birth 9 November 1998
Age (2021) 23 years
Birth Place Chengdu, Sichuan, China
Nationality Chinese
Hometown Taiwan, China
College Mingdao University in Taiwan.
Debut 2016-Super Girl
Height 5 feet 5 inches (1.65 m)
Weight 46 kg (101 lbs)
Relationship Status Single/unmarried
Boyfriend NA
Net Worth $4 million


Zhao Lusi Birthday

On November 9th, 2022, Zhao Lusi will be celebrating her 24th birthday with her family and friends. After graduating from the Southwest Jiaotong University Affiliated Middle School in Chengdu, Zhao decided to pursue his education at MingDao University. Zhao was brought into the world and raised by her business-owning father and stay-at-home mother. Recently, actress Zhao Lusi made a surprise post on social media on the afternoon of Yang Yang’s birthday, in which she included a picture of a miniature birthday cake.

From what can be gleaned from the provided information, it would appear that Zhao Lusi’s cake was also manufactured by a coffee shop and sold under her own name. Although Zhao Lusi did not provide any additional details, it is obvious from a closer look at the photo of the cake that there is a lamb-shaped doll present in the image. In addition to that, it seems to have writing in English that says “happy birthday.” In light of this, many people questioned whether or not Zhao Lusi was celebrating Yang Yang’s birthday.

Zhao Lusi Career

This is currently being looked into, and very soon, you can expect to see an update with additional details. Zhao’s lifelong dream was to have a successful career in the acting industry. She got her start in the industry by competing in the Hunan TV Super Girl 2016 selection, and the following year, she began hosting the variety show Huo Xing Qing Bao Ju. Her career has since gone from strength to strength. It wasn’t until 2017 that she made her debut in the film industry when she appeared in the romantic drama “Untouchable Lovers.” Zhao Lusi had her first major role in the time-traveling historical drama Oh! My Emperor, which was also her debut performance.

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Zhao Lusi Boyfriend

On the internet, there are rumors circulating about who her boyfriends are. The names of these individuals are Liu Yitong, Li Hongyi, and Ding Yuxi. In particular, Li Hongyi was nearly unanimously agreed upon by internet users to be Zhao Lusi’s (Rosy Zhaolover. )’s

They have played a charming pair in the television dramas “Prodigy Healer” and “Love’s Better Than Immortality,” both of which they worked on together.

On set, they had several personal exchanges with one another. They appeared to be having a wonderful time when they had supper together. On Weibo, Zhao Lusi once inquired of Li Hongyi about his feelings for her. Because of this, many Internet users began to question the legitimacy of their connections.

They both chose to remain silent in reaction to the gossip that was going on. However, followers of Zhao Lusi have refuted the allegation, stating that the actress and her admirers were only trying to promote their next drama. Before making her debut, Zhao Lusi, sometimes known as Rosy Zhao, really dated someone in the past. An old photo of the user and her ex-boyfriend, in which they are both dressed in what appears to be a couple’s clothing, was recently shared on the internet by a member of the public. They have such a cute appearance.

Who is Zhao Lusi Boyfriend Zhao Lusi Ex-Boyfriend & Ideal Type
Who is Zhao Lusi Boyfriend Zhao Lusi Ex-Boyfriend & Ideal Type

However, the presence of his boyfriend left everyone feeling downhearted. Because of this, this photograph has generated a lot of negative feedback online. It is reported that they attended the same university at the same time while Zhao Lusi was in Taiwan at that time for his education. The young man works as a DJ in a nightclub. At this point in her career, Zhao Lusi is just getting started. At this time, she should not be involved with anyone romantically.

Zhao Lusi ideal Type

In an interview, Zhao Lusi, also known as Rosy Zhao, disclosed her ideal type as follows: Her perfect sort of lover would have the sense of humor of Wang Yilun, the gentleness of Xiao Zhan, the loveliness of Wu Junyu, and the deceitfulness of Li Hongyi.

Ding Yuxi and Zhao Lusi Relationship

And not too long ago, a poster promoting the second season of “The Romance of Tiger and Rose 2” was published on the show’s official Weibo account. It caused a lot of admirers to get thrilled! The viewers have demanded that it must be starred by the original cast, and the official has agreed.

Chen Qian Qian was played by Zhao Lusi, who is known for her beauty and intelligence, in the first season of “The Romance of Tiger and Rose,” while Ding Yuxi was known for his role as Han Shuo, a gentleman.

In the course of the play, the two of them evolved from being adversaries to allies in the effort to resolve the conflict that had arisen between the two cities, and they had a love that was both amusing and endearing.

Both during and after the drama, the way in which they engage with one another is quite romantic. These two fresh faces have already established themselves as screen CP. Because of this drama, Ding yuxi and Zhao Lusi became friends after first meeting one other. Because Zhao Lusi has such a kind and kind demeanor, it is not difficult for her to make friends with the people she works with.

The set of the play maintained a pretty peaceful environment during the shooting of it. With Zhao Lusi aboard, the crew experienced an overwhelming sense of joy. What are your thoughts on the couple consisting of Ding Yuxi and Zhao Lusi? The truth of the matter is that they see each other very infrequently. Recently, it was discovered by some internet users that Zhao Lusi and Ding Yuxi attended the same event but did not speak to one another during their time there.

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Ding Yuxi and Zhao Lusi Relationship

Their names appear on a party list, but they have collaborated with other individuals to form a cp in order to put on performances.

They did not have the chance to put on the performance together when it was offered to them. People are wondering if the main actors in “The Romance of Tiger and Rose 2” will be different from those in the first film.

The predicament that we are in may be comprehended. In the end, supporters of the drama and admirers of Ding Yuxi got into a brawl with each other.

Ding Yuxi and Zhao Lusi were rarely seen together in public. They are so upset with one other that they have decided not to attend the celebration together. It is because of attitudes like these that they are not allowed to be CP. However, the CP fans shouldn’t feel too bad about this development. Actors are unable to collaborate with only one other partner at a time. Chen Qianqian and Han Shuo arrived in the present period at the conclusion of the first season of the show. They did not suffer from amnesia in any way. The later episodes are still something that should be anticipated.

After “The Romance of Tiger and Rose 2” was finally given its own official announcement, rumors about Ding Yuxi’s comeback have been spreading like wildfire ever since. The best possible outcome is that Zhao Lusi and Ding Yuxi will be able to participate in the second season.

Zhao Lusi and Leo Wu Lei Relationship

In point of fact, they have just recently worked together on the production of two dramas and several advertisements; in private, they may merely be friends.

Their CP is incredibly great for viewers to ship, and they also do a wonderful job of cooperating with one another and working together when the drama is being promoted.

Zhao Lusi and Leo Wu Lei Relationship

However, there is no requirement for it to “bind” them together behind closed doors. It is sufficient for the time being so long as they continue to enjoy their time spent working together.

Whether they will or will not go on to have a love connection in the future is something that the performers have decided to keep between themselves. Their followers ought to honor and bless them.

What do you think about that? Please don’t hesitate to remark on this.

Yang Yang And Zhao Lusi Relationship

Fans were taken aback when they found out that Zhao Lusi would be playing the female protagonist. In any case, the fact that she was cast as the main female character in the drama indicates that her popularity is certainly on the rise. Her resources have gotten better. In particular, when the most recent photo of Yang Yang and Rosy Zhao in a behind-the-scenes setting was revealed, internet users said, “It’s so cute, I ship the CP, there is something between them!”

It is clear from the images taken behind the scenes that Yang Yang and Zhao Lusi have a very amicable connection with one another. During the time when they weren’t filming, they were joking about, laughing, and generally having a great time; this confirmed that the earlier rumors of dissension were unfounded. We have to admit that the filmmaker had a great excellent vision since they are a really wonderful match for one another.

Who Rules The World will be the first project that Zhao Lusi and Yang Yang have worked on together, and we can’t wait to see what kind of visual treat they have in store for us.

Some people on the Internet have even speculated that Yang Yang could have developed romantic feelings for Zhao Lusi as a result of the drama.

Yang Yang And Zhao Lusi Relationship

An earlier incident between Yang Yang and Rosy Zhao in which Yang Yang sprayed mosquito repellent on Rosy Zhao has been trending on the Internet and has caused a heated controversy among fans and internet users. At the time, a number of users on the website believed Yang Yang and Zhao were romantically involved.

On the other hand, fans have disproved the myth that they are only friends with each other. They share several interactions throughout the play due to the fact that they are the play’s protagonist and antagonist, respectively. Therefore, they must have a very healthy connection, and it’s not unusual for them to engage in conversation during their breaks.

However, some Internet users continue to assert that Yang Yang has a significantly different attitude regarding Rosy Zhao. Acting became a preoccupation for him and other female artists as well. However, it appears like he is experiencing genuine joy when working with Zhao Lusi. It is conceivable that Yang Yang has feelings for Zhao Lusi since when they met, Yang Yang transformed into a large guy very immediately.

Rosy Zhao had excellent care from Yang Yang, who cozily assisted her in styling her hair and rescued her in a timely manner whenever she fell to the ground.

While Rosy Zhao was instructing Yang Yang in dancing, Yang Yang also brought mobile phones up near her so that she could listen to the voice on them. People have formed the opinion that they are an attractive pair based on their interactive photographs.

How are Rosy Zhao Lusi and Yang Yang are connected to one another? Is it true that they are seeing each other?

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