Wu Xing Shi Jia Drama Cast, Plot, Trailer & More 2023

Wu Xing Shi Jia Drama Cast, Plot, Trailer & More 2023

Wu Xing Shi Jia Drama Cast, Plot, Trailer & More 2023

  • Drama: Wu Xing Shi Jia
  • Country: China
  • Language: Chinese
  • Status: Upcoming
  • Season: 1
  • Episodes: 12
  • Airs:
  • Original Network: Youku
  • Content Rating: Not Yet Rated
  • Native Title: 五行世家
  • Also Known As: Five Great Thieves, 五大贼王, Wu Da Zei Wang, The Family of the Five Elements
  • Director: Ju Xing Mao
  • Genres: Historical, Wuxia, Fantasy
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Wu Xing Shi Jia Drama Cast

Darren Wang as Huo Xiao Xie

Ren Min as Shui Yao Er

Zhao Hua Wei as Zheng Ze Dao

Wang Xiu Zhu as Hei San Bian

Tan Xiao Fan as Lin Wan

Wang Ruo Lin as Yan Jing Tian

Hei Zi as Zhang Si Ye [Fourth Master]

Ju Xing Mao as Innkeeper Qian

Xing Min Shan as Mr. Zhou

Zhao Liang as San Zhi Liu

Huang Hai Bing as Shui Wang

Zhang Shuang Li as Mu Wang

Wang Shuo as Huo Wang

Li Yuan Bing in Support Role

Wu Xing Shi Jia Drama Release Date

The release date of this drama is still not decided.

Wu Xing Shi Jia Drama Production

The shooting of this drama will start soon.

Wu Xing Shi Jia Drama Trailer

The trailer for this drama has not been out yet.

Wu Xing Shi Jia Drama Plot

This book tells the tale of Huo Xiao Xie, an orphan who lived in the market and was coerced into becoming engaged in a dangerous world. In order to obtain the experience necessary to safeguard those around him during times of peril, he gave birth to death on several occasions and fought against the powers of darkness. Last but not least, the market’s high-burning tale of life and brightness is infused with the blood and experience of the trade.

In the early years of the Republic of China, the globe was in a state of complete anarchy, and the warlords dominated. The enigmatic treasure, which consisted of jade beads, was being sought by tens of thousands of people. The beads started turning up in rivers and lakes. It is said that all of the hints concerning the “five elements holy kings” that represent the throne have been locked away. Students on the progressive side of the political spectrum and revolutionaries began a campaign to conserve national treasures centered on jade pearls and a bell called the “Holy King Ding.” The Central Plains martial arts, which are led by the family of the Five Elements, have given a good response and are resolved to wipe out Zhang Si Ye and Zhang Si Ye, who are dedicated to restoration and regression.

The Chinese national treasure was stolen by members of the Japanese Black Dragon Association. Huo Xiao Xie was dragged into it due to his own faults, and he had to safeguard the national treasure the whole way through, which presented him with a variety of challenges, threats, and perils. He overcame the challenges with the use of his compassion, justice, cunning, and vigilance, and in the end, he was successful in integrating the family of the five components, thus creating the family of the five elements. A dependable army in the revolutionary fight to drive the Tartars out of China and restore the country’s former glory.

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