Who is William Shatner Spouse in 2023 Everything About His Personal Life

Who is William Shatner Spouse in 2023? Everything About His Personal Life

Who is William Shatner Spouse in 2023? Everything About His Personal Life

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While William Shatner has not yet fully explored the frontier of matrimony, space itself is considered to be the final frontier. Get to know the ladies who have referred to the ‘Star Trek’ legend as their ‘spouse.’

In an interview that took place in 2021 with CBC Radio, William Shatner stated that “loneliness is intrinsic to human beings.” “In a lot of ways, we are all by ourselves. Despite the fact that there are other individuals around us, we are currently by ourselves. Religious people often respond to this question with, “Well, there’s God.” And God is there with you, serving as a kind of spiritual father.’ And I, for one, do not subscribe to that theory.

I am envious of those who can. I believe that after we pass away, our bodies are decomposed and we are reborn somewhere else in the universe. And enter the universe he did, becoming the oldest human ever to venture into space in October of 2021 at the age of 90 years old. He called his flight in Jeff Bezos’ New Shepard spaceship “the most profound experience.”

Throughout his life, Shatner has struggled with feelings of isolation, yet he has been blessed with the companionship of four cherished wives: Gloria Rand, Marcy Lafferty, Nerine Kidd, and Elizabeth Anderson Martin. And despite the fact that all of his marriages came to an end, his love for each of his wives will endure even beyond the stars. Take a look at the women that the iconic character from Star Trek has wed.

William Shanter Spouse Gloria Rand

Between the years of 1956 and 1969, William Shatner was married to his first wife, Gloria Rand, who was also a Canadian. William first came into contact with Gloria while working on the screenplay Dreams for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). “While I was in Toronto… I was working on television, movies, and writing.” Shatner stated in an interview with the Archive of American Television in 1999 that he had written a television drama in which he had cast the woman who would later become his wife and the mother of his three children. “I cast her in the role,” Shatner added. Shatner’s first wife was a “beautiful, doe-like woman” who lived on “the edge of the meadow of life,” according to Shatner’s description of her.

After a period of four months, the couple was engaged. They held their wedding in the home in Toronto where her parents had raised her. They would have three daughters over the course of the following decade: Leslie Shatner (born in 1958), Lisabeth Shatner (born in 1961), and Melanie Shatner (b. 1964).

In an interview with The Guardian in 2014, William Shatner said, “I must have been a hands-on dad because that’s what my children tell me.” “In my perspective, I was gone a lot of the time because I was working hard to make a living, so it makes me happy that my children believe that they are who they are now as a result of my impact on them and my sense of being there for them – even though it was just on the weekends.”

Shatner admitted in his autobiography that he was not very good at being married. He published these words in 2008. In the 1960s, he experienced a surge of success in his professional life, and he believed that this altered the dynamic of his relationship with her. “While I was on my way to stardom, she remained committed to our marriage. “And playing the role of a star’s wife is not a very pleasant one to portray for an actor since it requires a lot of emotional manipulation.”

He wrote, “I was working so hard to support my family and resented Gloria because I was getting so little joy out of my marriage,” adding that his wife “probably [had] many reasons” to resent him and that he “probably [had] many reasons” to resent her. “I resented Gloria because I was getting so little joy out of my marriage,” he said “Gloria stayed home with our girls, and it appeared like fresh and attractive — and seemingly accessible — ladies showed up on the set each week,” Gloria said. “It felt like each week a different woman was available.”

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William Shanter Spouse Gloria Rand

The emotional and physical separation brought on by Shatner’s work on Star Trek ultimately proved to be too much for the couple’s marriage to withstand. The couple finalized their separation in 1969.

Marcy Lafferty

Through his work, Shatner was able to find his second wife. They were both given roles in The Anderson Trial, which was a television adaptation of a stage play written by Saul Levitt in 1959 and shown in 1970. “I was at the bottom of my luck, and [director] George C. Scott wanted a female to run lines with the actors even though it was an all-male cast,” she said. And since Bill’s role was more significant than that of Hamlet, he was the only person who wanted to practice his lines with me. Lafferty revealed this information to the Washington Post in 1991. “And I fell in lust with him.” 1973 was the year when the pair tied the knot.

Lafferty can hold her own as an actress in her own right. She had roles in a number of television shows, including Hawaii Five-O, Bronk, and Barnaby Jones, among others. She had a role in Shatner’s series TJ Hooker, which aired in the 1980s, and in Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which was released in 1979. She also played the title part in the film Vivien Leigh, which was released in 2002.

The Washington Post, on the other hand, pointed out that Shatner and Lafferty both had a strong interest in the breeding of horses. “These horses are purposefully allowed to remain a little bit wild, and if you are not an experienced rider, you should not attempt to ride them. In an interview with the Washington Post, Shatner described how “being at one with a horse as passionate as that is to have an epiphany.” “They’re just like these amazing diva singers. In other words, they are on par with Maria Callas and Baryshnikov,” Lafferty elaborated.

In 1996, William Shatner and Marcy Lafferty finalized their separation after nearly twenty years of marriage. According to what Shatner said in his memoirs, “The breakdown of our marriage was most certainly not her fault.” When it comes to the dissolution of a marriage, it takes two people to tangle. And I did what was expected of me. I can confidently say that I did my part.”

“The reality of some relationships is that a husband and wife grow apart over the course of time,” he continued to say. “Their requirements and inclinations shifted. Marcy was aware of this truth, and she once shared her insight with a reporter, stating, “Life took us apart, and it was time to move on.”

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Marcy Lafferty

Their shared passion for horses would later become a point of contention years after their divorce when Marcy would sue him for “breach of contract over breeding privileges of three American saddlebred stallions,” as reported by the Associated Press. She asserted that they had an arrangement for him to supply sperm from three of their horses in a “freshly cooled format,” and that his decision to give her the sperm “in frozen form is inappropriate.”… The frozen state of the sperm is something that prospective purchasers of breeding privileges do not want.

In 1994, William Shatner told the New York Times that he still possessed the same level of “anger, rage, desire, and sensuality” as he did when he was 20 years old. “In every sense of the word, Star Trek has been an inspiration and a pillar of support for me. The one and only thing that I didn’t give in to was letting it take up all of my time and energy in my life. My private life is going through a period of upheaval and transition right now. The qualified individual, as well.”

Nerine Kidd

When William Shatner was in Toronto shooting a movie or television show, he told Nerine Kidd that they first met “in the bar of a hotel.” He said in his memoirs, “I was there meeting an old buddy of mine,” which is what the sentence actually says. “and we were laughing maybe too loudly, and I peeked over his shoulder and saw her,” the speaker said.

Nerine was a model and actress hailing from the city of Boston, and she and Shatner struck up a bond right away. “A gift that lasts a lifetime in recollection is the time spent together at the beginning of a relationship,” he wrote. “You will never forget the smiles and laughing as well as the times when you discovered something new.”

“Despite the warnings of my loved ones and close friends, I went ahead and wed Nerine. Contrary to what my common sense tells me. Shatner stated in an interview with the Sydney Morning Herald in 2008 that he “totally worshipped her and I thought, stupidly, that I could heal her.”

In 1997, he wed Kidd, and his longtime friend and co-star in Star Trek, Leonard Nimoy, served as the groom’s best man during the ceremony.

You know, Leonard Nimoy called me up right before I tied the knot with Nerine,” William Shatner told the Morning Herald. He just uttered one sentence, which was something to the effect of, “Bill, you do know that Nerine is an alcoholic.” I’m not really sure what Leonard anticipated that I would say to him. I responded by saying, “I know she is.” “But I love her,” he said. After being silent for a minute, Leonard finally broke his silence and stated in a mournful voice, “Well, Bill, then you are in for a difficult ride.”

Later on in the conversation, Shatner remarked that he and his wife had a “great” wedding day. “Nerine had sobriety, and both you and I went to bed very happy that night.” When I woke up the following morning at eight o’clock, she was already inebriated. After some time had passed, I discovered that she had stashed bottles of vodka all throughout the home.

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Nerine Kidd

Kidd’s alcoholism was something that Nimoy “tried extremely hard to help” Kidd with out of respect for their friendship. “He had battled his own issues with the bottle when we were producing Star Trek,” recalled Shatner. “When we were making Star Trek, we were all battling our own demons.” “He was so good at concealing it that none of us were aware of it at the time. He didn’t stop drinking until the late ’80s, so when I presented Nerine to him, he understood what an uphill battle it would be if I married her. Since he didn’t stop drinking until the late ’80s, he didn’t become dry until the late ’80s. And he was well aware of the terrible toll that this condition takes on the loved ones of alcoholics.

Sadly, it all came crashing down. On August 9, 1999, Nerine Kidd passed away as a result of drowning while she was alone in their home. After determining from the results of the autopsy that she had considerable amounts of alcohol and Valium in her system, the authorities concluded that she had not been the victim of any foul play. During that time period, there was much speculation as to whether or not Shatner was involved in her passing; nevertheless, he was never investigated as a suspect in any way.

According to what he recalled to the Sydney Morning Herald, “I remember diving into the water.” “I had enough air for one more dive of this depth. I grabbed her by the arm that was floating over her head, raised her up, and pulled her toward the deeper end of the pool. I put her down next to the pool. Her skin was blue. I am acutely aware of every moment; how could anyone assume that I was responsible for her death? Because I loved my wife so much, I decided to give up my life for her. I was completely committed to her up until the day when she passed away. And believe me when I say that Nerine’s drinking had her by the throat.

In his autobiography, he reflected, “I don’t think you ever get over an event like that.” “I don’t think you ever truly get over an event like that.” “You have to go through the pain, and once that has passed, you are able to take in the material, and it eventually becomes a part of you.”

Later on, he would explain to The Guardian that at the time they were together, “we were so much in love, and she was drinking, but I didn’t understand addiction.” During that time, they were together. “Thereafter, I was in a position to establish a charitable organization that is now known as the Nerine Shatner Foundation. This foundation has a house that is attached to a halfway house, and eleven ladies are allowed to live there.”

Elizabeth Anderson Martin

In his book, William Shatner relates, “After Nerine’s death, I had received hundreds of letters from people expressing their condolences, advice, or sympathy,” which he received after Nerine’s passing. Because Elizabeth Anderson Martin had such beautiful handwriting, one of her letters, in particular, drew his attention. Because of their mutual interest in horses and the fact that they participated in many of the same tournaments with their mounts, the two individuals eventually became acquainted. In his book, he pondered on their brief interactions, saying things like, “I remembered having thought in passing that she was a beautiful woman, but I don’t think we’d ever said more than a few words in passing.”

In an interview that aired on CNN’s Larry King Live in 2002, the Irish Examiner reported that William Shatner said the following about Nerine: “She understood my sadness since she had nursed her husband in cancer for a year and a half, who died roughly two years before Nerine died.” It worked out for me. You were introduced to my wife, Elizabeth, who is an exceptionally nice and caring person. I couldn’t believe my good fortune when I finally did.

Elizabeth Anderson Martin

In his memoirs, he wrote, “Elizabeth is a strong, independent lady who also happens to be extraordinarily talented.” [Citation needed] “She was a brilliant trainer, and the energy that she once put into that now flows into our lives together as well as her painting. She has realized the potential of her creative abilities.” She made use of her experience as a horse trainer to co-chair the Hollywood Charity Horse Show, which was an event started by Shatner in the 1980s to assist in raising money for charities that support children and veterans.

Martin and Shatner tied the knot in the year 2001. When the couple finally decided to separate in March 2020, it was clear that their good fortune had run out. “At my age, nothing can make me feel miserable… Everything is going smoothly here. It has turned out well. Following the breakup, Shatner stated to The Mirror, “I wish everyone the best of luck.” Nevertheless, in an interview that he gave in May 2021 to The Guardian, Shatner dropped a hint that he and Martin might have gotten back together. Reportedly, she also attended his 90th birthday celebration with him in 2021.

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