Who is Vanna White Husband in 2023 Is She Still Married Or Not

Who is Vanna White Husband in 2024? Is She Still Married Or Not?

Who is Vanna White Husband in 2024? Is She Still Married Or Not?

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The ‘Wheel of Fortune’ celebrity and her life partner have been together for a very extended period of time. Here, you will find out everything you need to know about John Donaldson’s exes as well as the other men she has dated.

Vanna White has been a mainstay in television for the past four decades. She is well-known for her job as the hostess of the game show Wheel of Fortune, which has made her a fan favorite. For years, she has been responsible for exposing the letters that are hidden in the puzzles. Vanna, who is 65 years old, had a few prominent relationships when she was competing on the popular game show.

However, her time on the show is the accomplishment that has brought her the greatest notoriety. She has been in a serious relationship with John Donaldson for the past ten years; he is obviously someone who brings her a great deal of joy! Continue reading to learn more about the connection between John and Vanna, as well as her previous relationships with other men!

Vanna White has been dating John Donaldson since 2012

The year 2012 saw the beginning of Vanna and John’s romantic relationship, and it is abundantly evident that the two have incredible chemistry together. In an interview that she gave to Closer Weekly in 2019, the game show celebrity discussed the perfect evening she would spend with her boyfriend. She explained to the media source that the evening will consist of a “very modest supper with a bottle of wine.” “You know, whether you’re eating at home or in a restaurant. As long as I’m not cooking!”

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Vanna White has been dating John Donaldson since 2012
Vanna White has been dating John Donaldson since 2012

It would appear that the two have a wonderful relationship, and it also appears that John is very well-liked by Vanna’s two children. On her Instagram account, the hostess of “Wheel of Fortune” has published a number of images in which she is accompanied by her husband John, and her grown children and the photos depict the family spending several holidays together. During interviews, she has repeatedly raved about John. In 2016, she expressed to Closer that she was happy because “He is nice, kind, and allows me to be me.” “As of right now, I couldn’t be happier with the way things are. The fact that I lead a rather uncomplicated existence in actuality probably comes as the biggest shock to my followers.

John is a Contractor

While Vanna is a legend in the entertainment industry, John has been a successful entrepreneur for close to three decades. According to the information provided on his website, he is the owner of a contracting couple that he established in 1992 and formally incorporated in 1998. It’s true that he’s worked as a contractor on homes for celebrities like Richard Dreyfuss and Dan Akroyd, but the truth is that he’s qualified for a much wider variety of positions than that.

On his website, it says, “For more than two decades JDC has been trusted by individuals, families, and institutions throughout Southern and Northern California to complete a variety of residential property renovations.” These renovations range from custom single-family homes to apartment communities with 100 to 600 units.

Are they planning on getting married?

Fans are beginning to speculate that Vanna and John are planning to tie the knot now that they have been together for close to ten years, thus the question naturally arises. OK! The magazine cites a person close to the hostess who claims that she mentioned that she was aiming to tie the wedding with John in the month of June 2019. They told them that she wants to get married before she turns 65 in February of next year.

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In spite of what the article says, the two are not married, and it does not appear that Vanna places a great deal of importance on the ring. In 2019, she stated to Closer that the two of them “feel married.” Therefore, in my opinion, having a piece of paper is not required unless you voluntarily choose to do so. Because each person is unique, I say, “to each his own.”

Vanna’s first husband was George Santo Pietro

Vanna may not give the impression that she is in a hurry to get married to John, but the truth is that she was previously wed to George Santo Pietro from the years 1990 to 2002. The former couple shares two children: a boy named Nikko, who is now 28, and a daughter named Gigi, who is now 25.

They did, however, admit that Vanna was pregnant during a puzzle on Wheel in 1992, but unfortunately, she had a miscarriage not long after that announcement. The couple has, for the most part, maintained their silence over their relationship.

In an interview with People published in 2019, she discussed the trauma of having a pregnancy end in a stillbirth. “Obviously, I didn’t end up having the kid, which was heartbreaking after we announced our pregnancy. She stated, “The good news is that I was able to get pregnant again, and this time I gave birth to two beautiful children who are doing great.” “However, there is absolutely no silver lining to the experience of losing a child.”

She was engaged to two other times

Vanna had at least two other weddings planned in addition to her nuptials to George, and she intended to walk down the aisle at each of these ceremonies. In the 1980s, she announced her engagement to the dancer and actor John Gibson. In May of 1986, John’s life was cut tragically short when he was murdered in a plane crash. In the interview with People that was referenced above, she discussed how fans of the show had shared their stories with her about events that were similar to her own. “I heard from a great number of people who had suffered the same experience of losing someone quickly in an accident, and that really helped me,” the victim of the tragedy said. “I lost someone I loved in an instant.” I didn’t feel like I was alone,” she added.

Vanna started dating businessman Michael Kaye soon after she finalized her divorce from George. The couple became engaged in 2004, but they did not go through with the wedding, and they have been estranged ever since. She did, of course, finally meet her current beau a few years later, and the two of them appear to be very happy together.

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