Vincenzo Episode 20, Vincenzo Kdrama Ending Explained

Vincenzo Episode 20, Vincenzo Kdrama Ending Explained


Meanwhile, Vincenzo succeeded in kidnapping Kim Yeo-jin by knowing in advance what Kim Yeo-jin was trying to secretly leave the country. Choi Myung-hee said, “What will be different if you kill me? Is there peace in the world? There is nothing. As you said, trash kills trash. No matter how wildly you kill me, you are the same human being.”

Then Vincenzo threw gasoline on Choi Myeong-hee’s body and threw a lighter, saying, “It seems that the fear of death has disappeared because you are dealing with horses. Now I will taste the pain slowly.” Choi Myung-hee screamed and slowly died.

Subsequently, Vincenzo found the location of Hansuk Jang and succeeded in kidnapping Hansuk Jang. Jang Han-Seok, who was kidnapped, woke up and wondered, “How did you find me,” and Vincenzo said that he received the help of Jang Han-Seo.

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Jang Han-seo had a tracking device attached to all of Jang’s watches. As a result, Vincenzo remembered Jang Han-seo, saying, “In the end, your younger brother’s judgment was correct,” Jang Han-Seok was angry, saying, “You can’t help until the end.”

Vincenzo warned Han-Seok Jang with a machine he designed. Jang Han-Seok was afraid, saying, “You don’t have to be so savage. I’ll give you all my assets.” In response, Vincenzo said, “If you meet your younger brother, please apologize.” After converting the 1cm lung-piercing machine into an automatic device, he left. When Vincenzo left, Jang Han-Seok screamed, “Just kill it.” Afterward, Ahn Ki-Seok, Jo Young-woon, Nam Ju-Seong, and Hong Cha-young saw off Vincenzo as they left. Vincenzo led a difficult body and left Cha-young Hong, who had been sent off, silently. When Vincenzo left, Cha-young Hong burst into tears he had been holding. Jang Han-Seok died.

Vincenzo and Hong Cha Yeong Ending

After a year passed, Vincenzo appeared in front of Cha Young Hong, and Vincenzo confirmed his love by making a strong kiss with Cha Young Hong.

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