Vincenzo Cassano Episode 17 with English Subtitle Release Date, Summary Plot Predictions

Vincenzo Cassano Episode 17 with English Subtitle Release Date, Summary Plot Predictions

Vincenzo Cassano Episode 16 With English Subtitle Summary: Song Joong Ki enemies Feel the fear of Vincenzo Cassano


In previous we saw Vincenzo, he was looking at the dead body of Mr.Oh after he fell off from rooftop to another rooftop. Or perhaps that was a balcony? Anyhow, he was dead-dead.

 Suddenly three cops show up on the spot. They say that the newspaper head sent them a text saying that Vincenzo was trying to kill him. They tried to arrest him.

Vincenzo chooses that he is not about to be arrested. So he fights with cops and runs out of the building. Luckily, Tak Hong-Sik, the tailor was in his car at the time sitting right outside the building. Vincenzo got into the car and told him to leave immediately.

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Later on, once they were gone enough away, Vincenzo let the traitor. And tell everyone else to know that he was trapped. Cha-young learns about the incident and is on the rooftop trying to figure out what happened with the journalist.  A lot of cops and paramedics are around right now.

Fortunately, Park Suk-do observed the bad man running out of the building and stopped him (probably the funniest scene of the episode). He seriously would not let this man run away and handled to get him in a rear-naked choke whereupon he tied him up. He also told Cha-young that he had a feeling about him, his thug-sense kicked in which is why he wouldn’t let him out of the building.

Which – fair. That guy looked super sketched.

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They take that man to Vincenzo where Vincenzo tortures him in the back of a tiny car to find out where the rest of his friends are. All the residents that know how to fight, plus Cha-young, go to the warehouse with the other perpetrators and tie them up. They drop them off at the police station and tell them what happened.

The criminals abduct Mr.Oh from his building tonight and put him in a cleaning basket. He was already dead when he fell off the building. Then they set a moment for Vincenzo to run to the rooftop terrace just as they dropped the newspaper man’s body from the upper rooftop. The evidence is in their van.

So Vincenzo was released and Babel is very worried. They got more upset because one of their lawyers got arrested for the crime. So Babel chooses to try and burn the tenant’s building and uses a gas inspector lady for this purpose. The gas inspector is a modest woman that checks the gas line in Kwak Hee-soo’s kitchen. But she was actually set a bomb. This bomb is in two parts. The first part cuts the gas line. The second part sets a watch on fire.

The woman initiates the gas bomb and waits for the gas to fill up the building. Everything appears to be going according to plan. However, the fire department comes on the main time and runs into the building. The woman does not know what is going on. The tenants also do not know what is going on. Because they are celebrating the happy occasion of the pawnshop and his wife’s pregnancy in the Italian cook’s restaurant.

Vincenzo Cassano Episode 17 with English Subtitle Release Date, Summary Plot Predictions
Vincenzo Cassano Episode 17 with English Subtitle Release Date, Summary Plot Predictions

But when they see the fire department coming into the building and hear the sounds of sirens they come to check the situation. They feel the smell of gas. The fire department searches for the source of the gas leak but they get surprised about the watch. Vincenzo sees the countdown on the watch 15-14-13-12…instantly knows that it is and takes the watch. He runs fastly in the hallway.

The watch caught on fire when it hit the ground. The building is saved and Babel is angry again. Though Jang Han-Seo is not angry because he is the one that called the fire department for help. His brother gave him a wound on his forehead for which Han-seo goes to the Vincenzo offices. Vincenzo decides to let him stay and adjust their files for them.

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Throughout this complete episode, Vincenzo has been meeting with his mother. He took his mother out for a day of walking and she also had a nice set of photos taken for her funeral. Vincenzo took a photo with his mother. And Cha-young also took a photo with the two of them. Though Vincenzo has not told her that she is his mother. We later learn that she knows that he is her son.

We know this because she told Jang Han-Seok about this when he went to visit her. Yes, the bad guy has learned that she is Vincenzo’s mother and visits the hospital to meet her. Choi Myung-hee arranged for her killer by having a man who was recently discharged from jail. He kills her guards and then strangles her.

To make matters worse, Vincenzo was on his way to meet his mother with the fish pastry that has become a theme in this drama. However, he gets there too late. His mother is already dead.

With the help of the NIS agent, he learns who killed her and goes to that man’s house. He immediately tortures the man into telling him who sent him to kill his mother. The man gets worried. Vincenzo cut every finger and toe of the killer with his lighter. It is a bloody mess. But it works because he goes to Babel’s luxury home in the forest.

There are a lot of guards. Vincenzo takes them all out and continues following the killer inside. Whenever they encounter any guards, Vincenzo beats them all. He does this by breaking their arms and necks. At last, they get to the room where Han-Seok, Myung-hee, Seong-hak, and Han-seo are talking and drinking.

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Han-Seok had just told them that he had Vincenzo’s mother killed and that Myung-hee managed it. Han-Seo and Seong-huk think that was the most speechless thing ever.

This incident is proven when the killer comes unexpecting into the room, surprising them all, and is then shot in the chest and the head by Vincenzo, shooting blood all over Myung-hee. She is terrified and also others.

Vincenzo Cassano Episode 17 Release Date

Vincenzo Cassano Episode will be delayed for a week in order to improve and maintain the quality of the episode. Vincenzo Cassano Episode 17 will be released on April 24, 2021.

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Vincenzo Cassano Episode 17 with English Subtitle Release Date, Summary Plot & Predictions


As Song Joong Ki (Vincenzo Cassano) had already killed the person who killed her mother. But he has much pain because of her mother. Hong cha Yeong’s father was also killed. The person who ordered the killing of both victims was the same lawyer, Cha Myung-hee So Vincenzo may have killed her. But she was the original killer of both persons’ death. And the original CEO of Babel’s Company Baboo may have remained till the End.

From The Preview of Episode 17, It could be predicted that they killed Vincenzo’s Best friend Mr.Cho. Lawyer Cha Myung-hee is the one who directly involved in his murder.



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