The Rise of a Korean Icon Kim Soo-hyun's $117 Million Net Worth

The Rise of a Korean Icon: Kim Soo-hyun’s $117 Million Net Worth

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The Rise of a Korean Icon: Kim Soo-hyun’s $117 Million Net Worth

In the bustling landscape of South Korean entertainment, few names shine as brightly as Kim Soo-hyun’s. From his humble beginnings to his meteoric rise to fame, Kim Soo-hyun has captivated audiences with his talent, charm, and undeniable screen presence. In this exploration of “The Rise of a Korean Icon: Kim Soo-hyun’s $117 Million Net Worth,” we delve into the extraordinary journey of this beloved actor, tracing the steps that led to his immense wealth and status as a cultural phenomenon. Through this journey, we uncover the secrets behind Kim Soo-hyun’s success and gain insight into the factors that propelled him to the upper echelons of the entertainment industry.

Kim Soo-hyun Profile:

Full Name Kim Soo-hyun
Date of Birth February 16, 1988
Place of Birth Seoul, South Korea
Occupation Actor, Singer
Years Active 2007-present
Known For My Love from the Star, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay
Education Chung-Ang University, Theater and Film Studies
Height 180 cm (5 ft 11 in)
Agency Gold Medalist (formerly KeyEast Entertainment)
Instagram @soohyun_k216
Twitter Not Active

Who Is Kim Soo-hyun?

Kim Soo-hyun is a highly acclaimed South Korean actor renowned for his versatility and compelling performances across television dramas and films. Born on February 16, 1988, in Seoul, South Korea, Kim Soo-hyun rose to prominence with his breakout role in the popular teen musical drama “Dream High” in 2011. Since then, he has captivated audiences with memorable portrayals in various genres, including romance, fantasy, and thriller. Notable highlights of his career include his roles in “Moon Embracing the Sun,” where he played a lovestruck crown prince, and “My Love from the Star,” where he portrayed an otherworldly being. In 2020, his performance in “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” garnered critical acclaim for its depth and complexity. Beyond his acting prowess, Kim Soo-hyun is recognized for his philanthropic endeavors and numerous brand endorsements, solidifying his status as one of South Korea’s most influential and beloved actors.

Kim Soo-hyun
Kim Soo-hyun

Why is Kim Soo-hyun so Popular?

Kim Soo-hyun’s popularity can be attributed to a combination of factors that have collectively propelled him to the status of a beloved icon in the South Korean entertainment industry. Central to his appeal is his remarkable versatility as an actor, demonstrated through his ability to seamlessly inhabit diverse roles across various genres, ranging from historical dramas to romantic comedies and psychological thrillers. His magnetic on-screen presence and genuine charisma have captivated audiences, drawing them into the narratives of his projects and forging deep emotional connections with viewers. Moreover, Kim Soo-hyun’s breakout performances in hit dramas like “Dream High” and “My Love from the Star” have not only showcased his acting prowess but also garnered widespread acclaim, contributing significantly to his rise to stardom. Beyond his acting talent, his consistent success, both domestically and internationally, coupled with his involvement in philanthropic endeavors and numerous brand endorsements, has further solidified his popularity and cemented his status as a revered figure in the world of Korean entertainment.

Kim Soo-hyun Most Handsome Korean Actor

Kim Soo-hyun is often regarded as one of the most handsome Korean actors in the industry. With his charming and youthful appearance, he has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. His symmetrical facial features, including his expressive eyes, well-defined jawline, and charismatic smile, contribute to his undeniable attractiveness. Beyond his physical appearance, Kim Soo-hyun’s confidence and charisma on-screen add to his overall appeal, making him a favorite among audiences of all ages. Whether portraying a lovestruck prince in a historical drama or a modern-day romantic lead, his undeniable charm and good looks consistently shine through, earning him a well-deserved reputation as one of the most handsome actors in South Korea.

Kim Soo-hyun Instagram Account

Kim Soo-hyun’s Instagram account, @soohyun_k216, has amassed over 16 million followers. On this account, he has posted 360 photos and videos, sharing glimpses into his personal and professional life with his dedicated fanbase. Kim Soo-hyun’s Instagram presence reflects his popularity and influence, with each post likely receiving high engagement from his millions of followers.


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Kim Soo-hyun Networth

Kim Soo-hyun’s net worth in 2024 is estimated to be around USD 117 million, according to multiple media outlets. His impressive wealth can be attributed to his successful career as one of South Korea’s highest-paid actors. With numerous leading roles in hit television dramas and films, Kim Soo-hyun has earned substantial fees for his acting projects. Additionally, his popularity and influence in the entertainment industry have led to lucrative brand endorsements and business ventures, further boosting his earnings. Moreover, Kim Soo-hyun’s diverse portfolio of investments, including prime real estate properties and luxury vehicles, contributes to his overall net worth. As one of the most prominent figures in the South Korean entertainment scene, Kim Soo-hyun’s financial success reflects his exceptional talent, hard work, and widespread appeal among audiences worldwide.

Kim Soo-hyun Networth
Kim Soo-hyun Networth

Luxury Brand Endorsements of Kim Soo-hyun:

Tommy Hilfiger:

In 2021, Kim Soo-hyun was appointed as the ambassador for the American luxury fashion house Tommy Hilfiger. His collaboration with the brand led to him being featured prominently in the autumn 2021 menswear collection, showcasing his influence in the global fashion scene. Through his association with Tommy Hilfiger, Kim Soo-hyun continues to embody the brand’s ethos of classic American style and sophistication.


As the brand ambassador for Swiss watchmaker Mido in Asia, Kim Soo-Hyun has been a prominent figure in promoting the brand’s timepieces, including the Ocean Star Decompression Worldtimer. His partnership with Mido highlights his affinity for luxury accessories and his appeal to discerning consumers seeking quality and elegance in their timepieces.

Y.O.U Beauty:

Kim Soo-hyun’s collaboration with Y.O.U Beauty, announced in June 2022, further solidifies his influence in the beauty and skincare industry. As a brand ambassador, he lends his credibility and charm to promote Y.O.U Beauty’s products, resonating with consumers who value skincare solutions endorsed by trusted celebrities.

Dunkin’ Donuts:

In a departure from traditional luxury brands, Kim Soo-hyun’s endorsement deal with Dunkin’ Donuts showcases his versatility as a celebrity endorser. His association with the popular food and beverage brand reflects his broad appeal and ability to connect with diverse audiences beyond the realms of fashion and beauty.


Kim Soo-hyun’s partnership with Italian luxury fashion brand Ermenegildo Zegna underscores his influence in the world of high-end menswear. Through his association with Zegna, he embodies the brand’s commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and sophistication, appealing to discerning consumers seeking timeless elegance in their wardrobe choices.


As a brand ambassador for Fendi, Kim Soo-Hyun has played a pivotal role in promoting the brand’s luxury products and iconic designs. His collaboration with Fendi has helped elevate the brand’s visibility and prestige in the Asian market, showcasing his status as a style icon with a global following.


Kim Soo-hyun’s endorsement of Cartier, known for its exquisite jewelry and watches, highlights his refined taste and sophistication. As a brand ambassador, he embodies the timeless elegance and luxury associated with Cartier, resonating with consumers who appreciate fine craftsmanship and iconic designs.

Louis Vuitton:

Kim Soo-hyun’s partnership with French fashion house Louis Vuitton has positioned him as a symbol of luxury and elegance. Through his association with Louis Vuitton, he has showcased the brand’s iconic designs and craftsmanship, appealing to fashion enthusiasts worldwide and reinforcing his status as a trendsetter in the industry.


Kim Soo-hyun’s endorsement of Bvlgari, renowned for its luxury jewelry, watches, and accessories, reflects his penchant for timeless elegance and sophistication. His association with Bvlgari adds prestige to the brand and enhances its appeal to discerning consumers seeking luxury lifestyle offerings.


Kim Soo-hyun’s collaboration with Gucci, a leading luxury fashion brand, underscores his influence in the global fashion industry. As a brand ambassador, he embodies Gucci’s innovative designs and eclectic aesthetic, resonating with fashion enthusiasts worldwide and further solidifying his position as a prominent figure in the world of entertainment and fashion.

The Rise of a Korean Icon Kim Soo-hyun's $117 Million Net Worth
The Rise of a Korean Icon Kim Soo-hyun’s $117 Million Net Worth

Luxury Possessions of Kim Soo-hyun:

Prime Real Estate Investments:

Kim Soo-hyun has made significant investments in prime real estate properties, exemplified by his ownership of a 297.09-square-meter Galleria Foret property in Seoul’s Seongsu-dong area. This luxurious residence offers breathtaking views of the Han River and reflects Kim Soo-hyun’s preference for prestigious living spaces designed by renowned architects.

Luxury Vehicles in His Collection:

Among Kim Soo-hyun’s prized possessions is a BMW i8, as revealed in a 2019 episode of KBS 2TV’s variety show Entertainment Relay. The BMW i8, renowned for its sleek design and cutting-edge technology, symbolizes luxury and sophistication, showcasing Kim Soo-hyun’s discerning taste in automobiles.

Exquisite Designer Watches:

As the brand ambassador for Swiss watchmaker Mido, Kim Soo-hyun likely owns a collection of exquisite timepieces, including the Ocean Star Decompression Worldtimer. These luxury watches not only serve as stylish accessories but also reflect Kim Soo-hyun’s appreciation for fine craftsmanship and precision engineering.

High-End Fashion Wardrobe:

With endorsements from prestigious fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton, and Fendi, Kim Soo-hyun undoubtedly boasts a wardrobe filled with high-end designer clothing and accessories. From impeccably tailored suits to statement pieces, his fashion choices exude sophistication and elegance, establishing him as a style icon.

Fine Jewelry Collection:

Kim Soo-hyun’s association with luxury jewelry brands like Cartier and Bvlgari suggests that he possesses a collection of fine jewelry, including intricately crafted pieces such as rings, bracelets, and necklaces. These exquisite accessories complement his red carpet looks and add a touch of glamour to his ensembles.

Cutting-Edge Tech Gadgets:

As a celebrity with a busy schedule, Kim Soo-hyun likely owns a range of cutting-edge tech gadgets and devices to stay connected and productive. From premium smartphones to state-of-the-art gadgets, his collection of tech items reflects his affinity for innovation and technology, aligning with his modern lifestyle.

Kim Soo-hyun Family

Kim Soo-hyun was born on February 16, 1988, in Seoul, South Korea. He was raised by his mother, as his parents divorced when he was young. His father, Kim Chung-hoon, was a lead singer in the 80s band Seven Dolphins. Despite his parents’ divorce, Kim Soo-hyun maintained a close relationship with his mother, who supported and encouraged him in his pursuit of an acting career.

In addition to his immediate family, Kim Soo-hyun also discovered he had a half-sister, Kim Ju-na, around 2015 through news outlets. Despite the revelation, Kim Soo-hyun has expressed his best wishes for his half-sister and maintains a private stance regarding his family matters.

While Kim Soo-hyun keeps his personal life relatively private, his close bond with his mother and his supportive family environment have been significant influences in his life and career journey.

Kim Soo-hyun Career & Filmography

Kim Soo-hyun’s career trajectory in the South Korean entertainment industry has been nothing short of remarkable. Rising from humble beginnings, he made his television debut in 2007 with a supporting role in the sitcom “Kimchi Cheese Smile” and quickly garnered attention for his talent. However, it was his breakthrough role in the 2011 teen musical drama “Dream High” that propelled him to stardom. His portrayal of Song Sam-dong not only showcased his acting prowess but also endeared him to audiences, cementing his status as a rising star. Building on this success, Kim Soo-hyun continued to deliver stellar performances in hit dramas such as “Moon Embracing the Sun” and blockbuster films like “The Thieves.” However, it was his role as Do Min-joon in the international sensation “My Love from the Star” that catapulted him to global fame, solidifying his position as a Hallyu star. Despite his already impressive resume, Kim Soo-hyun continued to challenge himself with diverse roles, including a variety show producer in “The Producers” and a double agent in “Real.” His return to television in 2020 with “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay” further showcased his range as an actor, earning him critical acclaim and reaffirming his status as one of Korea’s finest talents. With each project, Kim Soo-hyun has captivated audiences with his compelling performances, leaving an indelible mark on the industry and establishing himself as an iconic figure in South Korean entertainment.

What is Kim Soo-hyun’s age?

Kim Soo-hyun was born on February 16, 1988, so he is currently 36years old.

Where was Kim Soo-hyun born?

Kim Soo-hyun was born in Seoul, South Korea.

What is Kim Soo-hyun’s height?

Kim Soo-hyun stands at 180 cm (5 feet 11 inches) tall.

When did Kim Soo-hyun debut as an actor?

Kim Soo-hyun made his acting debut in 2007 with a supporting role in the television sitcom “Kimchi Cheese Smile.”

What is Kim Soo-hyun’s most famous drama?

Kim Soo-hyun gained widespread fame for his role as Do Min-joon in the drama “My Love from the Star.”

Has Kim Soo-hyun served in the military?

Yes, Kim Soo-hyun completed his mandatory military service in South Korea. He enlisted on October 23, 2017, and was discharged on July 1, 2019.

Is Kim Soo-hyun active on social media?

Yes, Kim Soo-hyun is active on Instagram under the username @soohyun_k216.

What are some of Kim Soo-hyun’s hobbies?

Kim Soo-hyun enjoys playing video games, reading books, and practicing the guitar in his free time.

Has Kim Soo-hyun won any awards for his acting?

Yes, Kim Soo-hyun has won numerous awards for his acting, including several Baeksang Arts Awards and Korea Drama Awards.

Is Kim Soo-hyun married?

As of the latest information available, Kim Soo-hyun is not married and has kept his personal life private.

What is Kim Soo-hyun’s net worth?

As of 2024, Kim Soo-hyun’s estimated net worth is around USD 117 million.

How did Kim Soo-hyun accumulate his wealth?

Kim Soo-hyun has amassed his wealth primarily through his successful acting career, which includes starring in hit dramas and films, as well as lucrative endorsements and brand partnerships.

What are some of the highest-paid projects that contributed to Kim Soo-hyun’s net worth?

Some of Kim Soo-hyun’s highest-paid projects include his leading roles in popular dramas such as “My Love from the Star” and “It’s Okay to Not Be Okay,” as well as blockbuster films like “The Thieves.”

Does Kim Soo-hyun earn income from endorsements?

Yes, Kim Soo-hyun earns a significant income from endorsements and brand partnerships with luxury brands, fashion houses, and various commercial products.

Has Kim Soo-hyun’s net worth increased over the years?

Yes, Kim Soo-hyun’s net worth has experienced steady growth over the years, thanks to his continued success in the entertainment industry and his strategic investments.

Is Kim Soo-hyun one of the wealthiest actors in South Korea?

Yes, Kim Soo-hyun is often regarded as one of the wealthiest actors in South Korea, given his substantial earnings and high-profile projects.

Does Kim Soo-hyun have any business ventures or investments?

While there is no public information available about specific business ventures, Kim Soo-hyun is known to have invested in prime real estate properties, luxury vehicles, and other high-value assets.

Does Kim Soo-hyun donate to charitable causes?

Yes, Kim Soo-hyun has been involved in various charitable activities and has donated to organizations supporting causes such as education, disaster relief, and children’s welfare.

Is Kim Soo-hyun’s net worth publicly disclosed?

While exact figures may not always be publicly disclosed, estimates of Kim Soo-hyun’s net worth are often reported by media outlets and financial analysts based on available information and industry insights.


In conclusion, Kim Soo-hyun’s ascent to a $117 million net worth is a testament to his unparalleled talent, dedication, and unwavering commitment to his craft. From his breakout roles to his strategic investments and lucrative endorsements, every step of his journey has been marked by determination and perseverance. As a Korean icon, Kim Soo-hyun’s influence extends far beyond the realms of entertainment, inspiring millions around the world. With his star continuing to rise, there’s no telling what the future holds for this remarkable actor, but one thing is certain – his legacy will endure for generations to come.

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