Jo Bo Ah and Ahn Hyo seop in Talk for Upcoming Webtoon-base Kdrama The Office Blind Date

The Office Blind Date Web-toon Based Kdrama 2021 Everything We Know


The Office Blind Date” (Hangul: 사내 맞선) is a 2021 South Korean Upcoming television series starring Ahn Hyo Seop (Tae Mu) and Jo Bo Ah (Shin Ha Ri). It is based on the popular web novel and webtoon (manga) of the same name by Hae Hwa.

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Most of the Korean Dramas are based on the webtoon series. The Office Blind Date is also an upcoming rom-com drama. However, there is not much information about the arrival of this drama. There is only talking about the production of these dramas.

The producer has sent offers to many famous Korean celebrities but they are currently reviewing the offer.

The Office Blind Date Web-toon Based Kdrama 2021 Release Date


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The office blind date Korean drama official release date is not confirmed yet. However, from the schedule, we can guess that the drama will be released in the mid of 2021. There are various other names for the drama such as In-House Confrontation, Sanae Matson, Confrontation in the Company, In-House Match, Sanae Majseon, and A Business Proposal.

The Office Blind Date Web-toon Based Kdrama 2021 Production


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The officer blind date Korean drama is still not in production. The main cast of the drama only received the offer but they had not confirmed their lead. The drama production will be started as soon as the cast will be confirmed for the drama. The drama is only in the middle of talking. Park Hae Soo will be the director of the drama. However, producer, production, and screen-writing are not confirmed yet. There is also no information about the show timing, platform, and no. of episodes.

The Office Blind Date Web-toon Based Kdrama 2021
The Office Blind Date Web-toon Based Kdrama 2021

The Office Blind Date Web-toon Based Kdrama 2021 Cast Name


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The officer Blind Date kdrama cast is not officially announced yet. They have only sent the offer to cast. But we have some reports about the cast of The officer Blind Date. According to the information for the main lead, they have sent an offer to the Ahn Hyo Seop. A report from OSEN on March 16. According to the news Ahn Hyo Seop currently receives the offer and he is reviewing the offer. There is no information on whether he will accept the offer or not.

This news was also confirmed by Starhaus Entertainment that Ahn Hyo Seop received the offer.

Jo Bo Ah also received the offer for the role of main lead actress in the upcoming webtoon-base drama The officer Blind Date. Xsportsnews reported that her agency Keyeast on March 12 also confirmed her proposal for the role. However, she is currently reviewing the offer. If both casts will accept the offer Ahn Hyo Seop will play the role of main lead actor CEO company where Jo Bo Ah will do her job as the employee.

Additional cast and support cast is still not confirmed yet.

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The Office Blind Date Web-toon Based Kdrama 2021 Summary Plotline


Shin Ha-Ri is the main female protagonist for the series who is an ordinary employee at a company. However, one day her best friend asks her to go on a blind date instead of her and also pretends to be her best friend. Shin Ha-Ri accepts the offer for the money.

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But, Shin Ha-Ri does not know that the blind date is the CEO of her company, Kang Tae-Mu. Later on, the revelation left her in a shocking state and horrified. The most shocking thing was Kang Tae-Mu proposed to her for marriage instantly on the date. Another thing that he hated most was liars. Now, he does not know the real identity of Shin Ha-Ri and thinks of her as his best friend. He also proposed to her which she doesn’t know how to accept as she is not the person that he thinks she is.



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