Ted Lasso Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Ted Lasso Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

Ted Lasso Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

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Whether you like football or not, Ted Lasso and its compassionate perspective on the world have won the hearts of everyone who has watched the series.

It is obvious that the cast behind the show is as close-knit as their fictitious football squad because it has swept the awards board (very justifiably).

Ted Lasso became the fifth show in 74 years to win for both of its first two seasons when it took home the Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series in September 2022. The program received four awards in total, including the Emmys for Outstanding Directing for a Comedy Series, Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series (Jason Sudeikis), and Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series (Brett Goldstein) (MJ Delaney).

Fans are now eagerly anticipating the return of the American soccer coach and the players from AFC Richmond for more antics on our screens this spring.

But this time, a new adversary has emerged in the form of a former friend, as coach Nate defected to West Ham out of retaliation.

So what can we anticipate from Season 3 of Ted Lasso? Here is what we currently know.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Release Date

Ted Lasso had yet to have a confirmed return date, but courtesy to an announcement from Apple, which also published the first-look image above showing Ted and Nate squabbling in the West Ham United tunnel as Rupert watches, we now know it will return in the spring of 2023.

Filming is thought to have begun in March 2022, one month later than the team had originally anticipated for Valentine’s Day (Feb. 14).

When season three was announced in October 2020, it was widely believed that this would be the show’s last season. The writing team had already made hints that their plot will span three seasons.

The show’s star Jason Sudeikis told Entertainment Weekly that he could see, recognize, and comprehend the three-season storyline being told. That they are prepared to pay for those three seasons makes me happy. Who knows what will occur after that? I’m not sure.

Brendan Hunt, a writer, and actor who plays Coach Beard concurred and said, “I think we’ve always wanted it to be three seasons. In spite of how much everyone enjoys the show, I believe it would be nice if we stuck to our guns and just produced three seasons.

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Bill Lawrence, who co-created the program, stated that the series’ three-part structure was always intended. “A three-season show is Ted Lasso. I’ll work extremely hard to persuade Mr. Sudeikis to make a [fourth season] after the third “To Comicbook.com, he remarked.

I believe there will only be a fourth season of Ted Lasso if TL decides to coach a soccer team that regularly plays close to Jason’s home in real life.

This notion has, however, recently become the subject of discussion. The actor who portrays Higgins in the program, Jeremy Swift, stated in an interview with the Daily Express: “I anticipate that you’ll query if it’s the final one. Nobody is aware of that!”

Whether or not it will be Ted Lasso’s final appearance, we now know season 3 will be coming out in a matter of months. Actor Jason Sudeikis is presently editing, according to executive producer Bill Lawrence.

Lawrence told USA Today, “Jason is cutting it right now, and I’d hope to see the show shortly.”

Ted Lasso Season 3

Even if they are in a different situation than when we first met them, it is nearly a certain that all the key actors will return for Ted Lasso season three.

The incredibly lovely Ted Lasso will still be played by Jason Sudeikis, with Brendan Hunt serving as Coach Beard’s deputy.

Roy Kent is played by Brett Goldstein, while Higgins is played by Jeremy Swift, rounding out their “Diamond Dogs” cast.

However, they lost Nick Mohammed’s Nate “the great,” who is currently collaborating with Anthony Head’s Rupert at West Ham.

Rebecca Welton, the team owner, will be returning, according to Hannah Waddingham. Keeley Jones, her best friend and PR whiz, will also be back, according to Juno Temple.


At AFC Richmond, the gang is finished by:

  • Phil Dunster (Jamie Tartt)
  • Toheeb Jimoh (Sam Obisanya)
  • Cristo Fernández (Dani Rojas)
  • Kola Bokinni (Isaac)
  • Billy Harris (Colin)

Additionally, there is always room for new hires. Jodi Balfour from For All Mankind has joined the season three cast as Jack, “a charming venture investor.”

Although her return has not been officially confirmed, Sarah Niles, who joined the cast for season two as sports psychologist Dr. Sharon Fieldstone, is most likely returning as well. The second season hinted that she would also benefit from a support system, and it appears that Ted needs her friendship more than ever right now.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Plot

When Variety questioned Sudeikis about whether or not season three would be Ted Lasso’s last appearance, he responded, “I don’t know, it’s up to more elements than myself.

The feedback to the show has been tremendous, said Jason. “Our team of writers is outstanding. We have a fantastic cast of actors. In both production and post-production, we have a fantastic team. All of those possibilities are mixed together in a jambalaya. As a result, I was powerless to respond positively or negatively.

If season two of Ted Lasso is any indication (and if we assume this is the final season), then there looks to be a lot they need to get done.

Will AFC Richmond be able to upset West Ham and claim the Premier League as their first goal? Second, will they be successful in converting Nate from the evil side?

After a fight with Ted, Nate left his team at the end of season two because he felt neglected. Ted afterward defected to West Ham, which is now owned by Rebecca’s douchebag ex-husband Rupert.

“It’s strange that I’m in this position where I’m basically the bad guy in it. When I first heard about it, I gasped “According to Nick Mohammed, the BBC.

Nate even went so far as to destroy Ted’s famous “Believe” banner, which shocked Mohammed just as much as it did us.

He continued, “I was genuinely like, ‘No, you can’t do that!’ I thought, “Oh God, you’re really testing your audience, and good on them. It felt extremely momentous. Although it was a proper character journey, playing it was incredibly enjoyable.

Will the character, however, be saved? Honestly, I don’t know, Mohammed said to ScreenRant.

“I’m only familiar with a few details. We’ll see if Nate is able to return to Richmond. However, the problem with Ted Lasso is that the viewer may be anticipating a Nate redemption narrative, and I would like to see one because I believe that would be nice.

He might be the only guy they don’t save, but on the other hand, I could easily envision the writers thinking, “No, we’re going to turn it on its head,” since that’s what they did in season two, going against everyone’s expectations.

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Rebecca and Nate will experience among season three’s most significant character developments, according to Ted Lasso editors A.J. Catoline and Melissa McCoy in an interview with the Hollywood Reporter.

“Nate’s career is moving in the right direction. He began the first season as a kitman before switching to coaching, and today he is the West Ham head coach, “explained Catoline. “As both a producer and a creator, Jason is incredibly giving. He provides each character with a plot. I believe this is the cause of [the episodes’] abundance. Every character should have an arc because there are so many different narratives.”

Rebecca is a boss-ass b**ch when we see her again, Waddingham teased in an interview with Deadline on what viewers might anticipate from Rebecca.

She is a boss-ass bitch to the fullest extent. She is completely present because she wants to be, and I believe that change in her was very needed. She is in charge of that team and wants what’s best for them.

As far as her personal life is concerned, she continued, “It’s delightful pandemonium as usual. I suppose that’s life. Nothing is ever completely organized.

Mohammed has been preparing for season three for some time, and his story arc has been planned out from the beginning.

The actor stated, “I’ve been aware of Nate’s three-season journey for a good while” (via ScreenRant). Actually, it happened before seasons two and three were ordered. I can still clearly recall sitting next to Jason as [episode four], the season one gala episode, was being filmed.

“I can recall him explaining the three-season season arc in general, with season two in particular [having] a sort of Empire Strikes Back type of vibe to it.

“I believe that has not yet been decided whether the show will have three seasons. Actually, I don’t have access to that knowledge.

Knowing this, Brett Goldstein has stated that the purpose of season three is to offer a conclusive (and maybe fatal) conclusion.

When asked if season three is the last season, he responded, “We are writing it like that. “It was intended to be three. Warning: There is a spoiler at the end.”

Though Mohammed has also given hints of a darker tone, we are confident that he is simply teasing us with that disclosure.

“He might be a character who doesn’t deserve a redemption story. I won’t reveal anything, but I will only say that it is yet another rollercoaster “said he. “Actually, we’re only halfway through filming. Even while I am aware of where things are going, I haven’t seen all of the later scripts’ specifics yet, so I can’t fully comment. But it’s a lot of fun.”

He said, “We were doing it bit by bit. The intention was for people to hold onto a glimmer of hope that he won’t completely change. However, he actually makes the wrong choice in every single one of his decisions starting with episode seven. And the season’s climactic climax is where it all comes to a head.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Release Date, Cast, Plot, and Trailer

All in all, we’ll eat a football boot if Ted Lasso ends his career by karate-kicking spectators in the stands (soccer shoes, for our American readers). When the season three finale does finally find the back of the net, expect things to end on a high.

Thanks to some well-chosen comments from writer/actor Brendan Hunt, the dressing room door does appear to be slightly ajar for additional Lasso. Hunt explained that they’re not thinking of it in terms of stopping a program that so many people adore when asked about the pressure of doing so.

Hunt claimed, “We didn’t develop a program that people liked because we came in here feeling like we had to get it perfect for everyone, and to suddenly have that mindset now wouldn’t help the show be better. “We have to just keep coming in and doing things that, that we like.”

“Having said that, it’s funny because, at the very least, this arc is about to come to a conclusion. We do desire to perform things correctly. We want to be thoughtful in how we distribute it to people.”

“I just don’t know what good that will do us either if we are overly fussy about it or care about making it all perfect. Therefore, we find ourselves somewhat in the middle of that.”

Woah, woah, woah, ref, sound the horn! They’re wrapping up a “arc,” not the entire program, are they? Does that imply that we might eventually acquire more Lasso?

Yes, Hunt replied. “After this, there’s definitely room for another arc. We have always thought of it as a three-beat phenomenon. Those three beats were initially intended to be more like what [the British] The Office did, such as six episodes, a special, and then we’re done. These beats have definitely been enlarged, but that does not mean the entire package is being thrown out.”

But before we start rejoicing over goals that are destined to be deemed offside, it appears that Lasso will only be on the field for three seasons, a special, and possibly a movie. The likelihood of an American Office-style run is about the same as the likelihood of Jason Sudeikis hitting the game-winning penalty for England in the next World Cup final.

The team’s off-field situation is equally as complicated as their on-field situation. Sam, a young player who turned down a significant opportunity at another club to stay at AFC Richmond, albeit not for her, has left Rebecca feeling conflicted.

“I’m afraid I have nothing to say about that! Regarding whether Sam and Rebecca will keep dating one another, Jimoh told Deadline, “I can’t reveal the beans.” What I can say is that this season, we do touch on Sam’s love life a little bit, and it will be fascinating to watch how it all plays out and develops.

“You’ll get to observe how he feels about Rebecca and how their relationship develops. No matter what side of the argument you’re on, whether you’re a fan of SamBecca or TedBecca, it will be incredibly entertaining. All of the characters will have a pretty intriguing conclusion.”

Keeley and Roy appear to be breaking up as well, with the ex-football player fearing his business mogul fiancée will get bored with him and move on.

Roy devised a strategy to snare her for a six-week vacation, so he was devastated when she declined because she had to launch her new company. It’s all up for grabs now that Keeley’s ex Jamie Tartt has also expressed his love for her.

You can count on the show’s bittersweet tone to stay put, that much is clear.

Ted Lasso Season 3 Trailer

Although filming may have begun, we have yet to see any Ted Lasso season three video, and we anticipate it will take some time. Excuse me, Greyhounds!

The team frequently participates in skits for charitable organizations, so there is still plenty of fresh content for us to keep us entertained.

Beginning with their holiday mini-special from the previous Christmas, in which Ted transformed into claymation and worried about losing his mustache, they came together in March to participate in Red Nose Day and raise money.

The outcomes were, to put it mildly, uneven, but the heart remains.

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