Who is Tana Mongeau Boyfriend Is She going to get married

Who is Tana Mongeau Boyfriend? Is She going to get married?

Who is Tana Mongeau Boyfriend? Is She going to get married?

Tana Mongeau skyrocketed to fame after her YouTube videos went viral. She further established herself as an Instagram model, showcasing her striking looks and toned physique.

Like many internet personalities, Tana is frequently the subject of dating rumors, whether for clout or genuine relationships.

Having come out as bisexual early in her career, Tana’s love life and relationship history consistently draw public interest and curiosity.


Tana Mongeau, born on June 24, 1998, is an American internet personality, YouTuber, and social media influencer. She gained popularity for her “storytime” videos, where she shares personal anecdotes and experiences, often characterized by their dramatic and controversial nature. Mongeau’s candid and unfiltered style has attracted millions of followers across various social media platforms.

She launched her YouTube channel in 2015, and it quickly grew in popularity. In addition to her online presence, Tana has ventured into music, releasing singles such as “Hefner” and “Without You.” She has also been involved in various controversies, including her failed 2018 convention, TanaCon, which was intended to be an alternative to VidCon but ended in chaos and backlash.

In 2019, Tana gained further media attention with her high-profile relationship and subsequent marriage to fellow YouTuber Jake Paul, though the union was widely regarded as a publicity stunt. Mongeau continues to be a prominent figure in the digital space, known for her bold personality and ability to stay relevant in the fast-paced world of social media.


Tana Mongeau, born June 24, 1998, is a popular internet personality and YouTuber known for her candid and often controversial content. She rose to fame with her “storytime” videos on YouTube and has since expanded her influence across various social media platforms. Tana’s unfiltered and dramatic storytelling has garnered her a massive following. She has also ventured into music and been involved in several high-profile relationships and controversies, including the infamous TanaCon event in 2018. Follow her for an inside look at her bold and unpredictable life.

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Tana Mongeau Boyfriend Jeff Wittek

Tana Mongeau and Jeff Wittek have been the subject of dating rumors since last year, often appearing on each other’s Instagram accounts, which has fueled speculation about their relationship status.

Earlier this year, Tana spent the New Year’s holidays with Jeff and their mutual friends in Utah. She kept her followers updated on her life, sharing random snippets on social media, including pictures of her and Jeff hunting for pumpkins to carve. Notably, Tana has a minimalist letter “J” tattoo on her pinky finger, which many fans believe is a tribute to Jeff.

Despite frequently showcasing their relationship online, there is widespread skepticism that Tana and Jeff’s romance is merely a publicity stunt. Adding to the drama, in an episode of Jeff’s podcast, both Tana and Jeff openly described their relationship as toxic. This revelation has led many to question whether they should continue their relationship.

Tana Mongeau and Partner Brett Robinson

In early 2022, fans were surprised when Tana Mongeau posted a video of herself kissing Brett Robinson, leading to rumors that he was her new romantic interest. According to The Cinemaholic, Tana and Brett met for the first time in Las Vegas and immediately hit it off.

Fans were excited about the possibility of Tana finding new love, especially after she had been cheated on by her ex-boyfriend, Chris Miles. However, it was soon revealed that Tana and Brett were not dating. The kiss was staged for content, although Brett admitted that they had occasionally hooked up. Despite the initial excitement, the relationship between Tana and Brett turned out to be more casual and primarily for the cameras rather than a serious romance.

Tana Mongeau’s Messy Break-Up with Partner Chris Miles

Tana Mongeau is famously known for her tumultuous on-and-off relationship with her boyfriend, Chris Miles. When their relationship was going well, the couple appeared very loving and devoted. According to Seventeen, Chris even had Tana’s name tattooed on his arm, showcasing his commitment.

However, in 2021, fans became concerned after Tana posted several videos on TikTok with cryptic captions suggesting trouble in her relationship with Chris. These now-deleted posts hinted at issues between them. Additionally, Tana took to Twitter to share more hints about their problematic relationship, expressing her desire to be “healthy,” which many interpreted as a sign of a toxic relationship.

In response to Tana’s social media posts, Chris announced via an Instagram story that he was now single. Tana quickly responded, calling Chris’s announcement “the definition of cruelty,” highlighting the contentious nature of their breakup.

Despite the public fallout, Tana and Chris appeared to have somewhat reconciled. A year later, they were spotted being cordial at Iann Dior’s album release party, indicating that they had managed to move past their feud, at least on a social level.

Did Tana Mongeau Start Date Francesca Farago?

In July 2020, shortly after her highly publicized divorce from Jake Paul, Tana Mongeau was seen holding hands with Francesca Farago as they headed out for a dinner date. This sighting led to speculation about the nature of their relationship. Tana and Francesca had been known as best friends, but their recent social media interactions were notably flirtatious, adding fuel to the dating rumors.

Who is Tana Mongeau Boyfriend Is She going to get married
Who is Tana Mongeau Boyfriend Is She going to get married

Despite the buzz around their potential romance, the relationship seemed to take a downturn just two months later. Tana posted a steamy video with Harry Jowsey, who is Francesca’s ex-boyfriend, causing tension between Tana and Francesca. This incident suggested that whatever romantic connection Tana and Francesca might have had was quickly derailed, potentially due to Tana’s actions with Harry. The fallout from this video implied a significant strain on their relationship, marking a swift end to the dating rumors and indicating possible conflicts between the former best friends.

How Long Did Tana Mongeau Date Derek Smith?

Tana Mongeau’s romantic life is notoriously chaotic and full of surprises. In May 2020, just months after announcing her split from ex-husband Jake Paul, Tana was seen spending time with Derek Smith, better known as the rapper Mod Sun. The two fueled speculation about a possible romance by posting several pictures together on social media, leading fans to believe there was something more than friendship between them.

However, the history between Tana and Derek is more complex than it first appeared. Despite the 2020 rumors, several reports indicated that Tana and Derek had been involved with each other much earlier, between 2018 and 2019. During this period, they were part of a throuple relationship with Tana’s other ex, Bella Thorne. This three-way relationship added another layer of complexity to Tana’s already intricate love life.

Their connection from the past, combined with their interactions in 2020, suggested a long-standing if tumultuous, relationship. This context explains why their time together in 2020 sparked significant interest and speculation among fans and followers, highlighting the unpredictable and intertwined nature of Tana’s romantic endeavors.

Why Did Tana Mongeau and Partner Jake Paul Divorce?

In 2019, Tana Mongeau and Jake Paul ignited romance rumors when fans noticed that Tana’s Snapchat post was taken in Jake’s bed. The next day, the pair were seen together publicly for the first time at Machine Gun Kelly’s birthday party, further fueling the speculation.

Soon after, Tana and Jake began appearing in each other’s YouTube videos. They admitted that their relationship was primarily for “clout,” with Tana using Jake as a rebound following her breakup with Brad Sousa. Despite the initially superficial nature of their relationship, it quickly escalated.

A few months later, Tana and Jake announced their engagement. Tana posted a video proudly displaying her engagement ring, surprising fans. The engagement was highlighted by Jake’s extravagant gift to Tana—a $124,000 Mercedes G Wagon.

The couple eloped in Las Vegas shortly after the engagement, throwing a wedding party that reportedly lasted longer than their actual marriage. By January 2020, Tana took to YouTube to announce that she and Jake had decided to break their relationship, describing it as “unhealthy.”

Their whirlwind romance, marked by public declarations, lavish gifts, and a rapid marriage, ended almost as quickly as it began, fitting the dramatic and unpredictable nature of both their public personas.

Were Tana Mongeau and Lil Xan Dating?

Despite fans initially not sensing any romance between Tana Mongeau and rapper Lil Xan, they were indeed a couple, albeit briefly. Tana revealed that Lil Xan cheated on her with his then-girlfriend, Noah Cyrus, after a few months of dating. This incident created animosity between Tana and Noah, as Noah developed a dislike for Tana due to their shared history with Lil Xan.

However, when Lil Xan and Noah ended their relationship in 2018, Tana and Noah quickly bonded over their mutual ex-boyfriend and formed a strong friendship. It’s just another typical day in Hollywood, where relationships and friendships can be as complex and interconnected as a soap opera plot.

Tana Mongeau Start Dating Brad Sousa

In 2018, Tana Mongeau and Brad Sousa’s relationship became public, and they wasted no time confirming their romance to the world. Despite initially appearing as a loving couple and setting relationship goals for their followers, their story took a dramatic turn when Tana revealed that Brad had been unfaithful to her.

Tana opened up about Brad’s infidelity, sharing her heartbreak with her audience. According to reports from Life & Style, Brad was allegedly spotted frequenting a bar and continuing to flirt with other women on dating apps like Tinder, despite being in a committed relationship with Tana.

Tana took to Twitter to express her anguish, questioning how someone could break the heart of someone they claim to love for fleeting moments with someone else. This public revelation shed light on the betrayal and hurt Tana experienced, implying that Brad had used platforms like Snapchat to engage in inappropriate interactions with other girls behind Tana’s back.

The revelation of Brad’s infidelity not only shattered the image of their seemingly perfect relationship but also highlighted the challenges and complexities of modern dating, where social media and dating apps can sometimes contribute to trust issues and relationship problems.

How Long Did Tana Mongeau Date Bella Throne?

Tana Mongeau and Bella Thorne sparked dating rumors after they were spotted making out during the Life is Beautiful music festival in 2017. Their public displays of affection continued as Bella frequently appeared in Tana’s videos, showcasing their apparent loving relationship to the world.

However, their romance took a sour turn, evident when Bella released a song titled “Stupid F—ing B—h,” which was believed to be a diss track aimed at Tana. The release of this song suggested that their relationship ended on less than amicable terms.

Things escalated further when Tana announced her engagement to fellow YouTuber Jake Paul. Bella’s response came in the form of an Instagram post featuring a picture of her crying, seemingly in reaction to Tana’s engagement news.

Despite their tumultuous past, Tana and Bella seem to have reconciled in the years following their breakup. They spent the summer holiday together last year, indicating a renewed friendship. Tana didn’t hesitate to share adorable snapshots of their time together on social media, suggesting that they had put their differences behind them and moved on from the drama of their past relationship.

Who Is Tana Mongeau’s First Public Partner?

In the early stages of her career, Tana Mongeau was in a relationship with fellow YouTuber Somer Hollingsworth for approximately two years. They made their relationship public through a video on Tana’s YouTube channel in 2016, garnering support from their fans.

However, despite the initial excitement surrounding their relationship, Tana and Somer decided to end their relationship in 2017. The exact reason for their separation was never officially disclosed, leaving fans to speculate about the circumstances surrounding their breakup.

However, Somer hinted at the possibility of infidelity on Tana’s part in a Twitter rant. He expressed frustration about Tana allegedly cheating on him after she was seen dancing with another person. This tweet provided some insight into the challenges the couple faced and suggested that trust issues may have played a role in their breakup.

The end of Tana and Somer’s relationship marked a significant chapter in both of their lives, showcasing the complexities of navigating personal relationships in the public eye and the challenges that can arise in maintaining trust and fidelity.


In conclusion, Tana Mongeau’s romantic life has been a rollercoaster of relationships, breakups, and public dramas. Throughout her career, she has been linked to several high-profile figures, including fellow YouTubers, rappers, and celebrities. From her early relationship with Somer Hollingsworth to her highly publicized marriage to Jake Paul and subsequent dating rumors with various individuals, Tana’s love life has always been a topic of fascination for her fans and followers.

While Tana has experienced both highs and lows in her relationships, including accusations of infidelity, public breakups, and reconciliations, the question of who her current boyfriend is remains uncertain. With her history of dating controversies and the ever-changing dynamics of her personal life, predicting Tana’s future romantic endeavors is challenging.

As for whether she is going to get married, only time will tell. Tana has been open about her desire for love and companionship, as evidenced by her past engagements and relationships. However, given the unpredictability of her romantic life and her tendency to keep fans guessing, it’s impossible to say for certain if marriage is on the horizon for Tana.

Ultimately, Tana Mongeau’s love life continues to captivate audiences, and her journey to finding love and happiness remains an ongoing saga in the world of social media and celebrity culture.

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