Sullyoon(NMIXX) Real Name, Height, Weight, Boyfriend & More Updates 2022

Sullyoon(NMIXX) Real Name, Height, Weight, Boyfriend & More Updates 2022

Sullyoon(NMIXX) Real Name, Height, Weight, Boyfriend & More Updates 2022

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NMIXX’s Sullyoon

NMIXX is the name of a brand-new female group that made its debut recently by JYP Entertainment (JYPE), following in the footsteps of Itzy. On February 22, 2022, the band made its public debut for the first time. There are seven members who make up NMIXX, and each of them has a unique history in the K-pop industry as well as a distinct amount of training under their belt.

Sullyoon is the moniker given to one of the individuals who make up NMIXX. She is widely recognized as the face of NMIXX. In addition to his appearance, there are other aspects of Sullyoon that are important for us to understand. Are you ready for additional information regarding the visual? In that case, all you have to do is keep reading, and you’ll discover a lot of great information about Sullyoon!

NMIXX’s Sullyoon’s Full Profile


Real Name: Seol Yoon-a (설윤아)

Stage Name: Seolyoon (설윤), or Sullyoon (설윤)

Birth: Daejeon, South Korea, January 26, 2004

Height: 167 cm (5 ft, 6 in)

Weight: Unknown

Blood Type: Unknown

Position in the Group: Main Dancer, Lead Vocal, Visual

Nationality: Korean

Official Site: Instagram: @nmixx_official

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A teaser that was released on July 9, 2021, and had the term “Your Next Favorite Girl group,” which sparked rumors that JYP Entertainment would be debuting a new girl group in the near future (now known to be NMIXX.)

Through a version of Sunmi’s song “Full Moon,” which was released on September 3, Sullyoon was revealed to be the group’s fourth member.

The band made its debut on February 22, 2022, with the release of the single album titled “Ad Mare.”

NMIXX’s Sullyoon’s Fun Facts

  • The announcement that Sullyoon will be joining NMIXX as the group’s fourth member was made public.
  • Ddeolyun and Baby Deer are two of Sullyoon’s more well-known nicknames.
  • Sullyoon is bilingual, both in English and Spanish. She took advantage of the opportunity to enroll in some language courses offered while she was still in high school and studying Spanish.
  • When Sullyoon was in elementary school, she held the position of president of the class.
  • Jungwon, who attended Enhypen, was a fellow student in Sullyoon’s class.
  • The things that Sullyoon enjoys doing in her spare time are dancing, sketching, and listening to music.
  • Since she was five years old, Sullyoon has been training in both classical ballet and contemporary dance. Because of this, her dance motions are highly forceful while yet being quite balanced. Since she was a little child, she has made it a priority to increase the flexibility of her body.
  • Sullyoon doesn’t enjoy wearing high heels.
  • A plant nursery is located in Sullyoon.
  • According to her MBTI profile, Sullyoon has the ISFP personality type.
  • Sullyoon has previously served as an apprentice at Woollim Entertainment alongside members of Rocket Punch.
  • Sullyoon adores Twice and Wonder Girls the most out of all the girl groups.
  • In the year 2020, Sullyoon was chosen for the role through a confidential audition.
  • Sullyoon passed multiple tryouts for firms other than JYPE like YG, Fantagio, and TR Entertainment.
  • Sullyoon is the JYP trainee who completed their training in the least amount of time. She didn’t spend more than a year getting her training at JYPE.
  • The expressions that Sullyoon has on her face are what make her so lovely.
  • The purpose of Sullyoon is to bring a smile to the faces of her followers.
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Sullyoon(NMIXX) Real Name, Height, Weight, Boyfriend & More Updates 2022
Sullyoon(NMIXX) Real Name, Height, Weight, Boyfriend & More Updates 2022

Sullyoon’s Pre-Debut Story

Many K-pop fans and watchers of the K-pop industry have been captivated by the pre-debut story of Sullyoon. During her time in NMIXX’s training program, Sullyoon recorded some breathtaking covers prior to making her debut with the group. Sullyoon began performing cover songs by other K-pop artists when she was in the middle school phase of her education. Covering Davichi’s “8282” is widely regarded as one of the artist’s most noteworthy achievements. When she was asked to perform the song at her school’s talent contest, she gave it her own unique spin.

Twitter was flooded with the video of her performing the cover. She came to the attention of the general public after her footage became viral on Twitter. Sullyoon was about 14 or 15 years old at the time, but she already has an exceptional vocal quality despite her young age.

It is clear that Sullyoon possessed the qualities necessary to become an idol based on her story from high school. She demonstrated to other people that she has the potential to become an incredible K-pop idol in the near future. After making this decision, she immediately began her training with a K-pop organization. According to the headline that came before this one, Sullyoon began her training under Woollim Entertainment in 2019 alongside the other members of Rocket Punch.

She was so close to making her debut with the members that it was almost official. Despite their best efforts, the corporation was unable to make Sullyoon’s debut as a member of Rocket Punch. Sullyoon couldn’t do anything about the decision once the firm made it because it had already been finalized, so she made the decision to resign from her position at the company.

Following her departure from Woollim Entertainment, she participated in a number of K-pop auditions held by different K-pop record firms, among which were The Big Three businesses (SM, YG, JYPE). Sullyoon did well enough in her auditions to be cast in productions by The Big Three and other companies, like Fantafio, FNC, and TR Entertainment, and thus, good fortune did find its way to her. Due to the fact that she was successful at a large number of auditions, she was given the opportunity to select one of these firms as her permanent agency. She ultimately decided to go with JYPE after giving it a lot of thought.

After reaching the conclusion that she wanted to work for Park Jin-organization, young’s she resumed her training at her new agency as soon as possible. She continued to work on improving her singing and dancing skills throughout the duration of her training. Sullyoon was a trainee who utilized the underground training room provided by the organization for the least amount of time. Because of the extensive training she had already completed, Sullyoon was able to complete her training far more quickly than the other trainees. She has only been in training for a year, making her the JYPE trainee who has completed her program in the shortest amount of time.

Sullyoon’s Debut With NMIXX Through the Lead Song “O.O”

Beginning in September 2021, JYPE began publishing individual introduction videos on their website in order to publicize the official members of NMIXX. Sullyoon performed a version of Sunmi’s song “Full Moon” for her music video. Throughout her debut video, she emphasized the sweetness and softness of her singing. The cover she did of “Full Moon” hypnotised a lot of people, much like her other covers had done. Many others felt that Sullyoon would be an excellent choice for the role of lead vocalist in the band.

The cover was uploaded to the official NMIXX channel on YouTube, and the enthusiastic feedback received from the general public has resulted in a large increase in the number of views received by the video. The “Full Moon” cover performed by Sullyoon was the third video to be uploaded to NMIXX’s channel, and it was the third video to reach one million views. After Jinni’s video, this was the fourth introduction video that was uploaded, hence Sullyoon became the group’s fourth member at that point.

Fans who are extremely dedicated to JYP and outside observers gave excellent feedback on all of the group’s introductory videos, even Sullyoon’s. Following the release of the news, Sullyoon and the other members began making preparations for their first album. Thereafter, on February 22, 2022, Sullyoon made her public debut with NMIXX. This occurred four months later. The band presented its first studio album, titled Ad Mare, and the song “O.O.” served as the album’s lead single.

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Sullyoon Breaks JYPE’s Girl Group Visual Tradition

When it comes to choosing images for their various groups, JYPE has been widely acknowledged as being the most competent agency for more than a decade. JYPE has a long-standing custom of selecting one member of each of its boy and girl groups to serve as the group’s visual representative. To this day, the company always chooses the maknae, also known as the group’s youngest member, to be the visual for its girl groups. Take, for instance, Sohee from Wonder Girls, Suzy from Miss A, Tzuyu from Twice, and Yuna from Itzy as examples (Sohee was the maknae before Hyerim joined the group). On the other hand, JYPE did not take the same approach with NMIXX.

Even though she is not the group’s maknae, Sullyoon was selected to serve as the visual for NMIXX when it was officially introduced by JYPE. The age difference between Sullyoon and the maknae Kyujin is two years and four months, as Sullyoon was born in January of 2004, and Kyujin is two years older (Kyujin was born in May 2006). Because there are four members of the maknae line who are younger than Sullyoon, he does not even qualify as a member of the maknae line. Sullyoon is nevertheless considered the group’s visual member despite this fact.

Actually, JYPE and the fans think that Sullyoon is the best candidate for the visual role in NMIXX since there are a few reasons that support this belief. A great number of followers adore her appearance because of her lovely face and wonderful body proportions. Someone stated that she looks like a combination of Sana and Tzuyu from Twice, both of whom are known to be incredibly attractive. Another admirer pointed out that Sullyoon had a striking resemblance to Lee Hi and Fromis 9’s Nagyung.

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