Who is Spencewuah Boyfriend in 2022 Did Famous Tiktoker break-up with his boyfriend Latest Updates

Who is Spencewuah Boyfriend in 2022? Did Famous Tiktoker break-up with his boyfriend Latest Updates


Tiktoker Spencewuah


Divorce and breakups are seemingly on the rise, but don’t worry! Influencer Spencewuah has some advice for you. He recently split from his boyfriend in what seemed like a heartbreaking breakup at first—but then he found out something that made everything better…

The story starts off with this guy claiming to have broken up with another person or pleaded guilty after getting caught cheating (depending on who tells it). But wait there’s more…

When it comes to success on Instagram, 19-year old Spencerwuah has been a breakout star. His genius can largely be accredited for his comedic abilities and collaborations with celebrities like Charli D’Amelio that have helped make him the social media darling he is today (and likely will remain).

This past year saw him come out as bisexual in another powerful step forward into identity positivity – not just by himself but also receiving support from friends family members alike who were ready to stand behind their loved one during yet another journey through life’s upsets which only served strengthen those bonds even more so than before!).

He continues tirelessly working towards making changes both inside.

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Spencewuah Boyfriend


Luis Bergin was Spencewuah’s boyfriend, or shall we say, ex-boyfriend. In the early days of December, they revealed on Twitter that he finally has a new one after many people wondered who it could be and where CS duo had managed to find someone so quickly with all this time gone by since their break up last year at Christmas 2020!

This led them both into trouble because fans have been theorizing whether or not these two are back together again which means everyone will soon know for sure if you follow either account and thank goodness we were able to share our breakup news first before spilling everything else out there like some kind losers.

If you’re looking for a YouTube couple who have been loved and adored by their supporters, look no further than Luis Bergin and Spencewuah. The love between these two people is strong as they’ve made their TikTok debut this year after being featured in an Instagram post by each other last month! Not only does she work hard at nursing but he also has his own successful career online with 1 million followers on Tik Tok alone.

It was great to see the pictures of these two love birds all over social media, sharing their life with each other. They’re living proof that if you work hard enough and stay true then anything can happen.

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Who is Spencewuah Boyfriend in 2022 Did Famous Tiktoker break-up with his boyfriend Latest Updates
Who is Spencewuah Boyfriend in 2022 Did Famous Tiktoker break-up with his boyfriend Latest Updates

Spencewuah Breakup


Fans were heartbroken when both Luis Bergin and Spencer Wong unfollowed each other on Instagram. They used to share tons of videos together, but since the news spread that they are no longer dating these have all been deleted from social media sites like YouTube or Twitter where many people saw them before following either one’s account individually again soon after without prior notice being given so fans know something has changed without having much time for adjustment period while trying not to overreact yet – consider everything calmly instead waiting patiently until more information surfaces.

Spencer’s latest video received a record 16.2 million views and plenty of positive feedback when he uploaded it to TikTok on March 3rd, 2021; however many people didn’t know what the fuss was about at first glance since Spencer posted other transformation videos before with long curly hair shorn off into an undercut hairstyle for this one-shot project.

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Where all we can see are his eyebrows in different lengths from short back & sides haircut throughout most clips like someone who wants their bangs covered but not wanting anything too obvious.

Many fans believe that Spencer is trying to move on from his previous relationship and distract himself for the time being. The breakup has not been confirmed yet, but given their lack of formal announcement or confirmation about it – there could still be space in which this news will be made public knowledge soon enough.

The two are able to keep up appearances so far as both maintaining steady social media posts since last year’s Valentine’s Day holiday; however if one were observant enough they would have seen how strained things looked between them at various points throughout 2018 such as when Catherine re-tweeted an article critical towards her ex while he seemed preoccupied with other matters.

A recent update from the Specuah inbox has fans speculating whether or not their relationship is going strong. The account’s newest follower, Luis Bergin of Lululemon fame made his Instagram public, and both stars have started following each other again after taking some time off social media due to breakups in December 2018- January 2019.

However, there are no signs that these two may be back together because all this could just continue as another confusing turn for them! As usual, you’ll know sooner than anyone else when they decide enough really IS enough so stay tuned.

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