Shadow and Bone Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, and More

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, and More

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, and More

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What happens next for Alina and her battle against the Darkling?

Based on two blockbuster book series by author Leigh Bardugo, Shadow and Bone and Six of Crows, Netflix’s fantasy series Shadow and Bone became an instant sensation when Season 1 aired on the streaming site on April 23, 2021. Season 1 included eight episodes with showrunner Eric Heisserer at the helm, and the show was renewed for eight more in Season 2.

Bardugo’s tale takes set in a world modeled on early 19th century Tsarist Russia, with about half of the population being Grisha, or people with a particular ability to influence the elements in various ways, such as fighting, healing, or creating. The plot is around a little orphan girl who grows up with only her best buddy for company. When they both wind up in the regular army, her as a mapmaker and him as a tracker, she would go to any length to stay with him, even if it means entering the Shadow Fold, a vast stretch of darkness that divides the kingdom in half.

Everyone who enters the Shadow Fold risks encountering dangerous, murderous creatures, and there appears to be no way to eliminate them other than the Sun Summoner, a predicted Grisha. As the girl discovers her best friend is in grave danger, an enormous power she never realized she possessed emerges from within her, leading everyone in the kingdom and beyond to believe she is the savior destined to conquer the Shadow Fold once and for all.

Shadow and Bone Season 1’s season finale left many things unsolved, setting up certain future stories and hinting at more turmoil to come. For Shadow and Bone fans eager to learn what’s next, here’s everything we know so far about Season 2 on Netflix, including returning cast, new characters, filming dates, and more.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Release Date

Shadow and Bone Season 1’s season finale left many things unsolved, setting up certain future stories and hinting at more turmoil to come. For Shadow and Bone fans eager to learn what’s next, here’s everything we know so far about Season 2 on Netflix, including returning cast, new characters, filming dates, and more.

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Heisserer announced on his own Twitter account in June 2021 that the writing for Season 2 was finished. Although it was unclear whether the show would be renewed, Netflix gave Heisserer and his team the go-light to begin writing new episodes in the hopes that it would be. Fortunately, they were correct, and Shadow and Bone were already ahead of the game for Season 2.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Trailer

On September 24, 2022, a trailer for Shadow & Bone Season 2 was published as part of Netflix’s TUDUM event. Shortly after, another sneak preview of the new costumes was given. On February 14, 2023, a new teaser was released, then on February 17, 2023, the official trailer for Shadow and Bone Season 2 was released, which you can see below:

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Shadow and Bone Season 2 Cast

Shadow and Bone’s entire major cast will return for the second season. Jessie Mei Li (Last Night in Soho) plays Alina, the mapmaker-turned-Sun Summoner, Ben Barnes (The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian) as General Kirigan, also known as The Darkling, and Archie Renaux (The Greatest Beer Run Ever) as Malyen “Mal” Oretsev, Alina’s best friend and all-around nice person.

The Crows are led by Freddy Carter (Pennyworth) as Kaz Brekker, also known as “Dirtyhands” by his enemies, Amita Suman (The Sandman) as Inej Ghafa, Kaz’s right-hand woman, also known as “The Wraith” for her spying abilities, and Kit Young (The School for Good and Evil) as Jesper Fahey, Kaz’s best friend and hilarious sharpshooter. Oh, and don’t worry, Milo the goat will be back for the second round of episodes.

In Season 2 of Shadow and Bone, Danielle Galligan (The Great) will reprise her role as Nina Zenik, a Grisha Heartrender who falls in love with a Drüskelle, or witch hunter, named Matthias Helvar, played by Calahan Skogman. Skogman will be joined by three Grishas who work with the Darkling, including Sujaya Dasgupta’s (Shantaram) Zoya, Daisy Head’s (Harlots) Genya, and Luke Pasqualino’s (Snowpiercer) David. Expect to see more of the Darkling’s most devoted Heartrenders, Ivan and Fedyor, played by Simon Sears and Julian Kostov (Leatherface).

Galligan, Head, and Skogman will also be upgraded from recurring to series regulars in Season 2.

Lewis Tan (Mortal Kombat), Patrick Gibson (The OA), Anna Leong Brophy (Traces), and Jack Wolfe will join the cast (The Witcher). Continue reading to learn who they will be playing.

Who Are the New Characters in Shadow and Bone Season 2?

Heisserer touched on the chances of Season 2 covering the famed Ice Court heist of the Crows in an early interview with Collider shortly after Season 1’s publication, before outright revealing that one fan-favorite book character will be joining the team the second time around:

I’d love to discuss what we might expect from Six of Crows in the second season. I can promise you that there will be 100 percent more Wylan. We definitely want to present him. And we’d like to spend at least some more time at Ketterdam. In Season 1, we had to yoink our Crows away from it and direct them towards the Fold and beyond for their robbery. And I believe our squad should play at least one home game next season.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Release Date, Plot, Cast, Trailer, and More

Wylan is a demolition expert and an important member of the Crows as Kaz develops his power over Ketterdam and beyond. Because the program combines both the Shadow and Bone trilogy and the Six of Crows duology, fans are sure to be delighted to watch Wylan interact with Alina and other characters he never meets in the novels. Wylan will be portrayed by Jack Wolfe.

In an interview with Collider, Bardugo explicitly listed Wylan, Sturmhond, and the privateer’s two trusty crew members, Tolya (played in the series by Lewis Tan) and Tamar (played by Anna Leong Brophy), as characters she hopes to see in Season 2. Sturmhond will be played by Patrick Gibson, while Tolya and Tamar will be played by Lewis Tan and Anna Leong Brophy, respectively.

When Did Shadow and Bone Season 2 Film?

Filming for Season 2 began in January 2022 before wrapping on June 6, 2022.

When Does Shadow and Bone Season 2 Take Place?

At the end of Season 1, Kaz, Inej, and Jesper return to Ketterdam, with Nina following them to try to release Matthias from the prison she unintentionally places him in. They leave Alina and Mal behind as they continue their journey, hoping to hide somewhere where the Darkling will not discover them. This all fits with the ending of Bardugo’s first novel, Shadow and Bone, and fans should expect Season 2 to closely follow the events of the second book, Siege and Storm, at least for the stories of Alina, Mal, and the Darkling.

At the outset of Siege and Storm, Alina and Mal board a merchant ship crossing the True Sea, a body of water roughly the size of Ravka or larger, in order to begin a new, safe life in Novyi Zem, a country across the ocean. Novyi Zem is the country where Jesper was born and raised before moving to Ketterdam. It takes at least a couple of weeks to travel across the True Sea, and by the time the story catches up with Alina and Mal, they’ve already been living in a little town on the shore of Novyi Zem for two weeks.

With this in mind, there could be a month or more of time leap for Shadow and Bone in Season 2. In fact, it would be more unexpected if there wasn’t, as Kaz and the Crows could benefit from some downtime. That would also allow the programme to connect Nina and potentially Wylan with the Crows off-screen so that Season 2 doesn’t have to waste time introducing them and building up the relationships before anything big and dramatic (say, saving Matthias?) can happen.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Plot

In Siege and Storm, Alina and Mal attempt to live a normal life in Novyi Zem, but Alina must conceal her identity and is unable to use her sun-summoning talents, which becomes immensely suffocating. Meanwhile, the Darkling emerges from the Shadow Fold even stronger than ever. He pursues Alina and Mal, still hoping to seize Alina’s powers, and eventually finds them in Novyi Zem, kidnapping them and transporting them aboard a ship led by a suave privateer named Sturmhond.

The Darkling’s next objective? Locate the second amplifier, a legendary sea snake. Alina and Mal combat the Darkling and do everything they can to prevent him from acquiring greater power. For more information, see this post on what to expect in Season 2 based on the books.

When questioned by Collider if Season 2 of Shadow and Bone will move immediately into Siege and Storm, Bardugo hinted that more than one book may be addressed in a season:

I’d rather not get into too many specifics. But I will say this: there are already seven novels in the Grishaverse, not including short tales. Now, because we’ve established this parallel timeline, I don’t think it takes seven seasons to get through that story. But because I’m not the showrunner, we’ll have to wait and see what Eric [Heisserer] has in mind.

If Heisserer plans to do the same, Season 2 will cover at least Siege and Storm, and maybe Ruin and Rising, the third novel in the Shadow and Bone trilogy.

Although this does not specify when the story of Six of Crows and its sequel, Crooked Kingdom, will be addressed in the Shadow and Bone TV series, it does give fans optimism that the Six of Crows plot will be handled sooner rather than later. Ultimately, the Crows’ plot in Season 2 is a little hazy. Fans of the program who haven’t read the novels may be surprised to learn that Season 1 of Shadow and Bone contains an entirely new story for Kaz and the others. It’s essentially a precursor to Six of Crows, the first book in Bardugo’s Crows-centered duology, which takes place after the events of the Shadow and Bone trilogy.

Six of Crows’ tale isn’t inextricably linked to Alina’s story, therefore Shadow and Bone Season 2 may chronicle the Crows’ rescue mission and theft of the Ice Court in Fjerda, Matthias’ home nation. Simultaneously, Heisserer may want to store that main story arc for a later season, as there are plans for more if Netflix allows it. Heisserer revealed in an interview with Collider that at least part of Season 2’s Crows tale would take place in Ketterdam, but there’s no word on what kind of mischief the group will get themselves into.

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