Who is Seo Ye-Ji Boyfriend In 2022 Seo Ye-Ji Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History Latest Updates

Who is Seo Ye-Ji Boyfriend In 2022? Seo Ye-Ji Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History Latest Updates

Who is Seo Ye-Ji Boyfriend In 2022? Seo Ye-Ji Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History Latest Updates

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Seo Ye-ji (Korean: ) is a well-known actress working in South Korea. She made her acting debut in the sitcom Potato Star 2013QR3 (2013–2014) towards the beginning of her career. After this, he went on to play significant roles in films such as the period drama Diary of a Night Watchman (2014), the thriller Last (2015), and the fantasy Moorim School: Saga of the Brave (2016). (2016). Save Me (2017) and Lawless Lawyer is two significant examples of her work in leading roles in television series (2018). She first gained widespread recognition thanks to the romantic drama It’s Okay to Not Be Okay (2020).

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Dating History

The Korean actress Seo Ye-Ji, known for her roles in It’s Okay Not to Be Okay and Recalled, has garnered significant notice on a global scale. Not only because she is a girl with multiple talents, but also because of her most recent scandalous news involving her ex-boyfriend Kim Jung Hyun.

Yea-Ji was nevertheless able to triumph in this year’s competition for the Baeksang Arts Award for Most Popular Actress, despite the fact that the news had a negative impact on her reputation.

In the field, she is not a newcomer by any means. Before making her debut in her most well-known drama series, It was Okay Not to Be Okay, Yea-Ji made her debut in the sitcom Potato Star 2013QR3, which was her first television appearance.

Seo Ye-Ji Boyfriend

After meeting one other on the set of the movie Stay With Me three years ago, Seo Ye-Ji and Jung Hyun decided to start dating. Before the contentious text messages began to take a toll on both their relationship and their careers, it seemed as though their relationship had reached the same level of perfection as that of other Korean stars.

The Korean entertainment news outlet Dispatch published an article on Seo Ye-alleged Ji’s role in Kim Jung Hyun’s strange behavior at the press conference for his drama Time in April of the previous year.

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According to a report that was published by Dispatch, there is a significant disparity between the version of Time’s original script that was used in the broadcast and the version that was used in the production. This disparity suggests that Jung Hyun himself rminimizedequested that the amount of physical contact between the main character and his co-star be minimized or even eliminated entirely.

According to reports in the media, Ye-Ji “manipulated” her ex-boyfriend Jung Hyun into limiting his amount of physical contact with his co-star in the series. Jung Hyun plays Ye-ex-boyfriend. Ji’s It didn’t take long for the screenshot of the text message she had been exchanging with Jung Hyun to make its way across the internet after being published in the Dispatch.

“Today, I did not introduce myself to a member of the female staff. The text message from Jung Hyun demonstrated that she was very formal while interacting with other individuals.

Then he went on to say, “I made it clear to Director Jang again that I won’t do romance,” and “The writing for episode 9 is complete, but I think it will need to be adjusted altogether,” both of which he said. “The script for episode 9 is complete,” he stated.

However, it was Ye-responses Ji’s that caused many people to become irritated. She answered, “Haha, okay. Maintain your resolute demeanor, and you’re doing an excellent job with the adjustments you’ve made.

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The manner in which Ye-Ji expressly requested that Jung Hyun alter the majority of the script has a significant potential to be detrimental to her ex-professional lover’s standing. Despite this, it appeared that she was unconcerned about it.

The screen captures of the text exchanges continued to circulate, and the media continued to acquire more and more. Even now, we can picture Ye-Ji giving instructions to the others to “Modify things so there is no romance and no physical contact.”

The Time Crew Members and Staff Started to Talk, and It Gives More Proofs about the Allegations, but Ye-Ji’s Agency Declined

Because it is common knowledge that a text message can be altered and manipulated, some individuals, particularly Ye-admirers, Ji’s were first dubious about the authenticity of the information included in it. What the members of Time’s team had said, however, could not be written or controlled, and several of the crew even verified that Jung Hyun had repeatedly asked for the script to be changed.

On the set, he repeatedly requested that the script be altered. He emphasized the significance of a love that is not romantic and advised that any physical contact be avoided. One of the employees on the team divulged to Soompi that whenever things did not go in his favor, he would suddenly bolt for the door and begin throwing up.

Since several of the staff employees and crew members revealed the information, Ye-reputation Ji’s has been steadily deteriorating. This is especially true after she skipped the press presentation for her upcoming film, Recalled. In addition to this, Ye-Ji did not show up for the Baeksang Arts Awards ceremony, despite the fact that she had won the award for Best Actress for her performance in It’s Okay Not to Be Okay.

The 57th Baeksang Arts Award nominations were officially released, and Ye-agency, Ji’s GOLD MEDALIST, made the announcement almost immediately that the actress will not be attending the event due to “personal circumstances.” And of course, a large number of individuals had already made their guesses; I mean, it’s practically difficult not to.

On the other hand, Ye-Ji, who won the gold medal in the competition, categorically refuted the story and sent a reaction to the text messages that went viral.

According to the report, the management checked in with Kim Jung Hyun’s side, and they received confirmation that the controversy was not caused by Seo Ye Ji. This information was relayed to the audience in the form of a quote.

“Kim Jung Hyun also made requests to Seo Ye Ji, who was filming a different drama, to not film kiss sequences,” the agency noted. “It is not visible in the conversations that were exposed, but Kim Jung Hyun did make these demands.”

In the midst of dialogues between lovers who were jealous of each other’s physical touch with each other, Seo Ye Ji is overheard telling the other man, “Then you shouldn’t do it either.” An argument of this nature between two performers who are romantically involved is not uncommon in the entertainment industry. Despite this, every actor continues to work normally during production, putting their differences with their co-stars to the side.

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Kim Jung Hyun Admitted to Change the Script but Didn’t Mention Seo Ye-Ji at All

It would appear that both sides have been pointing the finger at the other’s camp. We hadn’t heard anything from Jung Hyun until now, other than the depressingly long caption he posted on Instagram, which indicated that he was going through the lowest point in his life when the controversies arose. Despite the fact that the report stated that Jung Hyun’s agency would release his version in no time, we hadn’t heard anything from him until now.

Who is Seo Ye-Ji Boyfriend In 2022 Seo Ye-Ji Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History Latest Updates
Who is Seo Ye-Ji Boyfriend In 2022 Seo Ye-Ji Ex-Boyfriends & Dating History Latest Updates

“The drama Time was the first work in which I played the lead character, thus it was also the first production in which I was involved that held a great deal of significance for me. On the other hand, I caused the director, the screenplay, the other performers, and the staff a great deal of disappointment and suffering. I am sorry,” the actor from Mr. Queen wrote in his apology. Does this imply that Jung Hyun himself had admitted to seeking a large number of script modifications in order to satisfy the demands of his girlfriend? It’s still difficult to determine at this point.

On the other hand, it would appear that he did not specifically indicate that Seo Ye-Ji was the source of inspiration for his action. Instead, he went on to add, “I brought the shameful occurrence upon myself owing to personal concerns.” This was the rest of his statement. I was unable to live up to my obligations as the lead actor in the play and as the protagonist of the story.

Because of Jung Hyun’s writing, another member of the public now has a different opinion of what is going on between him and Ye-Ji. The situation became, even more, direr once it was reported that Jung Hyun had some mental disorders, such as depression and insomnia, an anonymous public relations firm. Therefore, it is not impossible that he fabricated the entire scenario involving Seo Ye-Ji as well.

“Kim Jung-Hyun has been receiving treatment in hospital for depression and insomnia that have plagued him since the beginning of his career as an actor,” reported The Strait Times, quoting the announcement made by the PR agency. “Kim Jung-Hyun has been receiving treatment in hospital for depression and insomnia that have plagued him since the beginning of his career as an actor.”

However, one thing that can be said with absolute certainty is that the circumstance involving Ye-Ji had a negative impact on his mental state. Because there has been no resolution to this conflict, people and the media continue to speculate as to whether or not Ye-Ji was the one who controlled and manipulated Jung-Hyun. This is due to the fact that there has been no closure to this argument. At this point, we are unable to draw any conclusions.

However, you shouldn’t come to a halt just yet, people. There is something else about the actress from It’s Okay Not to Be Okay who is believed to be the most contentious Korean actress of this year. It’s important that you know about it.

Seo Ye-Ji’s Past Revealed: Does the Actress Undergo Plastic Surgery?


Even though she did not entirely withdraw from the profession, Seo Ye-career Ji’s suffered as a direct result of the scandals that marred her name. According to well-known publications covering the Korean entertainment industry, a number of brands have terminated their contracts with Ye-Ji. They even reduced the amount of future sponsorship they would provide for her. In addition to this news, the actress has also withdrawn from her highly anticipated television series, Island.

People, particularly in South Korea, couldn’t contain their interest in Ye-Ji after the issue began, and it was only natural that this would be the case. Many individuals continued to look into Ye-history, Ji’s and as a result, a lot of disturbing information began to surface about him, including the fact that he had plastic surgery and was a bully in high school.

Since Ye-Ji released a picture on her Instagram account that she claimed to be herself when she was in high school and she did not appear to have changed in any way, it was widely assumed that she had never had plastic surgery.

However, a recent post with the title “Is this Seo Ye-Ji?” with a picture of someone who was not even quite similar to Seo Ye-Ji had caused a lot of people to speculate and ask concerns. Some individuals left comments saying things like, “That is her, it has her name on it, and it’s rare that someone has the same name as her with that dress,” and “She received plastic surgery when she was in middle school.” Ye-Ji did not make any comments on this matter, just as she did not speak regarding the dispute she was involved in with Jung Hyun.

Seo Ye-Ji Bullied Everyone in Middle School

Another piece of negative information about Seo Ye-Ji that surfaced in 2014 but has recently come back into the spotlight is that she was a bully while she was in middle school and even lied about attending school in Madrid. This information first came to light in 2014.

A member of the online community alleged that Ye-Ji had abused her during her time in middle school in a post that was published in March 2014, claiming, “Seo Ye-Ji bullied me in middle school and even extorted me.”

That statement was made by more than one individual. After one month had passed, a second online user came forward and said that Ye-Ji had bullied them when they were in middle school. She also revealed that Ye-Ji had plastic surgery, something that she kept a secret from everyone else.

“Around the time that she graduated middle school, Seo Ye-Ji had plastic surgery, and that’s why many couldn’t believe those images are genuine of her,” she claimed. “Seo Ye-Ji is a very private person.”

The information from the source said, “Everyone in middle school knew her. People would be bullied by her, and she would steal their money.

“If you were to ask anyone who was born in the year 1990 and attended Yeongwon Junior High School in Yeongdeungpo about this girl, they would be able to identify who you are talking about.”

As a result of Ye-poor Ji’s reputation following the controversy she had with Jung Hyun, an increasing number of persons who claimed to have been “Ye-buddies” Ji in middle school continued going on.

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